Which category is more popular among "two-child family combinations"? "Good" word combination is no longer at the top of the list

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Which category is more popular among "two-child family combinations"? "Good" word combination is no longer at the top of the list

Most of the "post-80s" and "post-90s" are only children, and I am no exception. Ever since I was a child, what I envy most is children with brothers or sisters, who can play with two of them, unlike me who can only play with toys by myself at home, which is very boring. Therefore, when our generation becomes parents, many people choose to ask for another "companion" for their children, so that they can have one more person to support them on the road of life. In addition, in Chinese tradition, there has always been the concept of "more children, more happiness". Many parents think that it is best for Dabao and Erbao to have different genders, so that they can make up the word "good". However, with the development of the times, this concept has gradually changed.

"Do you want a boy or a girl?" If you want a second child, you will inevitably encounter such problems

My best friend Nan Nan joins I have been pregnant for more than six months now. Last time I went to see her at her house, it happened that my best friend's eldest daughter Tiantian was at home for summer vacation and pulled me to play with her. The girlfriend's face was filled with happiness, and she hugged Tiantian and asked her, "Do you want mother's belly to be a little brother or a little sister?" "Little sister! I can braid her!" Tiantian said without hesitation arrive. At this time, my best friend's mother-in-law came out of the kitchen. She smiled and said, "Boys and girls are the same. Having a boy is just enough to make up a good character, and having a girl can accompany us, Little Sweet." I asked my best friend how she was doing. Thinking about it, her best friend smiled and said, "I just want to have another girl, what's good or not? I have experience in taking care of girls. If there is another boy, how to educate it in the future will be really a headache." And sweet mother-in-law He also nodded his head in agreement.

Which type of "match" is more popular among "second-child family combinations"?

In the past, some traditional families have always had the old concept of "priority of sons and daughters", but with the in-depth development of the idea of ​​"equality between men and women", parents no longer have too much obsession with "having a son". Nian, the expectations for the sex of Erbao are mostly due to their own preferences. Some parents hope that they can have a son and a daughter. In this way, the sons can help the mother carry things and protect the family. Others say that the two daughters are more considerate and are the mother's "little padded jacket". Education will be "more fragrant" in the future. According to a survey of second-child families with their first child under the age of 16, the combination of "good" is no longer the top one, but two-girl households are more popular. Among the 3,000 people who participated in the survey, two were chosen. Parents whose daughters had better parents accounted for 54 percent of the total survey respondents. Why is this so? Let's take a look.

The advantages of twin girls are reflected in all aspects

1) Compared with the combination of "good" characters, it is more convenient to educate my girlfriends That's what Nan Nan thought about it. She cares more about her child's future development than whether it can be "good". The words of the two daughters are easier to educate, and there is Dabao's "example role", which makes education more handy. Families with one son and one daughter will involve more educational issues, because boys and girls have different educational methods and growth rates, so it is easy for children to feel that parents are "differently treated" and affect the relationship between children. 2) The two daughters are more caring. They both say that their daughters are "little padded jackets", and they are more caring with their families. Boys are relatively careless and rough-hearted, so they may ignore some of the feelings of their family members, while daughters are more attentive. Many parents with two daughters will receive a lot of care from their daughters after their children start a family and start a business. Most of the parents who give birth to sons can't expect the "bad boy" to discover the needs of their parents by themselves, and can only help them face to face. 3) Don’t need to consider future pension issues. The biggest problem involved in a family with both children and children is pension. It is easy to have the phenomenon of “unbalanced water in a bowl”, and it will even affect the relationship between the two children. This kind of problem is not common in two-daughter families. The two daughters take turns to provide for the elderly, and there is no need to involve issues such as who is the boy and who should take more responsibility. 4) From the traditional point of view, girls are better raised. In China's traditional concept, a son needs to buy a house and a car, and he must have an economic foundation before starting a family. Facing the current high housing prices, it will indeed bring a lot of pressure to the family, and the daughter will have less requirements in this regard. However, this does not mean that girls will have less economic expenses. After all, children's education expenses, basic living expenses, clothes, cosmetics and other aspects need to be spent. It can only be said that this is a simple "inherent impression". Mommy has something to say: Which permutation do you think is better?
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