There are traces of "smart baby". If the baby has these behaviors after waking up, parents should have fun

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There are traces of "smart baby". If the baby has these behaviors after waking up, parents should have fun

From a parent's point of view, every parent especially wants their children to be smarter, because it means they will have a brighter future. So when the child was just a few months old, parents began to observe some small behaviors in the child. After all, we have heard the saying "you are young at three years old, and old at seven years old". In fact, whether the doll is smart, you can really find out from his daily small movements, if your baby has these behaviors after waking up, just have fun!

"smart baby" actually has a track record

Lina is the mother of a three-month-old baby who has been around since giving birth Later, in order to take better care of her children, she resolutely quit her job and became a full-time mother. Although a full-time mother is very hard, Lina feels that it is worthwhile to see her child grow up day by day, and during this time, she found some more interesting manifestations in her child. For example, when the little guy wakes up from sleep, he doesn't cry or make trouble. Instead, he dances at himself and smiles like a flower at the same time. Although this kind of performance makes people look happy, it also makes Lina a little worried. Because she often heard from friends around her that her baby's first reaction after waking up was crying and fussing. In contrast, her baby's behavior seemed a little abnormal. So is this a good thing or a bad thing? Later, during the chat, Lina confided her doubts to the treasured mothers around her. After listening to Lina's narration, the treasured mothers gave her a reassurance, thinking that the child's behavior was a sign of cleverness and proved that Your brain is developing well, so don't worry.

These interesting waking behaviors of babies are a hint that their brains are developing well

After parenting, we naturally feel Pay attention to the baby's every move, any abnormal behavior of theirs affects our hearts, and if the baby has these behaviors after waking up, then the parents will be secretly happy! [Performance 1]: After waking up, they are neither noisy nor noisy, and their eyes are rolling. Some parents say that when the baby wakes up, there is no noise, but it is very quiet. At the same time, the baby's eyes like black grapes seem to be full of With the spiritual energy, he has been spinning around. Speaking of which, it is necessary to mention the advantages of such children. Their behavior itself is a manifestation of observing the external environment and thinking. It also implies that their brain development is superior and they can recognize earlier. To the difference between the "I" and the outside world. [Performance 2]: When parents show up, they will show cute smiles. In addition to the above behaviors, parents are very happy. Parents say that whenever their children see themselves, they will smile to themselves. My heart is melting, how can such a small child be so sensible? On the one hand, this is because children have strong cognitive ability and can accurately capture the behavioral characteristics of their parents in the crowd. social smile. [Performance 3]: After waking up, a set of "military boxing" is staged. There is also a more humorous scene. When the children wake up, they are not honest at all. They will do their best to dance their arms and calves, as if they are fighting A set of "military boxing". If the child can behave like this, the parents should be happier, because the child is not like an adult, it is not so simple for them to control their limbs, if it can be achieved, it must be because of a very developed brain, and such a baby will be in the future. Presumably also smarter.

Parents increase interaction on this basis, and the baby will grow faster

If the child has the above behaviors, it must be worth letting Parents are happy. If parents want to help their children grow better, they need to increase interaction on this basis. In simple terms, it can be the child and us waving our arms, we can have the same feedback, or lightly holding the child's arm for mutual entertainment, etc., as well as talking to make the child laugh and so on. These seemingly inadvertent actions can make children's brains develop better, their IQs become higher, and they will also allow children to win at the starting line of growth and benefit for life.

Parenting tips: Little babies have a limited time to fall asleep, parents remember to grasp it

Almost all parents think that the younger Children need more sleep time, so parents hope that babies can sleep longer and be more obedient, but in fact, the time for babies to fall asleep is limited. If we force the child to sleep more, it will be a hindrance. Therefore, the correct way for parents is to effectively grasp the time when the baby falls asleep and help the child maintain a good state. Today's topic: So what do you know about the baby's behavior after waking up? Welcome to leave a message!
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