"Dad, where's my mom?" "Dad, when will my mom come back?" Have you heard of my dear dad?

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"Dad, where's my mom?" "Dad, when will my mom come back?" Have you heard of my dear dad?

This post is for all dads.

When you are raising your child at home, do you hear your child ask:

“Dad, where is my mother?” “Dad, what is my mother? Time to come back?" "Dad, what did my mother do?" It seems that most of the fathers have such troubles. I don't know why. It seems that the communication with the children must be based on the mother. In fact, fathers should reflect on themselves and how much time they spend with their children. In the growth of children, the father is also a very important role. Have you really done this role well? The importance of the father in a family is in the family. Compared with the mother, the father needs more commitment, responsibility, tolerance and dedication to manage the future of the family. Father has direction, mother has temperature. A happy and complete family is indispensable. The ancients said: "Fathers are disciplined, and they teach their children with laws." The education that fathers give children is to set an example, set up an ambition, manage a river, and build a pattern. With these, the child's future will be guaranteed. As a father, the best way to be a role model for your child is to grow up with your child. The importance of a father's company to a child's growth Children can understand what a man, a father, and a husband are from the look of their father, and understand such concepts one by one. Because men have their own ways of doing things, as well as various living habits, children can learn what independence and bravery are from the look of a father. Because the mother is more gentle, and many things cannot be taught by the mother, the father can be away from the child occasionally, but he cannot ignore the child for a long time. Men can focus on their careers, but they also need to take time out to accompany their children. Time is fast. Don't wait until the children grow up to make up for it. It's too late and you don't need it anymore. The influence of the father's company on cognition and thinking Only with the company of the father and the mother can children understand the difference between genders and no longer need to use language to explain. If the child is not accompanied by the father, the cognition of gender will be relatively backward, which is not conducive to the development of body and mind. If the child is not accompanied by his father since childhood, he will not dare to contact the opposite sex. There will be a feeling of fear, worry, shyness, and resistance to the opposite sex. Dad is more of a kind of rule, and mother is more of a kind of warmth. In terms of thinking, it is obvious that the thinking of men and women is very different, and the creativity of men is stronger than that of women. Because men look at problems in a big way, they can guide children to think more about problems, enrich their imagination and creativity. If fathers were to devote themselves to accompanying their children all at once, they would definitely not adapt, not only for fathers, but also for children. But you can start with something simple, like going grocery shopping with your kids today and telling them a bedtime story tonight.
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