Parents fight because their children grab the swing, and one person swipes the bag and the other kicks it. Who is at fault?

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Parents fight because their children grab the swing, and one person swipes the bag and the other kicks it. Who is at fault?

China Youth Daily conducted a survey of 1,973 parents of minors. When their children conflicted with others, 49.5% of the parents chose to intervene, 42.5% of the parents decided according to the situation, and only 8.0% of the parents said they would not intervene. The summer vacation is not over yet, and some unfamiliar children gather in the square and park to play. When children play together, conflicts will inevitably arise. Usually, parents can solve problems better when they are around, but sometimes the children's previous minor conflicts are magnified because of the parents' actions.

Because the child "snatchs the swing", the parents of both sides fight each other

Two ladies from Xinzhou, Shanxi, in front of their children in public The fight was very emotional, and the cause was the problem of two children vying for the swing. It is reported that a boy grabbed the swing and sat on it and played, while another girl next to him did not grab it. Seeing this, the girl's grandma stepped forward and shook the swing vigorously, and it was very dangerous for the boy to sit on it. The little girl took the old man's hand and shouted "I'm not playing anymore" in fear, but the old man still didn't mean to stop. The boy's mother was standing beside him at the time and did not stop the old man's movements at first. She didn't really panic until the boy's legs and feet hit the iron pillar next to him under the push of the old man. The boy's mother stepped out and kicked the old man, and the two fought. The old man kept swiping the bag in his hand, and the boy's mother kicked the boy reluctantly. The scene was chaotic for a time.

Children have conflicts and adults fight. Who is right and who is wrong?

The scene where the two adults fight each other in the video is a bit intense, but what surprised Sugar Mom is that many people are blaming the boy. Some netizens think that the fault lies with the boy. He looks much taller than the girl. He shouldn't grab the swing with the little sister, otherwise he is bullying the children in disguise. Some people also felt that the girl's grandmother was at fault. Fortunately, the child was not injured in this dispute. If the boy fell and was injured by the old man's shoving, the consequences may be more serious. This kind of child conflicts, and parents fight frequently. The lighter thing is that the two sides scolded each other a few times, and it was over after a few fights, and no one was injured. In more serious cases, parents hit each other's children, and even cause the death of a child or parent. At that time, it will be meaningless to pursue who is right and who is wrong.

Parents' "fighting" may not solve the problem, what should children pay attention to when playing outside

It is said that there is a bear behind the child Bear parents, fighting can vent your anger, but it is not the way to solve the problem. In order to avoid conflicts as much as possible and solve problems peacefully, parents should know the following "rules" when they play outside with their children. In the public play facilities, there is the boy in front of the "first come, first served". If he drives the girl off the swing because of his size, then he has made a mistake and needs to accept criticism and apologize. If he played in front of the girl just because he was fast, and didn't hurt the girl, he couldn't put all the mistakes on him, and he had no obligation to give up the swing. Everyone doesn't know each other in public. Every child is a treasure in the family. No one should let anyone talk. It is fairest to follow the "first come, first served" principle. If parents hurt other people's children because their own children did not get them, it is tantamount to raising their own children into bear children. Playing games suitable for children's age groups is complicated in public places, but generally children of the same age group gather together, parents take their children out to play, and selectively observe the crowd. In this way, it is easier for children to find playmates and conflicts are less likely to occur. In addition, considering the load-bearing and difficulty of some amusement facilities, choose the one suitable for the age of the child, which is more fun and safer.

Parents don't have to fight when there is a conflict between children

While educating their children to protect themselves, many parents forget to tell them They have to be reasonable and can't bully other people. Even after the two children had a conflict, it was obviously their own child's fault. Not only did they not apologize to the other party, but they also quarreled loudly, scolding the other party's parents for arguing with a "child". In fact, some children with minor conflicts do not take it to heart. How they will deal with the problem mostly depends on what their parents do. Parents don't need to be too excited to see their children's reactions. In fact, the girl in front of me doesn't want to play anymore. Grandma can communicate with each other in a negotiable way, there is no need to be so excited. Look rationally at the small conflicts between children. When encountering people who are weaker than yourself, parents will be quick and lose education. If you meet someone who is more arrogant and impulsive than yourself, you will suffer a bigger loss. The swing can be played after a while, but there is a deviation in the child's education, which leads to the child's misunderstanding, and it is somewhat difficult to change. Candy's mother said in her heart: When you bring a baby, you must remember the "garbage man" law. There are many people in the world who are riddled with negative emotions. They need to find a place to dump "mood garbage", and they will not let go of the little things. Arguments that have nothing to do with life and death are trivial matters. To let children know that they don't have to fight for winners or losers and strengths or weaknesses when they meet such a person. "Walking around" is the best way. [Today's topic] Are there any parents around you who are fighting because of their children?
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