Babies have 7 "severe long-terms" before their first birthday, and parents seize the opportunity to make their babies "superior"

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Babies have 7 "severe long-terms" before their first birthday, and parents seize the opportunity to make their babies "superior"

We all know that babies change a lot during their first year of life. Basically, they are the same every day. From the wrinkled little doll at the beginning, it turns into a watery little cutie. Every day, it can bring parents a more perfect self. It is not without reason that babies change so quickly. They have to go through many "surge periods" before their first birthday to help babies promote their physical growth and development. Only when Bao Mom and Dad firmly grasp these "surge periods", Don't worry about your child's height and other developmental issues.

The initial height of 48cm can also get the "counterattack script"

Most children are born with a height of 50cm. Some children whose "factory state" is not very good will be shorter. Unfortunately, the baby of Xiao Xie's family was only 48cm long at birth. He but made Xiao Xie worried. So Xiao Xie was very attentive when taking care of the baby. From feeding to the baby's movement development training, he didn't dare to be sloppy, and the hard work paid off. When the baby was one year old, the height actually grew to 78CM, which can be said to be perfect The counterattack is achieved, which is a few points higher than the children in the neighbors.

Babies have a total of 7 "severe long-terms" before their first birthday

Although the overall physical development of babies before their first birthday is on the rise, There are also certain fluctuations. Babies within the first year have to go through a total of 7 "surge periods". Therefore, if the baby is to achieve a counterattack before the first year of life, it is crucial to grasp these 7 "surge periods". After the baby is born, due to the reduction of water in the body, there will be a short-term physiological weight loss, but relying on sufficient milk and sleep, after the 7th to 10th day, the baby will usher in the first "surge period" in his life. The weight will start to gain again. After 2 to 3 weeks, the baby will usher in the second "surge period", in which the weight gain is particularly obvious, the parents will get a chubby little cutie, and the growth rate of the height will also increase at this stage, which is almost the same as when it was born. About 3CM higher than. The third "surge period" occurs in the 4 to 6 weeks after the baby is born. At this stage, the baby's "food intake" also increases and the weight develops further. Some data show that the average height growth of children at this time is 3-4CM, and then the baby's growth and development will enter a relatively slow stage. Until the baby is 3 months old and usher in the fourth "surge period", the average weight will increase by about 1000 grams, and the height will also increase by 3 to 4CM, and with the development of the baby's spine, he also has the ability to lie down and raise his head. When the baby is 4 months old, it will experience the fifth "surge period". Compared with the previous soaring periods, the baby's height and weight develop slowly at this stage, but it is still relatively rapid, with an average increase of 2.5CM in height. The baby's neck strength has also been further developed. The age of 6 months is the baby's sixth "surge period". At this time, the baby's "rice bowl" capacity has reached 200ML, which has been greatly improved compared with the previous one. It ensures that the baby's "energy" is sufficient. Added complementary food. The last "surge period" within the baby's first year of life occurs around 9 months of age. At this stage, the baby's weight growth becomes slower than before, and the average height growth is 1.5CM. After this stage, the baby's growth will gradually become slower.

Parents seize the opportunity to make their babies "superior" in the future

Babies who are in the soaring period may have slower physical growth Usually fast, but parents also need to do "logistics support work", seize this great opportunity, escort the baby to grow better, and the child will not worry about growing up.
  • Make more efforts in feeding
It is recommended that mothers adopt breastfeeding, because the advantages of breastfeeding for children cannot be replaced by any formula, and the feeding time should be arranged correctly and reasonably , It is also necessary to add complementary food to the baby in accordance with the standard age in time to supplement the energy required for the growth of the baby.
  • Exercise regularly in major sports
Baby can roll over at 3 months of age, and then slowly learn to crawl. At this time, parents should insist on assisting the baby in waist and abdomen Strength exercises, leg muscle exercises, etc., make the baby's body stronger and stronger, and better promote body growth.
  • Do a good job in sleep assistance
A good night's sleep is the guarantee of height growth. From 10:00 at night to 2:00 in the morning is the peak period of growth hormone secretion, which is 3 times during the day. Therefore, adequate and stable sleep at night can better assist the baby's height growth. In general, the baby's parenting method needs to follow the correct and reasonable principles. Only in this way can the baby get high-quality growth opportunities, and these require parents to study hard, even if the baby's "appearance data" is not very good, it can be Perfect counter attack. Today's topic: How tall is your baby at the age of one?
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