Vitamin D is very important, but many mothers do not know that they need to supplement their children for a lifetime

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Vitamin D is very important, but many mothers do not know that they need to supplement their children for a lifetime

3-year-old Tiantian was found to be "vitamin D deficient", and her mother was very puzzled. Tiantian was never picky eaters, she had a balanced diet, and she often basked in the sun. How could she be deficient in vitamin D? The doctor said that it is because vitamin D has to be supplemented until old age! Tiantian had a fever and needed to have blood drawn. When she heard that she was going to have blood drawn, her mother said, "Doctor, look at what else you can add. Anyway, if you want to draw blood, it's a routine checkup." The doctor learned that Tiantian I haven't taken vitamin D supplements since I was 1 year old. After thinking about it, I added a vitamin D check item. The results that came out shocked my mother: Tiantian was seriously deficient in vitamin D! The normal value of vitamin D is 30-70ng/ml, and the test results show that the sweet vitamin D content is only 6ng/ml, which belongs to the category of severe deficiency. It's hard for my mother to believe it, because Tiantian is not a picky eater at all, and her diet is very balanced, and as long as the weather permits, she will arrange outdoor activities. Why is there a shortage, and a serious shortage? The doctor said that this is because diet and sun exposure alone cannot meet the body's need for vitamin D.

Why can't the diet meet the body's need for vitamin D?

Because in nature, in all animals and plants that can be used as food, the content of vitamin D is very small, which can be said to be negligible. The relatively high content of vitamin D is animal liver and eggs. However, if you want to use these two foods as an important source of vitamin supplements, you need to eat 8kg of animal liver, or 16 eggs per day. It is estimated that no one can do it, so the diet is simply abandoned!

Why can't the sun be able to meet the body's need for vitamin D supplementation?

You must know that sun exposure is a very important way to supplement vitamin D! Indeed, compared to dietary supplements, sun exposure to supplement vitamin D is indeed a lot more reliable. Studies have shown that 1 square centimeter of skin per day can produce 1U of vitamin D when exposed to moderate-intensity sunlight for 10 minutes. If you want to supplement vitamin D by sunbathing, the more effective method is: in winter and spring, expose your face and upper arms to the sun for 10 to 30 minutes. In summer, due to the strong ultraviolet rays, there are more exposed parts, and receiving direct sunlight for 5 to 10 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week can make the body produce enough vitamin D. However, the ideal is very full and the reality is very skinny. In actual operation, there are always various reasons that affect the effect, such as:
  • It is almost ineffective to bask in the sun through the glass at home;
  • < li>I am afraid of tanning and skin cancer, especially in summer, I will definitely do all kinds of sun protection when going out, such as wearing sunscreen, wearing sunscreen clothes, wearing hats, etc.;
  • Located in high latitudes, or long Areas with more rain and less sunshine;
  • The skin itself is darker, because the conversion of vitamin D in the dark skin is less efficient.
The above general reasons can lead to insufficient vitamin D in our children.

And vitamin D is so important, it can:

help calcium absorption, if vitamin D is insufficient, then no matter how much calcium All are white tonic, it will not be absorbed by the human body. It also improves immunity. If you lack vitamin D for a long time, the ability to resist bacteria and viruses will be reduced, which will cause repeated respiratory infections. There are also studies showing that vitamin D deficiency is also associated with severe eczema, and may even increase the risk of food allergy in infants and young children, but the data is still insufficient and research is still underway. In conclusion, vitamin D is very important.

How much vitamin D does our child need every day

Such an important vitamin D cannot be supplemented by food, and the sun is not effective, then, When supplementing, how much do we need to supplement each day? The latest edition of "Advice on the Prevention of Vitamin D Deficiency and Vitamin D Deficiency Rickets" pointed out:
  • Fetal period: 800-1000U per day in the third trimester of pregnancy;
  • 0-18 years old Prevention of children: 400-800U can be supplemented daily shortly after birth, which can be adjusted according to different regions and seasons;
  • Premature infants, low birth weight infants, and twins: 800-1000U supplementation immediately after birth, Change to 400-800U after 3 months of continuous use.
For formula-fed babies, tangled mothers can read the following text carefully, which can be converted by the amount of milk and the content of vitamin D in milk powder. Most formula milk generally contains 40IU of vitamin D in 100ml. If the amount of formula milk can reach 1000ml per day, it can meet the daily vitamin D requirement. If it does not reach 1000ml, then it is the same as breastfeeding baby. Supplement 400IU of vitamin D every day D. Different brands of milk powder have slightly different contents. Mothers can pay attention to the nutritional composition table of the milk powder that the baby drinks.

How old should I take vitamin D supplements

As for how old I should take vitamin D supplements, you can only look back and see, you can reach the top of the sun every day According to the requirements of the sun, it is not necessary to make up for it. If it does not work, it can continue to make up until old age. If you are not sure about it, you can do the same as Tiantian in the text. When will the blood be drawn, check the content of vitamin D, so that you will have a bottom line in your heart. Our children, a fourth grader and a large class, have been making up since birth until now. Of course, there will be occasional forgetting in the middle, or a period of interruption due to insufficient stocking, but, in general, it is still replenished. more time. Moreover, when I draw blood for other reasons every year, I will also add this item to check the vitamin D content of my sister and brother.

Is vitamin D poisoning?

Speaking of which, some mothers will be very entangled. Will vitamin D supplementation every day cause poisoning? Especially those mothers who are formula-fed and have no confidence in their mathematics, or who can often guarantee effective sun exposure, but do not know how much vitamin D has been supplemented by sun exposure, they are afraid of lack of supplementation, and they are afraid of poisoning when they are supplemented. In fact, mothers don't have to worry at all, no matter if your baby is formula-fed or always guaranteed to be exposed to the sun, supplementing an additional 400U of vitamin D every day will not be poisoned. Unless it is taken in large quantities for a long time, or in a short-term overdose, or is too sensitive to vitamin D, it may lead to poisoning. If mothers are really worried, go to the hospital to draw a blood and check the vitamin D content, and it will be clear at a glance. If you want to know more about vitamin D, you can leave a message in the comment area. Oh, yes, by the way, don’t forget to check this item when adults do their own physical examinations. People like me who must sunscreen when going out, I often found out that I was vitamin D deficient in the past few years, and then I insisted on supplementing it. After vitamin D, the values ​​stabilized in the normal range. I'm Xiaoguo, a second-born mother with 10 years of experience in pediatrics in a tertiary hospital. If you want to know more about parenting, follow @ Pediatric Doctor [email protected] can science, there are new knowledge everywhere
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