A 4-year-old child poured desiccant into his eyes, and his mother saved the baby's eyes in three decisive steps. Doctor: Well done

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A 4-year-old child poured desiccant into his eyes, and his mother saved the baby's eyes in three decisive steps. Doctor: Well done

Text|Jing Ma's many snacks such as biscuits or potato chips contain a white desiccant, and most of the desiccant in these snacks is quicklime. Its chemical name is calcium oxide, which can absorb a large amount of water. After absorbing water, it will become calcium hydroxide, and then release energy, prevent food from becoming damp, and prolong the shelf life of food. 4-year-old Binbin is a cute and naughty boy. One day, after eating the biscuits that his mother bought him, he found that there was a packet of white things in the biscuits, and he felt unsatisfied. He thought that the white bag was edible, so he squeezed it in his hand, because his hands were a little wet, and the white desiccant paper bag was so thin that it would break. And he just wanted to see what was inside. He took the desiccant under the light and squeezed it as he took the light. Unexpectedly, he broke the fragile desiccant bag, and all the desiccant inside spilled out, just poured into the inside his eyes. Binbin cried when he said it was so painful, and both grandma and mother ran over at the same time. Grandma said: "Hurry up and take the child to the hospital to see." Mom said: "Don't worry, deal with it at home first."

Mum uses three steps to help her child deal with the problem of desiccant entering the eye, doctor All likes

Step 1: Use a clean towel to clean the desiccant Mom first turns the child's lower eyelid out, and then uses a clean towel to suck out the visible lime with a towel. This step requires a lot of movement. quick! Step 2: Take the child to the bathroom and rinse with running water. Quicklime turns into calcium hydroxide and releases a lot of heat that could burn your child's eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to rinse with running cold water. First, it can cool the temperature, and secondly, it can flush out all the remaining quicklime desiccant in the eyes. The mother charged it for about 15 minutes in total. The child said that the pain in the eyes was gone. After rubbing his eyes, he also felt that there was no foreign body sensation. Step 3: Take the child to the hospital After all, quicklime may release heat and hurt the child's eye mask, so the mother quickly took the child to the hospital. When I arrived at the hospital, the doctor checked the child's conjunctiva and cornea. They said that the conjunctiva was a little red, but it was not a big problem. The cornea was not damaged, and the vision was not damaged. I asked my mother how to deal with it at home. Mom said, I used a clean towel to get the quicklime out of it, and then I washed the child with cold water for 15 minutes. The doctor listened to the mother's treatment process, and even gave thumbs up and praised, saying that this was the right treatment. Before, we also saw that the child played with desiccant and poured it into the eye, but the parents did not deal with anything at home, and took the child to the hospital in a hurry. You must know that it takes 8 to 10 minutes for the home to be close to the hospital. After arriving at the hospital, the child's cornea has been damaged. In the end, the child had to be given medicine and bandaged. The child's eyesight was also damaged. . If you help your child to rinse with water first at home, you will be able to rinse off the foreign objects inside well and avoid damage to the child's eyes. This is the right thing to do.

What should I do if a foreign object enters my child's eye? Mother, keep this method in mind

The child is naughty, and may accidentally cause the eyes to enter the desiccant, or iron filings, or dust, or enter some chemicals with strong acid and alkali. What should I do at this time? Be sure to wash your child's eyes. The method of cleaning can be to flush the child's eyes with normal saline or tap water directly. Another method is to fill a basin of water and let the child put his eyes in the water. After that, let the child keep blinking, so that the water can fully contact the eyes, and the foreign objects inside can be washed out. If the child is unwilling to blink, parents can help the child to open and close the upper and lower eyelids continuously with their hands, turn the eyeballs, and let the foreign objects in the eyes come into contact with the water to be washed out. Of course, it's best to avoid eye damage to children. Avoid exposing children to chemicals such as alcohol, lime, cement. Keep children away from dangerous items such as fireworks and firecrackers. Do not let children get too close to various birds, fowls or cats and dogs. When children are playing and chasing, they must teach them to protect themselves. Avoid letting children play with sharp objects, such as scissors, fruit knives, wire, etc. A child is a newborn calf and is not afraid of tigers. As a parent, you must learn to help your child and avoid all kinds of accidental injuries. In case of accidental injuries, you must also learn to deal with them correctly. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: CCTV exposure: Children's shoes estrogen exceeds 470 times! Causes precocious puberty in children and affects height The new book contains ingredients that cause precocious puberty in children! TV has been exposed, parents should be careful
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