The teacher suspected that the boy was drinking, and his father took him to the traffic police to prove his innocence. The trust of his parents is too important

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The teacher suspected that the boy was drinking, and his father took him to the traffic police to prove his innocence. The trust of his parents is too important

Maria Montessori once said that a child's character flaws are related to the mistreatment he experiences in his early mistakes. When a child goes to school, the thing he is most afraid of is being called by his parents. Or because of learning problems, or being naughty and being caught by the teacher, you will inevitably be criticized and punished. However, the teacher may also misunderstand when he accidentally wrongs the child. At this time, the parent's reaction and behavior are very important for the child.

The boy was suspected of drinking by the teacher, his father took him to the traffic police for testing

A student was suspected of drinking by the teacher at school, After the teacher asked the parents to go to school, the boy denied it, saying that he did not drink alcohol. Students drinking alcohol in school not only violates school rules, but also has a very bad impact on themselves and their classmates. Parents don't want their children to make mistakes, but they also want to see if they are drinking. So, the father brought the boy to the traffic team to know whether the child was lying or not. The parent acted relatively calm. Before the truth came out, he did not criticize the boy too much because of the teacher's words. After the traffic police detected that the boy did not drink alcohol, the parents also breathed a sigh of relief, so that the child could go back to school and continue the class. Netizens were full of praise for the parent's actions. Tang Mom has seen some students who have been wronged by teachers, but when parents come to school, they beat their children without saying a word. Many students leave a bad impression on teachers and classmates, and they still have psychological shadows after graduation. And what the father did, since the child knew that the consequences of making mistakes were serious, it also proved his innocence for the child.

When a child is "wronged", parent-child trust is too important

Parents cannot see the child's every move in school , will be convinced of the teacher's words, ignoring the child's feelings. The vast majority of children are not inherently bad. When he was wronged by outsiders intentionally or unintentionally, his parents' trust was like a light in the darkness. Take a common situation as an example to see just how different parents can be. A child who had average academic performance before, got particularly good grades in the test. The teacher suspected him of "cheating" and gave him a score of 0. Some parents will force their children to ask whether they have copied or not, and directly criticize the quality of their children. No matter how much the children explain, they will not listen. And some parents choose to "speak with facts", first recalling the child's recent learning status, and then asking the child to do the problem again in order to verify the psychology. After determining the child's strength, explain to the teacher that the child did not cheat, and use good communication to resolve the teacher's misunderstanding of the child. In this way, even if the child performed exceptionally well in this exam and "accidentally" got a high score, he would still have the confidence and motivation to learn. Otherwise, wronging the child in such a way will actually make him have a "rotten" mentality.

What should parents do when their child is "suspected" and criticized by the teacher?

Parents often use the wrong method because they are eager to teach their children. Of course, some teachers are not excluded from blaming their children for not knowing the truth. In this situation, parents should pay attention to a few things. Don't let your child be wronged because of your "face". After many parents are called to school, the reason for their anger is not only because of the child, but also because they feel that they have "no face". As a result, the original trivial matter is magnified, old accounts are turned over, and children are criticized too much. Not only does it fail to solve the more important problems at the moment, but it also makes children feel wronged and affects the parent-child relationship. Punishment and criticism should not be carried out in public. If the child needs, when he is innocent, he can explain it in front of everyone. But remember, no matter if the child is really making a mistake or being misunderstood, try not to criticize him in public. It's not that the child's mental capacity is weak, but that the child also has self-esteem. Scolding a child in public is equivalent to magnifying the mistake and affecting the child's future relationship with the group. You must be realistic about your child's mistakes, help your child to prove it to the teacher if there is no mistake, and discuss it well if there is a mistake, and believe that the child can be corrected.

"Trust" is the driving force of a child's excellence. Parents should not doubt him easily

In fact, a teacher can strictly supervise and discipline a child , at least to prove that the child has not been "abandoned", but sometimes the way the teacher handles the problem is not very appropriate. Susan Fowater, a Ph.D. in psychology, argues that children identify with what their parents say about them, whether good or bad, and turn it into their own beliefs. That is to say, parents suggest and evaluate what kind of person the child is, whether it is praise or slander, the child will slowly and really make changes in that direction. If you want your child to be excellent, you must not only correct his mistakes, but also give positive psychological hints, believing that he can get better and better through hard work. Children who have been trusted by their parents since childhood can talk to their parents about everything and better educate and guide them. Candy mother said in her heart: the ability of language is extremely powerful, a sentence can make people feel at the bottom, and it can also restore a person's strength, especially for children. [Today's topic] Has your child been wronged? How did you solve it?
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