The woman bought a pair of piglets and became pregnant with twins soon. Does the "mascot" really exist?

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The woman bought a pair of piglets and became pregnant with twins soon. Does the "mascot" really exist?

Studies have shown that between 23 and 28, couples do not deliberately prepare for pregnancy, and it is easy to conceive a baby. It's just that the pressure of young people today is relatively high, which increases the difficulty of having a baby. Have you been given a "mascot" during pregnancy and pregnancy? A pair of dolls, a baby sticker, the elders in the family often feel that these items are helpful for pregnancy. What's even more amazing is that after many people have mascots, they are soon successful in trying to conceive, and there are many similarities between the baby and the mascot after birth. What mysterious power is there? Through this article, Sugar Mom answers the doubts of many mothers-does the "pregnancy mascot" really exist?

Woman bought a piggy ornament and put it in the car, and soon became pregnant with twins

A Guangdong mother shares online Her miraculous experience, she and her husband once saw a pair of piggy ornaments when they were out on a trip. They thought they were very cute and bought them back and put them in the car. Unexpectedly, a few months later, Bao's mother found out that she was pregnant, and after examination, she found out that she was still twins. At that time, it was only a coincidence, but now that the baby is more than 1 year old, an even more miraculous phenomenon has appeared. It can be seen that the baby on the left in the picture is smiling happily with his small mouth open and his eyes are curved; the baby on the right is a little cute, and the expressions of the two babies are very similar to the piggy ornaments. Netizens wondered if the magical power of the ornaments had summoned the twins? I have to sigh it is too fateful. Is it really the "mascot" that did the trick? What is the magic in it? The seemingly miraculous phenomenon has scientific truth behind it, which couples and families need to understand.

Do "fertility mascots" really exist? Some people said they had personally experienced it.

Many people shared their similar experiences, which made couples who had not yet started to conceive could not believe it. Is it possible to have twin babies by buying the same piglet? Not necessarily. "I was unsuccessful in trying to conceive at that time. My mother-in-law sent me a baby sticker and asked me to take a look at it if I had nothing to do. The result was that I got pregnant after more than 2 months. "I don't want to have a second child, but I want to have both children. After that, he posted me a sticker of a baby with a baby dragon and phoenix, and I actually gave birth to a baby with a dragon and a phoenix." However, this magical phenomenon is not experienced by all couples. Some couples believe too much in the term "mascot", and even Spending a high price to buy some ornaments back home is of no use. Sugar mom wants to say that the so-called mascot cannot "summon" the baby, or change the gender of the baby, and personal experience does not represent an absolute probability. But this kind of mascot Items do indirectly help with pregnancy, and the relationship between babies and mascots is also scientifically justified.

Trusted by couples The "mascot" looks magical, but there is a scientific truth behind it.

With the mascot, it is faster to prepare for pregnancy. When you are pregnant, you can see the beautiful baby on the sticker. After the child is born, it looks like the sticker. This is the personal experience of many people. Experience, sugar mother also experienced, the scientific reasons behind it are as follows. 1) "mascots" play a psychological comfort role for couples who are trying to conceive Besides the ovulation period, it is also very important to feel happy and relaxed. The more anxious you are, the more unsuccessful you will be in your pregnancy preparation. When you have a so-called "mascot", you will get psychological comfort and relax, and you will unconsciously improve your chances of success in preparing for pregnancy. Probability. Cute baby stickers make people feel good when they look at them, and the magical phenomenon of "fertilization" occurs only when objects such as "decorations" play the same role. 2) The connection between the baby and the "mascot" , permeating in daily life, people have a natural preference for faces that are more similar to themselves. It is not that children look like babies on stickers, but when people choose, they subconsciously choose faces that are more similar to their own family members. Because the baby prefers to imitate, the baby often looks at the stickers after birth. Like the piggy ornament in front, it will imitate the expression, causing the baby to look more and more like the "mascot". During the pregnancy, the couple bought some that they really liked. Ornaments and stickers are helpful for pregnancy. But don't believe in superstitious "mascots", look for a more scientific way to prepare for pregnancy.

Don't believe in "pregnancy mascots" easily. The probability that couples learn to "avoid pits" during pregnancy

naturally conceive twins is only about 1%, and "mascots" alone cannot be summoned. Buy one It can be said that it is a coincidence among coincidences. The appearance of the baby is inherited from the parents. Looking at the stickers can make the baby more beautiful, because the mother is in a good mood during pregnancy, and the baby often shows a happy expression. It is higher. Couples who want to prepare for pregnancy should not pin their hopes on various "mascots". On the premise that there is no problem with the body, it is a normal speed to successfully prepare for pregnancy within 3 months to 1 year. Young couples do not need to If you are too impatient, the elderly should not keep urging them. Only very few couples succeed in the first month of trying to conceive. In addition, when buying ornaments or stickers, keep decorating the room in mind, buy some styles that look good, and avoid strange and scary items to scare the baby or imitate strange expressions by him. Pregnancy is about going with the flow, and there is no need to take giving birth to several babies and having beautiful babies as pressure and tasks. Otherwise, not only will there be anxiety when preparing for pregnancy, but there will also be a greater sense of gap after the baby is born. It was originally a happy thing, because the "mascot" made everyone depressed, it is better not to buy it. This is a pit that couples planning to conceive should avoid. What Candy Mama said in her heart: Giving birth to life is a magical process, but the method must be scientific and practical. It is worthwhile to encounter happy coincidences, and at the same time, understand the truth. Expecting something beautiful is a positive attitude towards life, but knowing how to scientifically prepare for pregnancy and raise a baby is the guarantee. May you all have a smooth pregnancy, have a happy pregnancy, and give birth to a healthy and lovely baby. [Today's topic] What "magical" things have happened to you when you were preparing for pregnancy and after giving birth to a baby?
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