Novice parents meet a newborn baby, five experiences to make the baby thrive

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Novice parents meet a newborn baby, five experiences to make the baby thrive

Novice parents, don't know how to bring a baby, worry about not enough nutrients? After reading this dry goods, you will be "on the road"~

Part 1Calcium

First Introduce the well-known calcium. Calcium, as an essential nutrient element in the growth and development of children, plays a role in promoting the growth of the baby's bones and is very important for the healthy growth of the baby. But everyone has to remember a concept that the more elements are not the better. If calcium supplementation is excessive, it will affect the absorption of other elements. In fact, as long as the baby can guarantee the amount of milk every day, combined with a reasonable diet, it is basically not easy to be deficient in calcium. One problem to pay attention to is to supplement vitamin D to promote calcium absorption. Calcium supplementation tips Calcium supplementation experts in vegetables: Chinese cabbage, green river vegetables, broccoli and choy sum, etc., have low oxalic acid content, and you can eat more to make them a good source of calcium. In addition to dietary calcium supplementation, taking children to outdoor activities on sunny days can promote vitamin D synthesis, accelerate the body's calcium absorption, and increase bone health.

◆Part 2Zinc

Zinc can promote the division, growth and regeneration of bone cells and play an important role in the growth and development of babies. Now more and more people will hear that the baby does not like to eat or bite the nails because of zinc deficiency. As long as the food intake is balanced, there is usually no zinc deficiency. Shellfish are the most abundant in zinc, scallops, oysters, etc., as well as pork liver, black rice, and mushrooms are also rich in zinc. After 6 months of supplementary food supplemented with zinc, the zinc reserve from the fetal period will be used up, and breast milk cannot meet the baby's demand for zinc, so it is necessary to involve zinc-containing foods in the complementary food. Zinc-rich rice noodles can be added, some egg yolk puree can be added later, and timely addition of appropriate complementary foods is the easiest and most direct way to prevent zinc deficiency.

◆Part 3Vitamin A

The role of vitamin A is to promote the development of baby's bones and teeth, especially the development of long bones. It can also promote the secretion of growth hormone, which has an important impact on the height of the baby. Vitamin A liver usually exists in animal liver, egg yolk is also rich in content, milk also has a certain amount of vitamin A, in addition, our common dark vegetables and fruits. For example, dark green vegetables and orange foods are rich in carotenoids, which can be converted into vitamin A, such as carrots, peas, and broccoli, which can be eaten with babies.

◆Part 4Vitamin C

Vitamin C can promote the repair and reproduction of red blood cells, bones and tissues, and plays an important role in the growth of the baby. And vitamin C is also good for baby's skin. Generally, fruits such as strawberries and kiwi fruit contain a large amount of vitamin C. In addition, the content of vitamin C in sweet peppers, broccoli, and cabbage is also very rich.

◆Part 5 Protein

Protein is the material basis of all life, and all cells and tissues such as muscles, bones, skin, blood, etc. in the human body are composed of proteins. Often eat milk, fish, eggs, lean meat, fish and shrimp, soy products contain high-quality protein. Parents, have you learned?
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