These 7 misunderstandings, everyone who needs to lose weight, you must know in advance, the doctor tells you

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These 7 misunderstandings, everyone who needs to lose weight, you must know in advance, the doctor tells you

When it comes to losing weight, many people have these perceptions in their minds:
  • It is difficult to lose weight because of age
  • To lose weight is to eat less, and to be vegetarian
  • To lose weight, you must not eat...
  • Eat more ..., the weight can only be lost
  • In order to lose weight successfully, I decided to skip dinner today
and the fact is slapped in the face! Check out these common weight loss myths, and you've stepped on a few.

Myth 1: Weight loss is difficult because of age

Once, it was widely believed that middle-aged people tend to gain weight and gain weight , because the metabolic rate decreases, making it difficult to control weight. But in fact, it's not. A recent study from the well-known academic journal "Science" showed that:
  • Through the life cycle, the metabolic law presents an "increase-decline-stable- "Slow decline" pattern, rather than the "metabolic rate is high in youth and declines after middle age" as we once thought.
  • Infant metabolic rate was the highest in all life stages, followed by early childhood.
  • 20s to 50s, that is, middle-aged and young, energy consumption is the most stable.
  • After age 60, metabolic rate begins to slowly decrease.
So, you see, you and I, who have just entered middle age, have a relatively stable metabolic rate, just like adolescence. So, why people generally get fat after entering middle age, the reason is still because of "lazy + greedy".

Myth 2: Weight loss is dieting

NO! NO! NO! The core of successful weight loss is to form a calorie deficit. What's the meaning? That is, the total calories we consume every day must be less than the total calories we burn every day. This is what we usually call "shut your mouth and stretch your legs". Keeping your mouth shut doesn't simply make you diet, it's about choosing foods that are low in calories and high in nutritional value. A healthy, effective and consistent way to lose weight will not leave you hungry. It is not long-term to lose weight by eating on an empty stomach. Even if it is temporarily successful, it is easy to rebound.

Myth 3: Losing weight requires a vegetarian diet

No! Simply vegetarian, the weight loss effect will not last, and it is harmful to the health of the body. A human body needs macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, as well as micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals, to function healthily. Long-term lack of any of the above nutrients can make us sick. To lose weight, what we need to do is to distribute these nutrients reasonably, which can not only satisfy appetite, but also ensure health and reduce weight.

Myth 4: To lose weight, you must eat / not eat...

When you decide to lose weight, there must be many voices Let me tell you:
  • This coffee is very effective for weight loss!
  • Cucumber is a weight loss artifact!
  • During the weight loss period, no dumplings, no snacks, no...
To lose weight, in fact, there is no food that must be eaten. There is no food that cannot be eaten. The key is how to reasonably mix the foods you want to eat, so as to ensure a comprehensive nutrition while creating an energy gap. For example, the total calories you have eaten today have far exceeded the standard, and you can consume the excess calories with a cup of coffee? You think too much!

Myth 5: Lose weight, the faster the better

Many people decide to lose weight and want to find a way to lose weight in a short time Quickly reduce the guilt, and then... once and for all! However, losing weight too fast is very harmful: 01: It is easy to rebound and lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. Generally, excessive dieting or drugs are used, no matter which one, it will not persist. Once stopped, it's easy to bounce back. 02: Muscle is easy to lose weight and lose weight. What we want to lose is the fat in the body and preserve the strength of the muscles as much as possible. But if you lose weight too fast, you will lose more muscle while losing fat. 03: Skin is prone to sagging. Did you know that fat cells have a characteristic, that is. High energy density, large volume, low weight and low water storage. You see, fat cells take up a lot of volume. If you lose a lot in a short period of time, the skin will not be so tight. The flesh on our body is not eaten in one go, and similarly, the excess body fat cannot be lost in one go. Losing weight can't be greedy for speed, and long-term flow is the kingly way. At present, the internationally recommended and healthy weight loss rate is: 1-2 pounds per week or 5-10% of the weight loss base within 3-6 months.

Myth 6: Weight Loss During Weight Loss

Many people feel that once you start losing weight, you should lose weight every day Decrease, as soon as the weight rebounds by a pound, he begins to doubt his life and enters a state of dieting for a day. This may only be a very ideal state, but in real life, a relatively normal weight change should be as follows: throughout the weight loss period, the weight will fluctuate, but as long as the overall weight is decreasing.

Myth 7: Losing weight has nothing to do with when to sleep

Many people think that sleep and weight loss are two different things and have nothing to do with it. It is even believed that the later you go to bed, the more energy you spend, and it can also help you lose weight. The reality is: Sleeping too little can make you fat. Previous studies have found that:
  • When sleep time is shortened, energy intake during the day will increase, and weight will also increase.
  • Restricting sleep duration in healthy adults can increase average daily energy intake by 250 to 350 kcal. Equivalent to 2 taels of staple food + 1 to 2 taels of meat.
Therefore, insufficient sleep is considered to be an important risk factor for obesity. So, sleep well, you can really "lie down"! Obesity is essentially a lifestyle disease. To lose weight, we must know what is healthy eating and what is a healthy lifestyle. Only by developing good eating and exercise habits can we live forever Maintain a slim figure and plenty of energy. My name is Xiaoguo, a second-born mother with 10+ years of medical experience. I am losing weight recently. If you want to discuss parenting and weight loss knowledge with Xiaoguo, you are welcome to follow Xiaoguo. (Picture source network, infringement contact must be deleted)
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