How to be a parent of a high school student? The first year of high school was a teacher, the second year of high school became a friend, and the third year was a parent

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How to be a parent of a high school student? The first year of high school was a teacher, the second year of high school became a friend, and the third year was a parent

In the process of growing up, children will face countless large and small exams in life. Although the current civil service exams, teachers, doctors, bar exams, and various certificate exams will make people sweat, but when it comes to the most important thing. Let everyone unforgettable, it is estimated that many people will choose the college entrance examination. It is true that the college entrance examination is like thousands of troops crossing a single-plank bridge. If you are not careful, you will be squeezed under the bridge. Although there will be opportunities to repeat the college entrance examination, it is a great test for the psychological quality of children and parents. Therefore, it would be best if you can pass the college entrance examination at one time. After all, youth is limited, and there is really not much time to toss and waste. During the three years of high school, not only children but also parents are tested. Many parents must be confused about how to become a qualified parent and accompany their children through these unforgettable three years. How to do it is actually related to the different characteristics of the three years of high school. The first year of high school is a teacher, the second year of high school is a friend, and the third year of high school is a parent. If you can do this, you will be able to wait for the flowers to bloom.

Senior Year One

  • Characteristics of learning: Difficult
After a child rises from junior high school to high school, he will learn for a while It is very difficult to adapt, because compared with the curriculum of junior high school, the learning content of high school will not only increase a lot in terms of volume. More importantly, there will be great changes in quality, which is a very big test for children's comprehensive ability. After entering the first year of high school, children will obviously feel that the difficulty of mathematics, physics and chemistry will increase, and the theoretical and comprehensive nature of the discipline will be stronger, so it is not an easy task to successfully complete the transition from the third year of junior high to the first year of high school. How to cross this hurdle requires the joint efforts of children and parents.
  • Parents should be their children's teachers
Some parents think that their children have just entered high school and everything is still groping, so they will give their children a small vacation. After all, there are still three years before the college entrance examination, so there is no need to be too tight now, let the children relax properly, so that they can better meet the life of the three years of high school. This kind of thinking is actually wrong. After the child enters the first year of high school, the most important thing parents should pay attention to is precisely the child's grades. Because there is not much time for children to adapt slowly, parents should guide their children to face high school life correctly and adapt to the fast pace of high school learning as much as possible. Only when children develop good study habits in the first year of senior high school can they lay a solid foundation and pass the three years of high school smoothly.

Second year of high school

  • Learning characteristics: differentiation
Many children will have significant changes in their academic performance in their second year of high school , Some children's learning suddenly has a big improvement, just like a dark horse, turned out. But there are some children who had good academic performance before, but after entering the second year of high school, they plummeted, making their parents anxious and not knowing what to do. Because in the second year of high school, children's psychology will undergo different changes. Some children feel that they have adapted to the intense study and life of high school, and they are still one year away from the third year of high school, so they might as well indulge themselves first, so there will be some problems in learning. slack. But if the child artificially makes the second year of high school easier, then it will naturally be difficult to adapt to the tense state in the third year of high school.
  • Parents should be their children's friends
During the second year of high school, parents should not only care about their children's studies, but also their children's lives, because many children will have puppy love in this age group . Parents must learn to be friends with their children and truly understand their children. Only by knowing the true thoughts of their children can they be able to give correct guidance to their children and let them know what to do. Parents should not interfere too much with their children's emotions, but they should also let their children know that love is only good when it comes to the right time, so of course you can interact normally with classmates of the opposite sex during the learning phase. However, if the resulting emotion affects learning, then it is obviously not worth the loss. Because when the love of true love comes, the child may not have the courage to catch it again.

Senior third stage

  • Learning characteristics: sprinting
Parents at this stage can finally return to their own standards , the real parents of children. As the saying goes, sharpening a gun in the face of battle will make you feel unhappy, so the third year of high school has a very big impact on children. If you can seize the sprint time in this last year, your child is likely to perform beyond the norm and achieve surprising results.

What should parents do?

1. Do a good job in logistical work Children in the third year of high school use a lot of brains, so parents must do logistical work well at this time to ensure that children can get enough nutrition every day. At the same time, children should have enough sleep. Only when children eat well and sleep well can they devote more energy to learning and achieve excellent results. 2. Relieve children's pressure Children are very stressed before the college entrance examination. At this time, parents should not add additional pressure to children, but should appropriately help children to divert their attention and accompany children to do something they are interested in. Do some outdoor activities with your children, which can relax their minds and enable them to travel lightly. 3. Knowing knowledge in advance Generally, after the child goes to high school, parents will consciously collect all kinds of knowledge about the college entrance examination, especially in the year when the child takes the college entrance examination, parents should pay more attention to the college entrance examination policy of the year, volunteer to fill in the report, the situation of the college . This can give pertinent opinions when children fill out the college entrance examination volunteers, and help children make the most suitable choice.
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