How old is the happiest second child? The best age is not 3 years old, but...

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How old is the happiest second child? The best age is not 3 years old, but...

Author: Chen Ma

Source: Mother Handbook (ID: jqfans)

Before the chapter, I would like to ask you about your ideal second child How many years should it be? A few days ago, several mothers got together and talked about the second child. My friend Siwen complained that her parents-in-law gave birth to a second child, saying that Dabao is too lonely, and there are no peers around to play with. It looks too pitiful, and he wants a sister quickly. If you are a little older, the two babies will not be able to play together. It just so happens that I can help you with a little more. Hurry up and have a second child... In short, the older generation has various reasons for giving birth to a second child. It came as soon as he opened his mouth, making Siwen one head and two big. In fact, Siwen has always had the wish of "having both children". After having a son, she planned to have a second child, preferably a daughter. But there is a tangle on how long it takes to have a second child and how many years the difference between the two children is the most harmonious. If the age difference is too small, I am afraid that the two children will be noisy all day long and it will be difficult to bring them; but if the difference is too large, I am afraid that the children will have a generation gap and not be close enough... Indeed, the difference in the age of the second child is the most harmonious, always The point of everyone's attention. As a mother of a second child, I just took this opportunity to discuss with you today! The difference between the second child is 1-2 years old. It is not recommended in my impression. In the past, everyone would uphold this idea: "Bring one is to bring, and two are to be brought." Fortunately, it is better to bring two babies together, just to save trouble together. Therefore, after giving birth to a child, some mothers have the idea of ​​​​purchasing the child, so that the difference between the two babies will be more than one to two years old. But Chen's mother reminded that chasing the second child too early will have an impact on the mother's body. Because the damage caused by the first child to the body has not yet fully recovered, chasing after the second child at this time is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire. Women's uterus recovery, physical function, and psychological level all need a period of time to slowly recover, and they cannot blindly rush to give birth to a baby, causing secondary damage to the body. Especially for mothers who have undergone caesarean section, the scars on the incision and uterus have not fully recovered. Pregnancy rashly, in case of wound rupture or other sequelae, will cause harm to the mother's body. In addition, in addition to the consideration of the mother's body, if the age difference between the two babies is too close, it is also a big test for the mother to raise the baby. Even with the help of my in-laws, the breastfeeding and coaxing to sleep at night all have to be done by Mommy alone. A mother with a second child once regretted that she wanted to give birth to a second child too quickly: the difference between the two babies in our family is less than two years old, except that the confinement is easier, and after the confinement is born, the two babies are tortured and mad every day; I have to breastfeed, coax me to sleep, and stare at it all the time; the big ones are noisy, don’t let them hold the small ones, they keep crying, and they’ll die~ Especially when the baby is sick, I can’t wait to stick to me all the time. There was a time when my eldest child had a fever, and I didn’t know how I got here that week... In short, pursuing a second child is a major family event and a good thing, but when you want a second child, you need to be careful and fully Consider the mother's physical recovery and other factors. The best age for crazy rumors is 3-5 years old. On the topic of how many years the second child is the happiest, there has been a best age circulating on the Internet: 3-5 years old. At present, it is also recognized by medical science that this age group is more suitable. Because after the first child, the mother has to rest for at least 1.5 to 2 years before becoming pregnant, and the older baby has already reached the stage of kindergarten at this time. Moreover, the age difference between the two babies is not very big, and they can still play together. Parents can imagine, brother or sister holding the hand of the younger brother and sister, going to the swings, slides, hide-and-seek together... Isn't it very interesting! However, Momma Chen reminded that you should also pay special attention to the relationship between the second child during this period, such as competing for favor! Compete! Compete! It has always been the most troublesome existence for parents. As long as we are biased towards the second child, the boss will be dissatisfied. Even if they can make some concessions as brothers and sisters at first, they will feel sad more often. I still remember Hu Ke, who has always been skilled in parenting, when faced with the quarrel between An Ji and Xiao Yu'er, sometimes he would ignore the boss, An Ji. So, it's really hard to do everything. In this regard, my suggestion is to do more ideological work for the boss before having a second child, and pay as much attention to the boss's emotions as possible after having the second child. Even if you ignore it occasionally, give enough comfort and hugs afterwards. In this way, you will reap double the happiness, watching the eldest and the second love each other and play together, this is the happiest appearance in life! The age difference of the second child is more than 5 years. With the opening of the two-child and three-child policy, many families have begun to think about having a second child when the older child is in primary or middle school. At this stage, the age difference between the two babies is basically more than 5 years old, there will be a certain generation gap, and the possibility of playing together will be relatively reduced. Basically, when the eldest child is in elementary school, Erbao runs and makes trouble at home; when Erbao goes to kindergarten and elementary school, the eldest also goes to junior high school, so there is not much time for the two children to really play together. However, in the case of a relatively large age difference between the second children, there are actually different benefits. For example, you must have seen pictures like this before! The younger sister picks up the elder brother from school, and the elder brother picks up the younger sister. There is a super loving and harmonious picture~ While doing homework, the elder sister pushes the younger brother's car with her feet and coaxes the younger brother to play~ And at the elder sister's wedding, the younger brother cried into tears, The touching scenes of giving harsh words to my brother-in-law to take care of my sister... These are the examples of the second child's quiet life and love for each other, and it is also what parents think the second child should look like! The age difference of the second child is more than 15 years old. It is not recommended. Generally speaking, if the age difference of the second child is more than 15 years old, the mother basically wants the second child after the age of 40. But in fact, the best age for women to give birth is between 25-35 years old. After this time, having children again will have a big impact on the mother's body. Moreover, the huge age difference will also bring some burdens to the family and the eldest. Furthermore, in the event of an accident to the parents, the issue of raising the second child will be even more difficult. The film "My Sister", which was released on Qingming Festival this year, addressed such a problem. In a car accident, both parents left, and the six-year-old brother was handed over to the sister who had just graduated. It was a problem whether to raise or not. For the younger brother, his world only has his close sister; but for the elder sister, the younger brother is a burden. Her life has just entered the right track, and she has a beautiful plan, but because of the younger brother, there have been many changes.. .... Therefore, parents who want to have a second child at an advanced age must take into account various factors such as physical and family risks, and then consider the issue of whether or not to have a child. In fact, except for the slightly extreme difference of one or two years old, and the two cases of large age difference, when you want a second child, everyone can customize it as needed. Because 3-5 years old have this stage of joy, and 5 years old and above also have unique contrasts... It depends on the preferences of parents. Anyway, as long as everyone is well prepared in all aspects, they can welcome the arrival of the second child happily, and they can also enjoy the joy of having two babies around their knees! *Source: The content of this issue is the original mother's handbook (ID: jqfans), a public account for mothers and babies followed by 7 million mothers. 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