If the child is disobedient and confronts the parents, should he be beaten?

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If the child is disobedient and confronts the parents, should he be beaten?

"You pack up your toys, okay!" "Can't you go and play after you finish your homework!" "Can you sit down and eat well!" "Can you stop playing with your phone!" Believe these words, parents and mothers We have told our children countless times that we have to endure and endure and endure again and again, and have the heart to beat the child, and reason over and over again but the child will not listen. So what is the root cause of these problems?

Parents' behavior leads to disobedient children

Many times we "verbally educate" children, because parents believe that children can understand reason. But in fact, many times there are many problems in communication even between adults, let alone only using words to communicate with children. Although the parents verbally discouraged some of the child's behavior, the body remained motionless. The child will feel that you don't really care about it, so his behavior is not hindered by other than some verbal responses. Therefore, he will continue what he was doing before, which is to be disobedient.

Parents did not seriously explain the rules to their children

When parents first explained the rules, they just gently discouraged them without serious education, and the children may have I didn't pay attention to hearing the specific content, and I didn't think that my mother was talking and reasoning with myself. After all, mom's eyes are on the phone, or busy with other things. Only staring at his child out of the corner of his eye, he brought out a few words of criticism. Although it is said that the rules are simply clarified, children will not take this kind of communication that is completely informal and without a sense of ritual. Therefore, the child becomes "disobedient". If you want the child to be obedient, first of all, parents should correct their educational attitude towards their children. The children formally formulate the rules together.

So how can children be obedient?

Provide the child with two choices: Both choices must be acceptable to the parent. Make children aware of choices and corresponding consequences: Under the constraints of consequences, children will begin to change their behavior and realize that they need to be responsible for their own behavior and choices. All of the above illustrate the importance of speaking with children in childish language to facilitate communication between parents and children, and if parents’ requests for their children are reasonable, they should not just agree and not honor them. And for the unreasonable demands made by the child, we cannot blindly use harsh words to refuse, so that the child's heart will be hurt. Therefore, it is what parents should strive to do to fully understand their children's thoughts and make correct responses.
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