Morning sickness, farting, leaking urine, 3 things that make pregnant women "super embarrassed", teach you how to deal with them today

time:2022-12-05 author:Make one's mouth water
Morning sickness, farting, leaking urine, 3 things that make pregnant women "super embarrassed", teach you how to deal with them today

Morning sickness, farting, and leakage of urine are three things that make pregnant women embarrassed. How to improve the "coup" When it comes to pregnancy, some pregnant women think it is a happy thing, and some pregnant women think it is not. Because during pregnancy, they will not only encounter out of shape, poor skin, clumsy movements, but also some embarrassing things, such as morning sickness, farting, leakage of urine and other annoying problems. From today onwards, pregnant mothers don't have to worry, the goblin mother will teach you a few small ways to ease these embarrassing things, so that you can easily deal with them.

Morning sickness all the time

Whether pregnant women experience morning sickness, the duration and intensity of morning sickness vary according to their constitution. Most pregnant women vomit more heavily in the morning and at night and relax at other times. There are many reasons for morning sickness. The root cause is the disorder of hormones and hormone secretion caused by pregnancy, especially the increase of estrogen, progesterone, and cholecystokinin. Under the influence of these hormones, pregnant women's sense of smell becomes extremely sensitive, and if they smell some odors, they will have nausea and nausea, which will cause morning sickness. Relief method 1. The diet is dry and wet. Pregnant women drink soup while eating, which will increase the feeling of nausea and nausea. The soup and water will make the stomach swell and the food will flow back, so the probability of morning sickness will also increase. Pregnant women can be effectively relieved as long as the diet is separated from wet and dry. 2. Eat less sweets and greasy food Pregnant women have a more sensitive sense of smell, and greasy food can easily make pregnant women feel nausea and nausea. In addition, spicy, high-oil, high-salt, and high-sugar foods are not easy to digest, and the secretion of gastric acid will also increase, which will not only induce morning sickness, but also lead to the problem of excess weight. 3. Loose clothes morning sickness usually occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, because the pregnant woman's belly is still big at this time, so she also likes to wear some tight clothes that show her figure. However, tight clothes will compress the stomach, causing slow gastrointestinal motility, food reflux and other problems, increasing the possibility of morning sickness. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women wear some loose clothing, which can effectively relieve the problem of morning sickness.

Incessant farting, it stinks...

There is one other thing that can be really embarrassing for pregnant women during pregnancy, and that is Smelly fart from time to time, out of control. The reason why pregnant women will fart is because the concentration of progesterone in pregnant women increases, which is caused by gastrointestinal indigestion. Food is fermented in the body, flatulence, and fart is inevitable. If pregnant women eat some flatulence foods such as sweet potatoes and potatoes, the problem of farting will become more serious. Coping methods 1. Pay attention to diet Pregnant women want to reduce the embarrassment of farting. They should eat less foods that are prone to flatulence such as beans and sweet potatoes, and drink less carbonated beverages, which can greatly reduce the probability of farting. 2. More exercise During pregnancy, pregnant women do more exercise to help promote gastrointestinal motility, speed up defecation and exhaust, and also effectively reduce the probability of farting. Walking, swimming, and yoga are all exercises that are very suitable for pregnant women. Pregnant mothers must do what they can.

Pissing your pants

Compared to morning sickness and farting, wetting your pants is definitely an embarrassing thing for pregnant women, because it is always It can happen anywhere. During the second and third trimesters, as the fetus grows, the pressure on the uterus increases. Urine leakage occurs when the bladder and bladder sphincter are overwhelmed. Don't think that it's good to have a baby. Many mothers still have the problem of urine leakage after giving birth. Pregnant mothers must not take it lightly. Coping methods: Pregnant mothers can improve the elasticity and strength of the pelvic floor muscles through Kegel exercises, which can effectively alleviate the problem of urinary leakage. Pregnant mothers can sit or stand, relax the muscles of the legs, buttocks and abdomen, then forcefully tighten the muscles near the urethra and anus, do levator ani exercises, and then slowly relax, repeat the training 15 times, and repeat the exercise four times a day. to five times.
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