In the era of self-media, how to get fans on various platforms and realize the realization of fans?

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In the era of self-media, how to get fans on various platforms and realize the realization of fans?

For a long time, everyone has a misunderstanding, that is: the more fans, the more money you make. Is it actually true? Let’s take a look at the famous scenes of celebrities who have millions of fans and lose money on live broadcasts to understand that although the number of fans is important, the quality of fans is the most important. Because even if an amateur has 1,000 iron fans, they can bring you a steady stream of wealth, but if it is a powerful character, even if there are countless fans, they are all here to join in the fun, and it will not be realized.

What is iron powder?

Internet prophet Kevin Kelly once put forward a famous theory: 1000 die-hard fans theory. In his opinion, as long as a person has 1,000 die-hard fans, he can have almost nothing in his life.

What is iron powder?

Wu Yuege mentioned in his book "1000 Hardcore Fans" that a hardcore fan is that no matter what you sell, he is willing to pay for everything related to you; buy together with friends and relatives; if someone raises objections, he will fight and defend your image. I have never understood the crazy behavior that star fans do to protect their favorite stars. It was not until I read the book "1000 Iron Fans" that I understood the essence behind the iron fans: unconditional trust, advocacy and support. Not only do they follow them unswervingly, but they also take the initiative to advertise, advertise when they meet people, and continue to spend money with people they know or don’t know. In this way, suppose we have 1,000 iron fans and split into 10 fans, and 10 fans continue to split, and the splits are endless. From this point of view, how important is the most basic 1000 iron powder. With their support, they can fill their stomachs or make a fortune.

Who is Wu Yuege?

Wu Yuege is a well-known personal brand coach, an expert in enterprise learning product development, a young writer, and a Fortune 500 mentor. He has been focusing on education and training for nearly ten years and is a very experienced teacher. Most importantly, he has helped more than 20,000 people successfully build their personal brands. Now he has compiled his successful experience into a book for your reference and study. People who want to be a personal ip must not miss it. How to get 1000 iron fans and successfully create a personal ip? In "1000 Iron Fans", Wu Yuege proposed to create a personal ip and win the 4º iron fan model supported by loyal fans. The 4º iron fan model refers to the four important dimensions of recognition, professionalism, connection, and value to realize the freedom of fans.

1. How to be recognizable?

First, choose a recognizable name.

The name should not be too long, don't use uncommon words, and don't be obscure, but should be catchy, and secondly, through the name, others will immediately understand the direction of your content. For example, the account "Uncle Kai tells stories" has only 5 characters, but everyone knows at a glance that this is a storytelling account. Another example is the account of "rice cake mom", which looks like parenting... In short, whether you use a person's name + occupation, or occupation + person's name, or a playful and easy-to-remember account name, etc., don't forget your name. Not only must it be easy to remember, but it must also conform to the character and account positioning, so that people can remember it. Secondly, determine a good platform, do a good job positioning, and establish a good personality. There are many self-media platforms, we have to choose the potential platform for upward development, so that we can stand out. Secondly, determine the long-term development track by finding the industry that you are good at and love. Because only good at doing it is more handy, and love makes people willing to face difficulties even if they encounter difficulties, and persevere until success. After determining the platform and positioning, it is necessary to make content that conforms to the personality. For example, what we are doing is a parenting account, and we need to provide customers with parenting solutions such as parenting knowledge, parenting methods, and parenting products, instead of parenting, writing stories, and talking about finance at the same time... This will not only make it difficult for customers to Knowing what you are doing makes people look unprofessional and unprofessional, which is not conducive to the creation of personalities and the establishment of personal brands.

Second, how to improve professionalism?

The improvement of professionalism is mainly reflected in the continuous input and output of professional content. Input is continuous learning and research, and strive for perfection; output refers to the use of writing, public expression, etc., based on customer needs, and on the premise of helping customers solve problems, and constantly giving professional knowledge, professional advice, professional skills, etc. Value programs, methods or technologies, etc. For example, we want to teach people to write. Before we teach students to write, we must first and foremost persist in writing in the writing world, and continue to study and review, constantly improve our writing level, improve our writing ability, and build a mature writing knowledge system. In short, to have professional writing knowledge and writing skills. This knowledge and skills can be demonstrated professionally and highly through representative works and successful teaching cases. For example, if Mo Yan, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, comes to teach and write stories, everyone will be 100% trusted and willing to pay to learn. But if there is no title and no one who works for free teaching, no one is interested. Visible professionalism means fame, trust and performance.

Three, link degree

Link degree mainly refers to whether there is interaction with fans. This interaction may be met in real life, or it may be in the circle of friends or in the community. Everyone gets to know and understand each other through text, video, speech, pictures, etc., and then generates links. In fact, the real interaction between people can only understand each other, and only in understanding can they trust each other, and then establish a deep friendship. With friendship, there can be stories. But many people ignore the link degree, so even if the number of fans is very large, it is just a bunch of numbers.

IV. Value

This value is mainly about what difficulties you can solve for your fans, what improvements you can bring to them, and how you can help them What changes are made? In short, the more people you can help with your professional knowledge and skills, and the more thoroughly you can solve problems for others, the more valuable you are. The higher the value, the more people will help you to advertise for free, and your performance will naturally become stronger and stronger. In short, in real life, if we can seriously practice the 4º iron powder model, whether it is online or offline, we may be well-off. @mole's potato​
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