An expectant mother is in the hospital for labor, and her best friend takes care of her throughout the whole process. Would you choose an "outsider" to accompany the delivery?

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An expectant mother is in the hospital for labor, and her best friend takes care of her throughout the whole process. Would you choose an "outsider" to accompany the delivery?

Social surveys show that 80% of women want their husbands to accompany the delivery, and about 74.1% of men are willing to accompany the delivery. During the process of labor and delivery, pregnant women are often accompanied by their family members. Women especially do not want their husbands to be absent at this critical moment. But when the mother's husband can't go, other people can accompany the delivery, and the role is not small.

Mother-to-be is in the hospital to give birth, and her best friend is by her side to take care of her

Would you let your best friend accompany the delivery? Most expectant mothers trust their family members the most, and their family members may not agree to let their besties accompany the delivery. But there was such a pair of girlfriends who did it, and the process went very smoothly. Ms. Hou, 32, and Ms. Zhang, 31, have been good friends for many years. Before Ms. Zhang was pregnant, she had been taking care of her best friends more. Think about big things and small things for my girlfriends, and even help my girlfriends prepare tableware and vegetables when they are eating. Since Ms. Hou became pregnant, her best friend seemed to have changed and took care of her, like a big sister. When Ms. Hou was about to give birth, her best friend asked her from time to time how she felt and whether she wanted to drink water, and gently and patiently wiped Ms. Hou's sweat. The two did not communicate much, but they had a tacit understanding. Many things were not waiting for the lady to say, and the best friend could think of it. It could be seen that the best friend, Ms. Wang, was full of distress. Ms. Wang has been busy walking around, and Ms. Hou is very relieved while lying on the bed, although it hurts. Many people said that it is really worth having such a good girlfriend.

Girlfriends accompany pregnant women to labor and don’t want friends to feel at a loss

Parenting is not just witnessing the birth in the delivery room, but also refers to During the process of launching, opening fingers and waiting for labor, communicate and help pregnant women with psychological adjustment. Even if you wait outside the delivery room, it is very important to ensure that your wife and doctor can contact family and friends at any time. There are very few pregnant women who choose to let their besties accompany the delivery, so some people question whether "outsiders" should not be involved, or their own family members are more reliable. In fact, it is not. From the perspective of the mother's mood and feelings, girlfriends are indeed a good choice, and many advantages may not be achieved by family members. Ms. Wang said that it was the first time her best friend gave birth to a child, and she had the experience of childbirth. She could share some experiences to make her less at a loss. Many people have never thought that there are not too many restrictions on the candidates to accompany the delivery. Besides the husband, there are many choices.

Best friends can also accompany the delivery? Husbands are not the only candidates

Mothers want their husbands to accompany the delivery, most of them want to let their husbands know their hard work and pain. But our experience tells us that the husband may also leave a psychological shadow, so he is not the only candidate. Suitable candidate 1: Good girlfriends or sisters and sisters know how to make each other happy and relaxed, and they can consider things from the perspective of the mother, which is the most needed treatment for mothers. But Tang Mom reminds you to choose girlfriends who have experience in production. It is not easy to panic during childbirth, and it can play a very good comforting role in empathizing with the mother. In the same way, the mother's own sister, sister, or her husband's sister and sister can also accompany the delivery. Suitable candidate 2: Professional birth attendants Some hospitals will be equipped with professional birth attendants, which will cost a certain amount of money, but they will provide professional guidance and psychological guidance during the birth companionship process. Mothers can give birth to their babies more smoothly without worrying about their own image. If the delivery budget is sufficient, this is a good option for escort births. Suitable candidate 3: In addition to the husband, mothers and mothers-in-law can also accompany the delivery, especially if the mother is by her side, the mother will feel more secure. However, accompany childbirth is very exhausting. If the mother-in-law is old and in poor health, and the psychological capacity is relatively weak, try not to accompany the childbirth. It's not a bad thing for Ms. Hou to have a good girlfriend by her side to accompany her delivery. After experiencing the postpartum friendship, it has also deepened.

Would you like to ask a best friend to accompany the delivery? To know the principle

Women give birth to a baby, it is far from enough to rely on their own strong willpower and endurance. Having someone who understands them by their side will give women more confidence and strength. Do you want to choose a best friend? Whether or not you can choose someone else to accompany you in childbirth, you must follow the following principles. First of all, accompany the childbirth on the premise that both parties agree. Although some friends have a good relationship, accompany childbirth is a relatively private and somewhat troublesome thing after all. On the one hand, mothers can trust each other and negotiate with their family members. On the other hand, they need to consider the wishes of their best friends. Secondly, looking at the psychological quality of the other party, men are usually more rational and calm, but they may not be able to face the situation in the delivery room. Therefore, no matter who accompanies the delivery, experience and psychological quality must be possessed. Otherwise, the performance of the mother is not bad, but the person accompanying the delivery is nervous and excited, and even has a conflict with the doctor in the delivery room or faints, which makes the delivery more troublesome. Candy's mother said in her heart: Compared with her husband and family, her best friend may be an "outsider", but in the mother's heart, a loving best friend is like a family member. As long as they can accept the request and face the situation, it is also helpful for the mother. During childbirth, key decisions and signatures are left to the family to make. The rest of the company and comfort can also be done by girlfriends. [Today's topic] Would you choose "outsiders" to accompany you?
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