The baby does not fit in with the group, parents must first find the reason from themselves

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The baby does not fit in with the group, parents must first find the reason from themselves

The picture comes from an online girlfriend who said that her 3-year-old Xiaobao is becoming more and more unsocial, unwilling to play with children, and unwilling to play in public places. She just wants to stay at home, watch TV, play with tablets, and play with building blocks... …These "alone" activities are evenly distributed in the baby's day, and the days pass slowly and leisurely, and they don't feel lonely at all. However, there are also faint worries in the heart of the best friend. After the summer vacation, the baby will go to the kindergarten. If it is still so unsocial, it will become a collective environment that will make you distressed and the baby will not be able to accept the kindergarten smoothly. The problem is big. It is actually necessary for girlfriends to "prepare for a rainy day". Babies who do not fit in well with children will take a long time to adapt after entering kindergarten. This is a torment for both parents and children. The picture comes from the Internet baby is not gregarious, parents should first find the reason from themselves

1. The attitude of parents to accompany the baby

A middle-aged child is very dear to the child, "it's in the mouth for fear of melting, and it's on the head for fear of being exposed to the sun" to protect it. When I take my child out to play, I am afraid that he will fall, and I am worried about being bullied when I am with my children, so I always can't help but want to keep my child at home, read and play with me, so that I can rest assured that the child is in front of me. In fact, it is precisely because of the parents' over-concerned attitude towards the baby that everything is arranged on their behalf, the child loses the opportunity to "fit in the group". Parents' involuntary nervous attitude makes their children feel insecure in the "group", always feeling uneasy, and naturally want to stay in their "comfort zone", that is, at home. The picture comes from the Internet. After entering kindergarten, it is naturally difficult for such children to adapt to the collective life of kindergarten, it is not easy to meet new friends, and they are not willing to play with children. In fact, he has no experience in interacting with children, which causes him to be at a loss and nervous. . So when playing with children of the same age, it is inevitable that various problems will arise. Gradually, the child will also become withdrawn, introverted, silent, shy, too pursuit of perfection, easy to get into the horns and other bad characters. The picture comes from the Internet

2, the eagerness to seek success caused by the parents' hope that their sons will become dragons and their daughters will become phoenixes

In today's education, there is a very popular word: "Volume ". In fact, most of the reasons are the inevitable result of parents' eagerness to place too many expectations on their children. Because parents hope that their children will become dragons and their daughters will become phoenixes, they often formulate their children's future plans in an orderly manner in advance, and then implement them step by step, but completely ignore their children's "personality space". If the child fails to meet his expectations, there will be a situation where the discipline is too strict and the seedlings are pulled. This kind of mentality of parents is cruel to children, making them lose their happiness and innocence prematurely. In fact, going with the flow and waiting for the flowers to bloom is not only the trajectory of a child's growth, but also the practice that parents should have. It is easier for parents to achieve their original intentions when they relax, conform to the law of their children's growth, and polish their children according to their unique characteristics. The picture comes from the Internet

3. Parents do not realize that the ability to "make friends" needs to be cultivated

Some children are lively by nature and are happy to say hello to children. It is natural to like to play with children, and it is easy to "fit in groups"; however, some children are more reserved and shy by nature. In this case, parents need to consciously cultivate their children's ability to "make friends". In fact, all mentally healthy children have friends who are better than themselves. Parents should help their shy children meet new friends and expand their life and circle of friends through appropriate guidance. The pictures come from the Internet. For example, in the process of interacting with friends, we must respect each other, trust each other, and do not hurt each other. Create some small activities or small tasks that require the cooperation of children to complete, so that children can actively interact with each other. , so as to develop the team spirit of the child... these are all good methods. In particular, don't call your child "introverted and taciturn" at every turn, and don't label your child as "not socializing", take the initiative to take your child out to play, and actively create conditions for your child to play with their friends, enjoy running and laughing together fun of. Picture from the Internet In addition, actively participating in sports activities is also a good option to "meet new friends", and it is easy to find some like-minded high-quality friends here. Sports activities are not only sports, some quiet chess games are also included, and even some excursions and travel can also be used as a branch of it. Sports activities not only need wisdom and strength, but also need enough courage, which is an essential element of interpersonal communication! Once children fall in love with sports, they will take the initiative to find opponents and teammates, no matter what kind, it is the beginning of friendship. The picture is from the Internet. From now on, parents should take active actions first, take their "introverted" children, walk out of the "home" hut, come to the embrace of "nature", feel the morning and evening of the midsummer, and enjoy the scorching sun The swimming pool and playground...Encourage children to integrate into a group of children and watch them laugh, run, and jump together quietly. The seeds of friendship are planted unconsciously, and children's communication skills are also subtly improved. .
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