Is it worthwhile to study in vocational school? You can listen to the experience of the three vocational school visitors

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Is it worthwhile to study in vocational school? You can listen to the experience of the three vocational school visitors

Wen|Jing Ma In the eyes of many people, those who go to vocational school are those who have poor academic performance, poor ability, and relatively stupid people. Moreover, the people in the vocational school are all messing around. After finishing the vocational school, they still have to go to the factory to twist the screws, but if the screw is twisted, his position may be slightly better, so many people think that the vocational school is useless. one thing.

Is this really the case? Let's take a look at the experiences of the three vocational schools.

The first one: Shenzhen auto repair girl Gu Huijing Shenzhen "auto repair girl" became popular last year because she represented the second occupation in Shenzhen The technical school participated in the Guangdong Vocational College Student Professional Skills Competition and won the first prize in auto repair. It can be said that she is the champion, and she participated in such a competition as a girl. The major she studied was auto repair. In many people's eyes, the major of auto repair was a boy's major, but Gu Huijing killed all the boys in the school. Because of this, she was invited by CCTV to participate in the "Extraordinary 6+1" program. It can be said that as a post-00s vocational school girl, she got on CCTV through her own efforts, which is really amazing. A girl like her must be targeted by many big companies before graduation. The second one: Liangfeng, a middle-level cadre of a state-owned enterprise, felt that his academic performance was not very good, his talent in learning was not particularly high, and his hands-on ability was relatively strong, so Liangfeng chose to study in a vocational school. After finishing the vocational school, he went to a large state-owned enterprise as a basic technical worker. Because of his relatively good technical ability, he was promoted to workshop director after a few years, and gradually rose to the middle level. There are also homes in big cities. At that time, one of his junior high school classmates had similar academic performance to him. Later, his family paid a high price to let him go to high school, but he was only admitted to a very ordinary college. Later, when he came out to work, he was not able to get a job, and now he can't afford a house, so he can only go back to his hometown to work in the county seat, so he feels that he is relatively lucky. The third one: After entering a vocational school, he worked hard to get an undergraduate degree, and finally became a civil servant. When Chen Peng was in the third year of junior high school, his academic performance dropped sharply because of his puppy love, and he could not be admitted to high school later. The financial conditions in the family are not very good, and there is no money for him to go to a private high school, so he can only send him to a vocational school. After he went to vocational school, he saw that many of his classmates were messing around, but he didn't want to live like this, and his learning foundation was relatively good, so he worked hard to learn cultural knowledge and professional knowledge at the same time. Every time he takes the exam, he is the first in the class and the top 10 in the whole school, and he has also become the key training object of the teacher. After three years of studying in vocational school, he was successfully admitted to a good undergraduate degree in the province. After completing his undergraduate degree, he returned to his hometown to take the civil servant examination, successfully passed the civil service examination, and entered a state-owned enterprise. The experience of three people who have come from vocational schools tells us that it is not that they have no prospects in vocational schools, but whether a person has any prospects is actually due to whether you can see yourself clearly, and whether you have worked hard to fight! Whether you go to a key university, an ordinary university, or a vocational school, in the end, the height of your life can only be determined by yourself, not which school you go to, or what education you have. In fact, everyone's learning talent is different, and everyone's IQ is also different. Some people get average grades no matter how hard they work. At this time, vocational school is also a good choice. And as long as you choose a good vocational school when you are studying in a vocational school, you can also change your life.

What is a good vocational school? It mainly depends on three factors. If you choose the right one, you can have a good future.

The first factor: the place where the vocational school is located is preferably a big city, because a big city can let children see more of the world, and there are more Internships and job opportunities. The second element: Vocational school majors keep up with the trend of the times. For example, new energy is a trend now. The third element: Vocational school package distribution If the school package is distributed, students will have no worries, as long as they earnestly learn professional knowledge. There is more than one road to success, and choosing the one that suits you can also reach the other side of success. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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