Parents must pay attention to the obstacles in the way of parenting, and do not learn these

time:2023-02-03 author:Baby bones
Parents must pay attention to the obstacles in the way of parenting, and do not learn these

On the road of growing up, parents always hope that their children will have a good life. They love their children more than anyone and can think about their children in everything. However, the parents’ parents said: “A piece of shit and a piece of urine will make it big”, “It’s all the experience passed down by our ancestors, what’s wrong”, “You haven’t raised children, you just say that you grew up like this” If you Refuting them, but also afraid of hurting their hearts. It's true that they're all about the little ones, but is it really right?

In those years, bad parenting experience

Sleeping with a flat head listening to the elderly: children sleep on hard pillows, their head shape will become better, or sleep with books, sleep with beans . (A friend suffers from it and has no back of his head) Listen to the experts: The skull of the newborn is not fully developed, the sutures are not closed, and it is easy to deform. Especially in the first 3 months, the baby's head circumference grows very fast. Giving him a hard pillow is not good for the development of the skull. At the same time, the baby's head shape is not static. As the baby grows up, the head shape will gradually become more beautiful, so parents don't have to worry. Leggings listen to the old man: After the baby is born, the legs will grow straight when the baby is sleeping. Listen to the experts: Leggings not only hinder the blood circulation of the baby's legs, it is not conducive to the baby's bone development, but also causes a great psychological shadow on the baby, causing the baby to be emotionally irritable, crying and insecure. Shaving the fetal hair listens to the old man: The fetal hair of children must be shaved, so that the hair can grow long, black, soft and thick. Listen to the experts: Baby's skin is delicate, and shaving hair accidentally scratches the scalp, which may lead to infection. At the same time, the number of baby's hair is determined by the number of hair follicles. No matter how you shave the fetal hair, it will not change the hair volume and hair quality. On the contrary, if the hair follicles are damaged in the process of shaving the head, it will cause the hair to stop growing. . Wear open-crotch pants to listen to the elderly: Wear open-crotch pants for children in summer, which is cool and convenient for excrement and urine. Listen to the experts: Exposing the private parts of the body will easily cause the baby to be injured by all kinds of pinches and rubs; various germs in the environment will enter the environment and lead to infection; this is also harmful to children to form gender awareness and safety awareness. Choosing the right breathable diaper for your child is the correct way to open it. Blindly supplementing calcium and listening to the elderly: children with bald pillows are deficient in calcium! Children sleep sweating, calcium deficiency! Children's teeth grow slower than others, lack of calcium! Children's legs are not straight, calcium deficiency! In the eyes of the elderly, almost all phenomena are considered to be calcium deficiency. Listen to the experts: The baldness of the pillow is because the baby spends most of the time on the bed, and the back of the head rubs against the sheets, resulting in less local hair, which is normal; sleep sweating is because the baby's body temperature regulation function is still Not fully developed, in fact, babies are more afraid of heat than adults, so don't dress them too much. Give salt to children and listen to the elderly: Children need to eat salt and oil to have strength, and children who do not eat salt develop slowly. Listen to experts: Babies under the age of 1 cannot eat salt, and babies 1-3 years old should not consume more than 10 grams of salt per day. Premature and excessive intake of salt will affect the development of the baby's kidney function, increase the burden on the baby's heart, cause edema, high blood pressure, etc. Excessive intake of salt will also affect the absorption of calcium and affect the baby's growth and development. Blow the air conditioner to listen to the elderly: Children are afraid of cold and can't blow air conditioners, and they are prone to air conditioner diseases. Listen to the experts: You can use the air conditioner for your baby in summer. Remember to open the window in the morning and evening for ventilation. The temperature of the air conditioner should be set between 24-28°C. Do not blow the air directly on the baby. Dress the baby when sleeping, cover the quilt, and use the air conditioner regularly. Do cleaning. When you and the older generation in your family are arguing about this, come and see it together. Don't have these wrong parenting experiences again!
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