The mother ignores the begging for the elderly, and the boy is crying and reasoning. How to tell the child the measure of kindness

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The mother ignores the begging for the elderly, and the boy is crying and reasoning. How to tell the child the measure of kindness

An article in The Atlantic Monthly mentioned that children who cared about others as children may be more promising when they grow up. Kindness was once regarded as a good quality for children, but in reality, the situation is more complicated, and many parents do not want their children to be too kind. If you saw an old man begging on the side of the road, would you choose to give him money? The quarrel between a mother and son has caused heated discussions, and everyone has different views on it.

Mother ignores the begging for the elderly, and the boy cries to reason with his mother

A mother and son meet on the side of the road while they are out A begging old man, the boy wanted to take his mother to the old man, hoping to give the old man some money. But the mother was in a hurry to get in the car and did not follow the child's words. The boy was very angry when he got in the car and started to reason with his mother seriously. The boy thought that even if he didn't give the old man money to take a look, it was always alright. The boy became more and more excited, burst into tears, and ignored his mother angrily. Mom also felt that she was doing something wrong and did not refute it on the spot. Later, the mother admitted to her son that she did not do it properly, and promised that she would bring change when she went out in the future, and would not ignore the elderly begging. This mother is on a temporary business and has no time to care about the begging old people. Some parents deliberately keep their children away from beggars, which has sparked heated debate for mothers and children.

The boy cried because his mother ignored the begging old man, is he kind or deceitful?

When many people saw the boy's reaction, the first thing they thought was that he was too young to be deceived, because many beggars in life are fake. Some beggars take advantage of people's sympathy and consume people's love. Children are easily soft-hearted towards beggars and may be easily deceived in the future. However, some people think that it is not easy for children to have compassion and kindness, and parents should maintain this quality of children. The mother said that the reason why her son criticized her may be that she felt a little cold-blooded. Therefore, she didn't think the boy's idea was wrong, so she agreed to the child's request to bring some change in the future. In the end, this matter must return to the education of children. Many people cannot accurately distinguish whether those beggars are real or fake. But for kids, it's a great educational opportunity to measure compassion and kindness.

The measure of kindness is important and has a profound impact on children

Harvard psychologists study shows that about 80% of young people feel that , parents pay little attention to whether they will care for others, only their grades or personal well-being. Kindness and compassion make children happier, while children who lack kindness, while not losing much, are inherently unhappy. For example, a child with a sense of kindness and empathy will show concern and bemoan when someone is hurt in a group. Indifferent children not only don't care about each other, but even secretly delight that they have more opportunities. The scary thing is that the child's mentality will gradually change from treating strangers to treating his own family, and his family's needs and feelings are also relatively indifferent. When a child's world only has learning and absolute egoism, there are certain restrictions on his own learning and work development. Lack of empathy and kindness, when dealing with people, they tend to be self-centered and ignore the feelings of others. Not being able to make friends is one of them, leaving a bad impression on others and poor interpersonal relationships.

How should parents tell their children that the "measure" of kindness

Parents don't want their children to be too kind, it doesn't mean that the parents are bad, It's just that they don't want their children to suffer and be deceived. Not only do you want your child to keep a sense of kindness without losing money, parents can guide him in this way. Instead of filling the "bottomless pit" with our own kindness, we can be kind and generous, beg for change for the elderly, and help others, but we don't have to let our money and feelings fill the bottomless pit of others. When children help beggars because of their kindness, they can help when they happen to be on the way or by chance. Those beggars who despise one yuan and two yuan in change and ask for more are not obliged to give him more money. The other is not to fill the emotional bottomless pit, some people will only take advantage of the kindness of children. Asking the child to help lie and blame without treating the child with the same kindness and compassion can make the child stop being kind. Your own safety is very important. Children help others out of kindness, on the premise that they are safe, free from grievances, and do not consume their own value, otherwise it will become risky and pleasing. For example, a strange adult asks a child for help, and cannot follow a stranger without parental company, because people will not ask for help from people who are weaker than themselves. Candy mother's heart: the easiest thing parents can do for their children's "kindness" is to accept their children's help. Compared with praising children "you are really kind", parents doing this is the most natural support and recognition for their children's sense of kindness. [Today's topic] What kind of behavior does your child have?
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