3-year-old separate bed and seven-year-old room? 3 abilities that children should have when sleeping in separate rooms, the others are selling anxiety

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3-year-old separate bed and seven-year-old room? 3 abilities that children should have when sleeping in separate rooms, the others are selling anxiety

How old can children sleep in separate rooms? The three abilities that children need to sleep in separate rooms have nothing to do with age. Recently, a mother asked me for help, asking if there was any good way to let children sleep by themselves, that is, to sleep in separate rooms with children. It is often said that "three-year-olds will be divided into beds and seven-year-olds will be divided into rooms". Her daughter, who is 7 years old this year, is still in the same bed with them, which is inevitably a bit inconvenient. Yes, many parents have had similar troubles, and I was no exception. When I personally experienced the process of my daughter sleeping in separate rooms, I deeply realized that "when does the child sleep in separate rooms" is related to three abilities, and has little to do with age. As for the so-called "three-year-old bed and seven-year-old room" rumors, it's just selling anxiety. The fairy mother once had the idea of ​​letting the child sleep alone in a room early, but after trying for a week, it had to end in failure. I remember that it was 2 years ago, when my daughter had just passed her 5th birthday, I wanted to let my child try to sleep on his own. On the first night, my dad and I read stories to her and put her to bed. As a result, just a few minutes after the two of us lay down, my daughter hugged the bear and said, "Mom, I'm afraid." Dad: "You're just being so careful, you're going to lie to Dad. If you don't go back to sleep, Dad will be spanked. ." After that, the door returned to silence. The next morning, when I was helping my daughter clean up her room, I saw the tear stains on the pillow and the deformed little bear, and I realized how uncomfortable my daughter was last night. So, I decided to suspend the plan to sleep in separate rooms for 2 years. Just last month, my daughter suddenly said to me, "Mom, can I sleep in a room by myself?" I looked at her in surprise and said, "Why do you suddenly want to sleep by yourself, you don't like Mom and Dad anymore?" My daughter I shook my head and said, "I want to try it out, the classmates have their own room." I smiled and said, "Of course, but if you are afraid at night, you can come and find your mother at any time." The daughter nodded happily: " Got it, Mom." From her answer, I could feel her joy and hope. It may be the first time that my daughter sleeps by herself. My daughter is still not used to it, so I asked her to play with her for a while. When she was a little sleepy, she said, "Mom, I'm sleepy, let's go to bed, good night." Then, they went to sleep in separate rooms. That's it. Yes, it's that simple. If the child is ready, it is not difficult to sleep with the child in a separate room, it is just a matter of course.

So what abilities should children have before going to bed?

1. The child has enough sense of security. When training to sleep in separate rooms, does the child always say that he is afraid of the dark, ghosts, and all kinds of small animals? This shows that the child lacks a sense of security and has not done a good job. Prepare yourself for sleep. Parents must not force their children, otherwise it will exacerbate this anxiety and affect the parent-child relationship. We can suspend the plan to sleep in separate rooms, and improve the child's sense of security by increasing parent-child communication and parent-child interaction. 2. Children have enough independence. Sleeping in separate rooms has high requirements for children's independence, such as eating by themselves, dressing and undressing by themselves, etc. If the child does not know how to put on and take off clothes, it is a problem to go to the toilet at night. How can they sleep in separate rooms? 3. The child has good sleeping habits. If the child does not sleep honestly, often turns over and kicks the quilt, it is easy to catch a cold and fall, and it is not suitable for sleeping in a separate room too early. You can wait until the child is older and develop good sleep habits before sleeping in separate rooms.

Before sleeping in separate rooms, we can help children prepare in advance by vaccinating them.

1. We can discuss sleeping in separate rooms with children through picture books. 2. Design, buy, and decorate the room with the child to enhance the child's willingness to sleep. My friend's son likes a children's bed and can easily complete the task of sleeping in separate rooms. 3. Sleeping in separate rooms can start with a nap, and then transition to sleeping in separate rooms at night. 4. When the child is sick, it is not recommended that parents try to sleep in separate rooms.

In the early stage of sleeping in separate rooms, parents do the following three things, the probability of success is greatly improved

1, sleep also Have a sense of ritual When you just start sleeping in separate rooms, parents still have to continue the previous sleeping rituals, such as brushing teeth, kissing, telling stories, etc. Don't close the door. 2. We do not force or oppose children to sleep with their parents, nor do we force children. We don't object if the child wants to sleep by himself. If the child asks to sleep by himself, we can say to the child: "Mom and Dad are right next door, and you can go there anytime if you have something to do." No matter when, disappearing secretly is not a good way to accompany the child to sleep in a separate room. 3. Respond to the needs of children in a timely manner When they first start sleeping in separate rooms, children will inevitably repeat because they are afraid of the dark and small animals. This is normal. Parents must respond to their children's needs in a timely manner, encouraging and comforting their children. As long as the child has enough sense of security, it is not difficult to sleep in separate rooms.
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