What is the success rate of IVF? The hospital won't tell, mom has to know

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What is the success rate of IVF? The hospital won't tell, mom has to know

Why do some people get pregnant after a test tube? Some people do it many times and still fail? Some people succeed but still fail to keep it? ...too many whys point to one factor - the success rate of IVF. This is a question that many test-tube families are concerned about, so today we will talk about how high the success rate of test-tube babies is? You can’t imagine the success rate of the big comparison of domestic and foreign data. Not much to say. Let’s first look at a set of domestic and foreign data comparisons: From the table, we can see that the data of China (green) in 2016 is compared with the data of the other two countries in the past two years. The success rate of the test tube is higher. (The latest data from China has not been found yet.) And those who boast about the high success rate of foreign test tubes, in addition to statistical problems, there are also domestic commercial organizations advocating, creating the illusion that the moon abroad is relatively round. But in the view of bacteria, top hospitals at home and abroad have similar success rates under the same conditions, and even domestic hospitals are far ahead. In recent years, domestic assisted reproductive technology has continued to develop, clinical experience has become more and more rich, and the success rate has continued to improve. For example: ➢ According to the report of the Center for Reproductive Medicine of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University (2018-09), the average success rate of all age groups is above 70%. ➢ According to the report of the Reproductive Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University (2018-12), when the average age of the patients was 33.5 years old, the pregnancy rate of fresh embryo cycle reached 58.34%, and the pregnancy rate of frozen embryo reached 57.47%. ➢ According to the report of Jiangxi Maternal and Child Reproductive Center (2018-12), the clinical pregnancy rate of fresh cycle is 63%, and that of thaw cycle is 56%. Among them, the clinical pregnancy rate of standard patients was 71%. Therefore, in general, the success rate of China's IVF is at a relatively high level in the world! However, whether the IVF can be successful depends not only on the cold numbers, but also on what factors are related to it. Whether the success rate is high depends on this. There are many factors that affect the success rate of IVF, but age is the most important factor. It can also be seen from the above data that as women age, the success rate of IVF shows a significant downward trend. This is actually not difficult to understand. When the age of women gradually increases, various functions of the body will decline. The number and quality of eggs tend to decrease, which can lead to poor embryo quality and a lower chance of implantation in the uterus. And not only the age of women affects the success rate, but also the age of men. Studies have confirmed that increasing male age increases the risk of spontaneous miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth, schizophrenia, autism, and genetic abnormalities in women. Therefore, for IVF, the sperm count and semen quality of men are also the keys to affecting the success rate of IVF. However, there are many factors that affect the success rate of IVF, and the following points cannot be ignored. If you want to hold your child early, the following points are indispensable: 1. The condition of the uterus and the environment in the uterus We all know that the uterus is the main place for the gestation of embryos. It is like a small house. The size, shape, endometrial thickness, and the presence of lesions of the house directly affect the development and growth of the embryo. So when something goes wrong in this house, it can lead to a failed implantation or a miscarriage. Such as endometrial damage, adenomyosis, endometritis, endometrial polyps and other endometrial lesions. Or uterine fibroids, intrauterine adhesions, congenital uterine malformations and other uterine lesions. 2. Psychological status and lifestyle of pregnant mothers Studies have shown that the psychological and mental status of pregnant mothers is an important factor affecting the success or failure of IVF. Excessive tension, anxiety, mental stress and other states can easily cause endocrine disorders in pregnant mothers and affect the development of follicles. If the follicles fail to mature, or they cannot be discharged normally after maturity, they will slowly shrink, making it difficult for the embryo to implant. In addition, long-term smoking (including second-hand smoke), drinking, staying up late and other bad habits will also damage the body's health and affect the success rate of IVF. 3. Doctor level and hospital qualifications Experienced and qualified doctors will adjust according to the patient's physical condition to ensure the smooth completion of the test tube process. Whether the laboratory equipment of the hospital's reproductive center is advanced, the operation is standardized, and the technology is mature are also important factors that determine the success of the test tube. Excellent doctors and hospital laboratories will have a multiplier effect on the success of IVF surgery. Of course, the factors that affect the success rate of test tubes are definitely more than the above points. The process of making a test tube is a complex process, and there are some unforeseen or unexplained factors. All we can do is try to avoid the human factor and improve the success rate of the test tube. So what should be done? Don't worry about bacteria to teach you. It is important to keep in mind that age is the main factor determining the success of the test tube, so the earlier you choose the test tube, the better. If you miss the best age, then do the following, you can also improve the success rate to a certain extent. 1. Listen to the doctor's words and choose the appropriate solution. First of all, we need to choose the appropriate test tube technology according to our own conditions and under the doctor's advice. As mentioned in the previous article, if the female is infertile, the first generation is selected, the male is infertile, the second generation, and the third generation is selected if one party has a genetic disease or genetic defect. (The specific choice should be based on the doctor's recommendation.) Secondly, after the husband and wife have completed the examination and clarify their physical condition, they should adjust and improve under the guidance of the doctor.

If there are some chronic diseases or other lesions, first cooperate with the doctor for active treatment to ensure that the conditioning is in the best state of pregnancy. test tube.

2. Adjust your lifestyle and improve your immunity

①Keep a regular daily routine, go to bed early, get up early and don’t stay up late, Try to go to bed before 23:00 to avoid failure of the test tube due to lack of sleep, endocrine disorders and other factors. ②Do not smoke or drink as much as possible. Studies have shown that tobacco and alcohol can cause DNA damage and fragmentation in sperm, resulting in sperm chromosome mutations and an increase in abnormal sperm. So try to stay away from tobacco and alcohol, even second-hand ones. ③ Ensure a balanced diet, usually eat more vegetables and fruits (about 500g), and appropriately add some high-protein foods, such as milk, soy milk, fish, shrimp, etc. ④ Proper physical exercise and weight control can do some aerobic exercises, such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, etc., to improve your immunity and adjust your body to the best state for pregnancy. 3. Relieve psychological pressure and maintain a happy mood Bacteria have seen many patients who are always unsuccessful in test tube, and can conceive naturally after having a test tube baby or lying down completely. This is because they have no anxiety and stress, and the possibility of pregnancy increases after the state of mind relaxes. Therefore, it is also very important to relieve the psychological pressure of pregnant mothers, maintain communication between doctors and patients, and understand and encourage each other between husband and wife. Finally, the bacteria want to say that making test tubes is not an easy process. Pregnant mothers need to overcome all obstacles and struggles to usher in an angel baby. No one can tell you how long you need to wait, maybe only 2-3 months, maybe a year and a half... Perseverance is important, but it is time to let yourself put down the burden, face the reality optimistically, accept the test, and welcome the future. The magic weapon!
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