CCTV exposure: estrogen in children's shoes exceeds 470 times! lead to precocious puberty in children and affect height

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CCTV exposure: estrogen in children's shoes exceeds 470 times! lead to precocious puberty in children and affect height

Text|Jing Ma 01 I know if the shoes fit my feet, but I really don't know if my child's shoes fit my feet! Because children pay less attention to their own bodies, or do not know how to express their problems, the requirements for children's shoes are stricter than adults! # Yaozero Zero Plan# Children sometimes don't like to wear socks when they wear shoes, and children are more active and sweat easily. When the body sweats, the pores expand. If the shoes are not qualified, some of the chemicals inside will follow the capillaries into the blood circulation, causing harm to the child. 02 Every once in a while, relevant departments will conduct random inspections of children's shoes in the market! On June 26, 2022, CCTV's weekly quality report specially tested children's shoes worn by children, and the failure rate was very high. Fei Guoping, a senior engineer at the Shanghai Institute of Quality Supervision and Testing Technology, mentioned that the unqualified rate increased by 5.7 percentage points compared with the last random inspection of children's shoes, and the unqualified rate was 24.5%, with 48 batches of products unqualified. And the unqualified projects are mainly concentrated in the chemical safety performance projects, among which the excessive phthalates are more prominent. In particular, a children's sandal produced by Cambridge Shoes and Clothing Co., Ltd., Nan'an City, Fujian Province, has outsole phthalates exceeding the standard by 470 times! In addition, the children's shoes with unqualified phthalates mainly include these enterprises, Hebei Huayue Shoes Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Linfeng Shoes Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Mitte Sports Goods Co., Ltd., Jiangxi New Balance Leading Sports Goods Co., Ltd., There are 31 enterprises including Hunan Tianlaizhi Baby Shoes Co., Ltd. and Foshan Shunde Bayar Children's Shoes Co., Ltd. In fact, this is also because manufacturers want to meet the demands of consumers. Many parents are very concerned about whether the shoes are soft when choosing shoes for their children. Therefore, manufacturers will add phthalates, a plasticizer, to the soles of the shoes to make the shoes softer! 03 Phthalates are known as environmental hormones, which are environmental estrogens, which can affect the child's liver and kidney function, and can cause precocious puberty. Children who are often exposed to this estrogen will cause endocrine disorders in the child, leading to precocious puberty, and bone age will affect the child's height in advance. These phthalate-added shoes will not only cause precocious puberty in children, but also affect the development of children's feet by making the soles of children too soft! Jiang Shuyun, director of the Gait and Movement Analysis Center of Yueyang Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, mentioned that about 25% to 30% of children in Shanghai have flat feet with various foot abnormalities, such as thumb valgus, internal and external splay, knee Everted, O-legs, X-legs. And Director Jiang mentioned that if the child's flat feet, thumb valgus, and internal splay continue to develop, health problems such as scoliosis and sloping shoulders may occur. These have a lot to do with children's shoes with soft soles for a long time! The child's ligaments, muscles and bones have not yet fully developed. Wearing too soft shoes will cause the child's feet to lack support, limit the self-development of the bones, and cause great harm to the child's health!

How do I choose shoes for my child? These principles, mothers have known for a long time not to harass the baby

Principle 1: Choose special children's shoes for children. Adult shoes have no testing requirements for chemical indicators such as phthalates, heavy metal hexavalent chromium, etc. Children buy shoes, as much as possible children's shoes. Principle 2: Don't pursue shoes that are too soft. The soles of children's shoes are too soft, which are very likely to contain excessive phthalates, which are not good for the development of the child's arches and the bone development of the child. Principle 3: Don't choose shoes that are too big or too small for children. Some parents like to buy one size larger when they buy clothes and shoes for their children, hoping that their children can wear them longer. As everyone knows, the child's shoes are too large, and the child's feet move around in it, which will affect the development of the child's feet. If the child's shoes are no longer suitable, if you insist on wearing them, the child's thumb will be pinched, which will easily lead to the deformation of the child's toes and affect the child's health. Therefore, the shoes for children should be suitable for an adult's finger just enough to stick into the heel after they are put on. Touch the front of the shoe and find that there is still a few millimeters of space in front of the thumb. Principle 4: Do not buy shoes with peculiar smell. It may be due to excessive heavy metals or excessive phthalates, so parents must avoid them. Children's shoes are worn every day, so parents must choose the right ones to ensure their children's health. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: CCTV has exposed, these "eye protection lamps" hurt children's eyesight, how parents choose desk lamps for children CCTV exposure: cheap plastic cups for drinking Water becomes "poisonous water", and parents let their children drink it every day
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