Children learn history and read "The Adventures of Abkax" serialized in 1976 to the present

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Children learn history and read "The Adventures of Abkax" serialized in 1976 to the present

When I was young, I didn’t know how important history was, but when I grew up, I hated the lack of knowledge. When I was in school, I felt that history was really super difficult to learn: countless important times, historical events, names of people, influence of events, etc., made people dizzy. Later, I came into contact with Moseijk, the creative team of the old German comic journal MOSAIK. Since 1976, I have created and serialized the comic history book "Abucax Adventures" "Abucax Adventures 1: In Ancient Greece". ”, I discovered that it is not that history is difficult to learn, but that there is no right way. The book "Adventures of Abkax" has three series in total. It takes the historical events experienced by three quirky children Ax, Bux and Kax as clues, and takes everyone to understand the ancient The historical, cultural and humanistic classics of three ancient civilizations including Greece, ancient Egypt, and ancient oriental countries. The series has been adapted into animated films, computer games, and the copyright has been sold to many countries. Today we focus on The Adventures of Abkax 1: In Ancient Greece. There are two main highlights of this set of books:

1. Time-traveling story.

I've always loved watching cartoons like Doraemon, which is always moving through, since I was a child. I have always dreamed that I too could have a time travel machine that would take me to experience the past and the future. This obsession has been with me until now, and although it has not been realized, I still yearn for it. Perhaps this is the charm of traveling through time and space. In order to enhance the attraction, in "The Adventures of Abkax: In Ancient Greece 1", the author also uses the form of time travel to lead readers into ancient Greece and understand ancient Greece. From the beginning of time travel to ancient Greece, the Abucax trio, Ax, Bux, and Cax, experienced many famous historical events by accident and met many famous ancient Greek characters. Witness the rise and fall of ancient Greece. The three little guys have distinct personalities and their own strengths: Ax is naughty and bold, and likes excitement; not well-informed and good at problem-solving, Kax is an optimist who loves food. They brought everyone to know the ancient Greek figures such as the statesman Pericles, the sculptor Phidias, Socrates who had a "thinking workshop" and so on, and the important history that happened to these figures.

2. Comic-style popular science.

Comic books are one of children's favorite books. They are interesting, have few words, and are not boring to read, so they often make people forget to eat and sleep. However, most of the comic books on the market tell some boring events in the form of comics, which cannot make people learn knowledge, so many experts do not support children reading comics too early. But this series of "Adventures of Abkax" is different. It only uses pictures and short texts to popularize historical knowledge to readers in the form of comics. After reading it, readers can tell the story inside, which contains all the famous historical culture related to ancient Greece. For example: the slave market, the Olympics, the Parthenon, the truce between Athens and Sparta, etc. In a word, "Abukax", as a best-selling comic in Germany, uses immersive and interesting reading methods to allow readers to have a deep understanding of world history and culture, historical geography, folklore, science, etc. It is an interesting book that can stimulate children's desire for exploration and knowledge. Comic story.
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