The media commented on "Dear Child" and "Home of the Heart" for selling anxiety, do you agree?

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The media commented on "Dear Child" and "Home of the Heart" for selling anxiety, do you agree?

#educationListen to me# If the truth is taken as anxiety, it can only mean that we are just a group of people living in anxiety without knowing it. Of course, there is another possibility, that is, the person who wrote the article has not yet experienced marriage, or it may be that he is lucky enough to occupy all the luck and get rid of all the chicken feathers. In fact, I haven't watched dramas for many years, because the dramas are too long and a waste of time, and because the plots are too old-fashioned, either the mistress usurps the throne or the rivalry fights. Too much Qiong Yao's crying makes people feel embarrassed. Moreover, the author usually deliberately accumulates and exaggerates the contradictions in order to attract the requirements of the plot, so that the original happy drama has become a painful torture. In order to prevent myself from worrying about the protagonist for no reason, I have not followed the drama for many years. But recently, I accidentally saw "Dear Child". I only watched the first two episodes and some extras, but there are many details in it that resonated with me.

For example, the wife misses the birth of a child and the husband misses it

In "Dear Child", the wife gives birth to a child, and the husband misses it when he is drunk and falls asleep. In reality, I have had a similar experience. That year, my husband had to go out of town because of his work, and I gave birth ahead of schedule when I was pregnant with twins. Fortunately, he took an early vacation, which was in a hurry to catch up with the special moment of my production. As soon as he rushed home, he hadn't slept well, and when I saw red, he hurriedly took me to the hospital. Then, unprepared, the doctor notified the hospital. All in a hurry, and with all of us defenseless, the baby was born. This hurried meeting brought surprises but also caught everyone off guard.

Another example, my wife became neurotic after giving birth

My husband had to return to work after my confinement due to work. His job is very special, the kind that comes home once a year. In other words, I will have to pick the lead by myself next, and I will pick two children at the same time. This is definitely a huge challenge for me, who was protected by my parents since I was a child and has never experienced strong winds and waves. In addition to the sudden arrival of the child and the fact that the twins were too hard, I was as nervous as the heroine in "Dear Child" for a while. In my husband's words, you were so hard to play at that time, you were simply out of your mind. It is indeed a nervous disorder, just like the heroine in "Dear Child", who is always unreasonable and nervous from time to time. To be honest, when I see such a heroine, I feel irritable and disgusting, but I can recall myself back then: lack of sleep for a long time, doing everything by myself, lacking the support and care of my lover... These will make a lively me Alive and crushed. I was depressed, like the heroine in "Dear Child", from a well-educated, sunny and lovely female classmate to an unreasonable person. At this time, everyone saw my madness, but no one cared about how panic I was, how lacking in love, how much I wanted to be noticed... However, everyone's focus was on how cute the child was and how fat the child was. I lost weight, got sick, couldn't eat enough, couldn't sleep well... But no one noticed me: Actually, I just want to get a good night's sleep, four hours a day, and I also want to be noticed and understood. and be loved. To be honest, now that I am healthy, I think of myself being hypocritical. But I don't want to be hypocritical, I just have to be hypocritical because of postpartum depression. It's just that you can't control yourself, and others don't understand it, that's what hurts.

For another example, the husband and wife do not usurp the throne with the mistress

For some reason, there is always a green tea bitch in the TV series to destroy the crumbling marriage. What's interesting is that Xiaosan can always usurp the throne successfully. In fact, such highly disseminated media as in film and television dramas should transmit more positive energy to guide correct values, love and marriage, instead of constantly injecting characters with no bottom line in order to increase highlights and topics . The addition of these roles will indeed bring false hints that women who have given birth are unattractive, stay-at-home mothers should be replaced by young and beautiful women, men become bad if they have money, and marriage is the grave of love. These hints make people who are not firm in their hearts go to extremes, and each extreme will make people who are not married to be afraid of marriage, and people who are in marriage will be anxious. Therefore, it is recommended that screenwriters change their writing ideas. While creating highlights, they should bring more solutions to problems and some correct pointers, instead of creating for traffic and ignoring their own responsibilities. #Dear child essay#
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