Does the baby need to drink water? The mother-in-law approves, the doctor opposes, and the daughter-in-law is in a dilemma

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Does the baby need to drink water? The mother-in-law approves, the doctor opposes, and the daughter-in-law is in a dilemma

The 4 kinds of water that are not suitable for babies to drink seem to be nutritious but are actually not suitable for babies to drink. Mothers should know that as the saying goes, "water is the source of life", life on earth is inseparable from water, and we humans are no exception. However, many families have been bickering over the issue of "can babies drink water". Xiao Li's daughter is 3 months old and has been suffering from constipation recently. The mother-in-law said that the child was constipated because she drank too little water, so she asked her to drink some water between the two feedings. However, Xiaoli disagreed with her mother-in-law, because she saw many parenting experts say that children should not drink water before the age of one, otherwise they will be poisoned by water. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law argued for a long time, and finally had to consult a professional doctor. The answer the doctor gave them is that there are many reasons for constipation in children, and it must be caused by lack of water, especially babies under one year old. As for the trivial matter of whether or not the child should drink water, the mother-in-law approves, but the doctor opposes, which makes Xiao Li, who has no experience in childcare, in a dilemma.

So do babies really need water?

Babies certainly need water, but not alone. This is because breast milk and formula are more than 85% water, and babies are drinking water when they drink milk, so there is no need for additional hydration. In addition to this, newborn babies have kidneys that are less than one-tenth the size of adults and are less able to process water. At about a year old, the baby's kidneys can develop to a normal level. Once a baby drinks too much water, it will increase the burden on the kidneys and increase the risk of water intoxication.

Does one-year-olds really need water?

Parents should be flexible about whether their children drink water or not, and don't go to the horns. If the child has the following conditions, it means that the body is dehydrated, and it must be replenished in time. 1. The child's skin is dry and lacks elasticity, which means that the child's body is dehydrated. 2. Children drink less water and urinate less naturally. If your child urinates less than 6 times a day, it's time to hydrate. 3. In addition to dry skin, chapped lips are also a sign of body dehydration. 4. The baby has less bowel movements, and the urine is dark yellow with a strong odor. 5. There are few tears or even no tears when the baby cries, which also means that the baby is dehydrated.

How much water should I drink every day to keep my baby from being dehydrated?

The amount of water a baby drinks every day is closely related to his age, and children of different ages drink different amounts of water. Mothers can decide how much water their children drink each day according to their baby's age. Babies from 0 to 6 months before 6 months drink either breast milk or formula milk, and there is basically no problem of water shortage. Even if the baby has constipation, it may not be caused by lack of water, and a doctor should make a scientific diagnosis. However, after each feeding, the mother can rinse the baby's mouth with 10 to 20 ml of water, which can clean the mouth and avoid tooth decay. Babies from 6 months to 1 year and 6 months old begin to add complementary foods, and the amount of milk they drink will be less. At this time, it is necessary to add some water in an appropriate amount. The mother can calculate the amount of water that the baby needs to drink every day according to the formula (baby weight in kilograms x 30cc). After the first year of life, babies over 1 year old will gain weight rapidly, have a lot of activity, and have a lot of water needs. At this time, the baby's water intake has increased from 30cc per kilogram to 100cc per kilogram. Children should drink a small amount of water several times, not too much at one time.

We know how much water your baby drinks each day, so what water can you drink? What water should you not drink?

In general, plain boiled water is the most suitable for babies, whether it is to drink directly or to make milk powder. Of course, there are some waters that look nutritious, but the water that children love to drink is not good for their health. 1. Drinks Many parents often like to put some sugar in the water in order to let their children develop a good habit of drinking water. In fact, eating sugar too early will not only make the child's taste worse, but also increase the risk of tooth decay and obesity, which is not good for health. 2. Mineral water Many parents worry about the safety of their children's drinking water. They often give their children mineral water and purified water, and even use them to make milk. In fact, mineral water and purified water are not suitable for infants to drink. Their rich minerals increase the burden on the kidneys and are not conducive to children's health. 3. Honey water Of course, there are many mothers who like to drink honey water for their babies, especially when they are constipated. However, honey is very susceptible to contamination by botulinum and listeria during the brewing and storage process. Once these bacteria enter the baby's body, it is easy to cause diarrhea in the baby, and as a result, hydration will not reverse dehydration. 4. In addition to the above water, tea and coffee are not suitable for babies under one year old to drink. Both tea and coffee contain caffeine, which is not only addictive to children, but also induces rapid heartbeat, headaches, constipation, and irritability. Well, today we talked about whether children can drink, how much water to drink, what water to drink, etc. I don't know whether mothers like it or not! You are welcome to write your opinions in the comment area.
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