The child gets sick as soon as the air conditioner is turned on. The old man prefers to manually fan the fan to find out the reason and keep the baby cool

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The child gets sick as soon as the air conditioner is turned on. The old man prefers to manually fan the fan to find out the reason and keep the baby cool

After the fall, the temperature in some areas is still very high, and it is very hard to not turn on the air conditioner. It may not be uncomfortable for adults to turn on the air conditioner, but be careful with children in the room. Many parents are entangled in their hearts. Children who do not turn on the air conditioner will feel uncomfortably hot, but if the air conditioner is turned on, their children will easily get sick. Can they just endure it?

The child was admitted to the hospital after blowing the air conditioner, and the high temperature area is not a case.

The pediatrics department of a hospital in Hangzhou has seen many cases A child with a cough from the air conditioner. Among them, a 4-year-old baby Doudou started coughing as soon as he entered the air-conditioned room, and his parents gave him cough medicine to no avail. After I came to the hospital for inspection, I found out the reason. Doudou was allergic to dust mites and mold, so the cough medicine didn't work. The inquiry learned that the allergen that caused Doudou to suffer came from the air conditioner. After Doudou changed the rental house with his family, the parents used the air conditioner without cleaning it. The outer shell looks clean, but the inside has been left unused for a long time, and mold and mites have grown. When the air conditioner is turned on, the allergen comes out of the air outlet and is inhaled by Doudou. Doudou is not alone in the children who get sick as soon as the air conditioner is turned on. Nearly one-third of the children in the hospital who have a chronic cough caused by the air conditioner account for nearly one-third of the children, which shows how powerful the air conditioner is.

The child gets sick when the air conditioner is turned on. What is the problem?

There are also some children around the sugar mother who are sick because of the air conditioner. Therefore, every time it is hot, the elderly prefer to manually fan the fan instead of blowing the air conditioner to the children. For this reason, there is a dispute with the young parents at home. The cough mentioned above is one of the manifestations of the child's "air conditioning disease". Listening to the child's cough makes me feel anxious, and it is the worst manifestation of recovery. In addition, some children will catch a cold because of the air conditioner, sweat and runny nose on a hot day, which makes it uncomfortable to think about. A small number of children have stomach pains of varying degrees of severity. For parents, it is very distressing for the child to feel a little uncomfortable. The original cool artifact has been blocked by parents one after another. Not to mention that the elderly dare not let their children blow, and some young parents also dare not try. In fact, there is nothing wrong with blowing the air conditioner itself, the problem lies in the way parents blow the air conditioner. The high temperature weather in many areas will continue for a period of time, and the following wrong ways must be avoided.

Parents bring their children the wrong way to blow the air conditioner, which leads to constant minor problems

Air conditioner WiFi watermelon can be said to be the most ideal state Now, for children, blowing the air conditioner is not so simple. Mistake 1: Never clean the air conditioner filter Whether you are renting an air conditioner outside or using your own home, you must thoroughly clean the air conditioner filter before use, and the baffle of the air outlet must be wiped clean. The air conditioner is not in an area with a lot of oil smoke and sand, and the filter should be cleaned every 300 hours of use. If the air conditioner is in a room with soot, dust, or scattered fibers, clean the filter every 100 hours of use. This is to prevent the bacteria and dust attached to the air conditioner filter from blowing into the air, causing the baby to cough and even respiratory diseases. Mistake 2: Don't pay attention to the duration and temperature of the air conditioner. It is more appropriate to set the temperature of the air conditioner for the baby to be around 26°C, generally not lower than 23°C, not higher than 28°C, and be careful not to let the air conditioner blow directly to the baby. It is necessary to open the window every 2 hours or so for ventilation, or keep a small window open to blow the air conditioner to ensure the air flow in the room, and it is comfortable to blow. It is not recommended for the baby to blow the air conditioner continuously for more than 4 hours. Generally speaking, the outdoor temperature does not exceed 30 ℃. There is no need to turn on the air conditioner for too long indoors. If you feel that the indoor temperature has dropped, you can stop for a while, and you cannot turn on the air conditioner 24 hours a day, otherwise the baby will easily catch a cold. Mistake 3: The cold air is turned on too fast. The first two things have been done well. Even if the air conditioner is turned on, the baby is not easy to get sick. If the parents turn on the cold air too fast, the child is very easy to catch a cold. Many parents bring their children home from the outside and turn on the air conditioner immediately, or wait until the child is sweating profusely and turn on the air conditioner directly. This is the main reason for the child's illness. After sweating and exercising, the child's pores are open, and the sweat is evaporating. At this time, the cold wind from the air conditioner will cause illness and headache.

Families don't have to argue about air conditioning in order to "save money"

Every summer, there are elderly people who are reluctant to use air conditioning and get sick Compared with the consumption of electricity bills, the child suffers physically, and the injury is more serious. Once heatstroke or heat stroke occurs, it is fatal. In fact, in the hot season, it is beneficial to blow the air conditioner to the baby. First of all, after feeling comfortable, the baby will not cry all the time, and parents will not be so irritable with their children. After the baby feels physically comfortable, the appetite will increase greatly when eating, and parents do not need to follow the child to feed. 30 minutes to 1 hour before the baby goes to bed, turn on the air conditioner, let the room temperature cool down a little and then turn it off, the baby will fall asleep faster and sleep more peacefully. Candy's mother said in her heart: Turning on the air conditioner is not terrible, but using the wrong method is terrible. Find out the real reason why the child is sick with the air conditioner, and turn on the air conditioner in the hot season to keep him cool. [Today's topic] Do you usually turn on the air conditioner for your children?
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