Little babies always want to "hit their mother" with their hands? They don't hate you, they love you

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Little babies always want to "hit their mother" with their hands? They don't hate you, they love you

When most people describe the appearance of little babies, they use "angels" as a metaphor. Seeing their soft, waxy and innocent faces really melts their hearts. But just when you approached him with joy and wanted to express your closeness, you were caught off guard and slapped by him. It seems that the little guy with "force value" is not easy to mess with. Among them, the most "hit" is the mother, and many mothers are also very puzzled about this. Don't they all say that the child is the closest to the mother, why does the little guy in his family hate him so much? In fact, the baby beats his mother with his hands, not because he hates it, but likes it very much.

Babies always want to "hit mom" with their hands?

My best friend and her husband once took their son to the park to play. The best friend was afraid that it would be hard for her husband to hold her son all the time, so she proposed to take the son over and let her husband rest for a while. Slapped. My best friend feels very aggrieved, because this is not the first time she has been "slapped" by her son. She instantly feels that her son likes her father more than her. It is clear that she has given birth to a child who has worked so hard to take care of her more than her father. , why does the child like his father more, so my best friend called me to "sue" my son, and I laughed at her: "Why are you still jealous of your husband!" Then I explained to her that the child's behavior of "beating his mother" It's not to express dissatisfaction, but to show her love to her mother.

In fact, they are not hating you, but expressing their love to you implicitly

In fact, most babies will have this "hit" I believe that many mothers have been tricked by the behavior of "people". They wanted to get close to the baby, but the baby "slapped" all the enthusiasm, and even fell into deep self-doubt, thinking that the baby hates him. In fact, don't worry about being sad, and don't be in a hurry to deny yourself. The truth is not what you think. For the baby, the mother is the most intimate person in the world, and it can bring you a sufficient sense of security. The more the baby likes to be close to the mother. It is not the baby's original intention to stretch out his hand to "hit" his mother. He just wants to touch his mother affectionately, but his own control force does not allow him to control the strength well. hit", so have you received the hidden love behind this?

In addition to "slap in the face", these expressions are also expressions of liking mothers

There is no single way for babies to express their liking, except for appearances In addition to the relatively high frequency of "slap in the face", there are many behaviors where the baby is expressing his love to the mother, and the mother should pay attention to receiving "love signals".
  • The eyes often follow the mother's figure
Don't look at the baby, people can only stay in the bed, the little eyes are not idle, they will always watch the mother when they are awake Figure, wherever the mother goes, the small eyes will look wherever, it is right to be an uncompromising follower. However, when the baby is staring at the mother, it also hopes to be noticed by the mother. If the mother does not respond for a long time, the baby will be wronged and will make some noises to get the mother's attention, which means: "Mom, I am looking at you, you are also Look at me!"
  • pulling her hair and picking her mother's eyes
When babies are very young, they can't understand the meaning behind emotions very well, so the mother is called When pulling his hair and clasping his eyes, the baby does not know that the mother's expression means pain, and he does not realize that his actions will cause some harm to the mother. As far as pulling the hair is concerned, it may be that the baby accidentally pulled the mother's hair one time, and the mother's reaction was more intense. The baby thought it was interacting with himself, so he pulled more vigorously. Buttoning the eyes is similar to slapping the face. It is also because the baby wants to be close to the mother, and wants to touch the eyes of the mother who often stare at him, but cannot control the force well, which causes the mother to be hurt.
  • Wake up and cry when she can't see her mother
Babies are very dependent on their mothers. Usually the first thing a baby does when he wakes up is to look for his mother. When the mother is around, she will feel very safe, and if the mother is not in her sight, the baby will be restless and cry loudly.

Extended reading: The establishment of children's sense of dependence is also staged

The establishment of dependence between children and parents is a gradual process , usually divided into four stages, from identifying a trustworthy target to developing a sense of dependence on it, thereby establishing an intimate relationship. The child has just come into the world from the mother's belly, and often has a strong sense of unease, and will continue to find a reliable object. At this time, parents, especially mothers, often take care of the baby by the side, and the baby's sense of dependence on the mother is will be stronger. Question of the day: Have your children ever had these strange little actions?
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