A recent photo of Xiaoshenyang's "showing off" daughter, 15-year-old Shen Jiarun is cool and sassy, ​​and is praised as a girl group fan

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A recent photo of Xiaoshenyang's "showing off" daughter, 15-year-old Shen Jiarun is cool and sassy, ​​and is praised as a girl group fan

Speaking of Xiaoshenyang's daughter Shen Jiarun, many people's memories are still stuck in her childhood, the stage when she was complained by netizens as "ugly". Although Shen Jiarun once proudly said, "I'm proud to look like my father", Xiao Shenyang chose to protect her daughter by not posting photos of her daughter after the show was recorded. However, in the past two years, Xiao Shenyang has become more and more fond of posting pictures of her daughter, because the phrase "Eighteen Changes in Women's University" is vividly reflected in Shen Jiarun.

Xiao Shenyang "shows off" a recent photo of her 15-year-old daughter, dressed in a cool and sassy way

Xiao Shenyang posted a picture of her daughter online He also said that he also came to "show off" his daughter. Many people said they did not recognize it after seeing it. In the blink of an eye, Shen Jiarun is 15 years old and still has single eyelids, but her overall appearance has improved significantly, and she looks like a big girl. Shen Jiarun wears a black back and a black beret. She has a full sense of the camera. She looks cool and sassy, ​​with a properly advanced face. When Shen Jiarun appeared on the camera before, her face was still round and not delicate. Now the baby fat on the face has completely disappeared, and the facial features are more obvious. He is very similar to Kong Xiaozhen and is praised as "girl group fan". There are many high-profile children among the stars. Some children grew up beautifully, or gradually became disabled. In contrast, Shen Jiarun's counterattack brought a lot of surprises to everyone. Nowadays, there are almost no bad comments on Shen Jiarun on the Internet, and all kinds of praise and envy are constant. No wonder Xiao Shenyang proudly "shows off" her daughter. Many people said that they might post "Nine Palaces" every day.

Shen Jiarun's appearance counterattack, what changes have the children of "Long Kai" experienced?

Eighteen changes in female college students like Shen Jiarun are also known as plastic surgery. Every child can be better, and children who grow up with plastic surgery generally experience the following "changes." When I was a child, I only cared about playing, and the sun was too dark to reduce the appearance. When the child was very young, even if the parents deliberately reminded him to pay attention to his appearance, they would not take it to heart. I often want to play outside for as long as I want, and my skin gets darker and darker due to the wind and the sun, which indirectly reduces my appearance. Until they start to pay attention to their image when they grow up, they don't like to be tanned. One of the reasons for the counterattack of appearance is one white covering one hundred ugliness. Body changes affect appearance. Little fat people are all potential babies in infants and toddlers, and they are very chubby. But when they reach the age of elementary school and junior high school, it will be embarrassing if they are still fat. Like Wang Shiling, Shen Jiarun gradually lost weight as she grew up. The round face becomes a melon face, and the facial features are three-dimensional and the appearance is improved. So don't underestimate fat children, they are all potential stocks. Children's temperament is changing. Some children's appearance is not much different from when they were young, but they look more beautiful overall, which is related to their temperament changes. On the one hand, she knows how to look better when she grows up, and on the other hand, she likes to dance or practice musical instruments like Shen Jiarun. The continuous improvement of her inner temperament can also improve her appearance.

Xiao Shenyang's daughter has a "girl group style", and her father is still very important in her heart

Xiao Shenyang and his wife's education It's not very high, but they came out early to work hard. They have seen the world and have rich experience. They are not inferior in educating children. Shen Jiarun's personality was relatively generous when he was a child, and there was no lower limit of vicious words on the Internet, which caused a lot of blow to the young Shen Jiarun. Shen Jiarun was once scolded for crying, but after crying, she did not always feel inferior. Instead, she said the classic words: "I look like my father, and I am very proud." Until she became beautiful in her teenage years, from the conversation with Xiao Shenyang, she could still find that she was proud of her father and would express it unabashedly. It is not difficult to see that Xiao Shenyang and his wife have really educated their children very well. Shen Jiarun grew up in the "bad comments" and is still kind and lively. Now it is more and more beautiful, how can people not love.

Parents like to "show off" their children's photos, hoping that the outside world will be less malicious

Xiao Shenyang used Northeastern dialect to describe his "show off" daughter, Really apt. As the old saying goes, children are their own good, and children are the most beautiful and the cutest in the eyes of their parents. When they post pictures of their children, they will have a "show off" mentality and want everyone to see their baby bumps. I believe that even when Shen Jiarun's appearance was hacked by the whole network, Xiao Shenyang and his wife never disliked their daughter. Xiao Shenyang's appearance is not particularly low, and his wife Shen Chunyang is very beautiful even if she is thinner when she is young. It is unexpected but reasonable that Shen Jiarun can have the current counterattack. Everyone has their own set of aesthetic standards, even children who are not public figures will be particularly sad when one or two people around them call them ugly. Shen Jiarun can get out of the bad comments, and his heart is extremely strong. Candy's mother said in her heart: The harsh words hurt the cold in June. I sincerely hope that people will have less bad comments on their children, and every child can be a potential stock. [Today's topic] Do you like Shen Jiarun? Are there any "counter-attack" children around you?
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