Award-winning advertisement "Pineapple Popsicle": Excellent parents guide their children to learn to think independently

time:2022-12-02 author:Baby bones
Award-winning advertisement "Pineapple Popsicle": Excellent parents guide their children to learn to think independently

There is an award-winning commercial in Thailand called "Pineapple Popsicle", which is mainly about a little girl from poor background who can only lick her lips when she sees others eating popsicles, showing an expression of envy. When the mother saw it, she did not deny the act of attacking her child, but made pineapple popsicles for her children at home because it would be cheaper. The girl was very happy when she got the pineapple popsicle she wanted, but she suddenly came up with an idea to sell pineapple popsicles. For the child's whims, of course, the mother felt that it was difficult to complete, but she was very supportive in action, but at first, as the mother thought, the child did not sell a single popsicle. When the girl looked down and asked her mother for advice, her mother suggested that she might as well go to the market to see how others sell things. Soon the girl made another attempt, and this time she finally succeeded. The supply of popsicles was in short supply, and the girl became cheerful and confident. During the whole process, the mother behaved very wisely. She did not deny her child's need to eat popsicles, because she knew that in the hot summer, every child wanted to eat popsicles, so she would make them herself to satisfy her daughter. When her daughter Meng sold the idea of ​​selling popsicles, she also did not rush to deny it. Instead, she chose to respect the child and gave the child the greatest encouragement with her own behavior; Let the children learn to observe life, and finally solve the problem. I believe that many children will envy girls for having such a mother, because in real life, most parents will only deny their children, which of course has an extremely negative impact on children. 1. The forbidden fruit effect When parents deny their children more and don’t let them do something, the children’s curiosity will become stronger and stronger, so they will become rebels in the eyes of their parents and make some concessions. The things that parents are upset about. In fact, a big reason for this is that parents constantly deny their children, depriving them of their ability to think and experiment independently. 2. Create a label effect When parents deny their children, it is undoubtedly tantamount to putting negative labels on their children. Under the influence of negative labels, children can easily develop into people with negative labels. Because this will affect the children's self-awareness, they feel that since their parents do not think highly of themselves, maybe it is because they are really stupid, they really don't, and over time they will feel inferior or even give up on themselves. 3. The "Hlock Effect" Many parents deliberately ignore their children's efforts. No matter how much progress the child has made, it is difficult for parents to be sure that the child is not even willing to say a word of praise for the child, because in their opinion, it will Let the child "float into the sky". What they pursue is to combat education, hoping to rely on denying children to make children progress, but they don't know that this is a great harm to children's psychology and will make children lose self-confidence.

Learn wisdom without denial, and cultivate independent thinking children

1. Respect children's brains and open up children and adults are people from different worlds. It is an objective fact that there will be different opinions and ideas on the same issue. Parents should not force their children to be consistent with themselves in everything. This is obviously unfair to the children. Give your child a little freedom and space to try and do what they want, so that your child's enthusiasm and creativity can be protected. If they succeed in the end, they will definitely increase their self-confidence. Even if they fail, they will be able to summarize and reflect on it, which is conducive to the cultivation of independent thinking. 2. Don't blindly label your children. Parents should not have too high expectations for their children. Although everyone has the hope that their children will become dragons, they must also admit that most children are ordinary. So learn to respect the law of children's development, give children time to toss and develop, even if the children are not good enough, lower expectations will make them understand children better. Of course, when children encounter difficulties and ask their parents for help, parents should not choose to stand by, but they should not directly tell their children how to solve the problem. Instead, it should be like the mother of the girl in the Thai short film, who knows that it is better to teach him how to fish than to teach him how to fish, and let the child use his own brain to solve problems independently as much as possible. 3. Face success and failure calmly If the result of the child's final attempt is failure, then parents should not make fun of or even blame the child in a dissatisfied tone. Instead, we should learn to empathize with children, give them a little time, and let them think and digest by themselves. This is a good exercise for children. When they can successfully walk out of the shadows, it must be a great growth. Of course, some children will succeed. At this time, parents should also leave a blank space for their children. After encouraging their children with words or eyes, let them think about why they succeeded, and let them know that no matter what kind of result, they must Learn to accept. Only children who can think independently can face life independently and meet their best self.
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