Pediatrician's Advice: 7 Misunderstandings and Correct Practices in Newborn Baby Care, Tips for New Parents

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Pediatrician's Advice: 7 Misunderstandings and Correct Practices in Newborn Baby Care, Tips for New Parents

When there is a new life in the family, the older generation will always give full play to their residual heat and diligently tell you some "tips" for raising babies. These older generations may be the next door neighbors, or they may be the seven aunts and eight aunts. , more likely your mother-in-law. These so-called "parenting tips" are worshipped by the older generation, and they will tell you:
  • "This is how my kids used to be!"
  • < li data-track="4">"The child's father did this when he was a child!"
However, with the development of medicine, our concept of parenting should also keep pace with the times. Some of the parenting methods of the generation, in the view of modern medicine, have no scientific basis, and even cause some harm to the baby. These parenting misunderstandings, as a new generation of parents, we must learn scientific parenting methods in time and arm ourselves. , to avoid being misled by others and inadvertently hurting your baby. In Xiaoguo's outpatient clinic for more than 10 years, these misunderstandings are the most common and easy to recruit. I will share with you:

Misunderstanding 1 , Shave the head of the full moon

Wrong perception:
  • Shave the head of the full moon, and the hair will be darker and thicker in the future.
  • Shave your head for a cooler summer.
  • Lanus is always yellowish, and it will be replaced by terminal hair at 1-2 years old, no matter whether it is shaved or not.
  • It is genetically determined whether the terminal hair is thick or thin, black or yellow.
  • Baby babies with bald scalp are exposed to direct sunlight, which makes them hotter and more prone to sunburn.
  • The scalp is exposed directly, and it is easy to be bitten by mosquitoes in summer.
The right way to do it: When you want to cut your hair, just cut it short, don't worry about whether the moon is full or not, and don't shave your head.

Misunderstanding 2, leggings, candle packs

Misunderstanding: Leggings and candle packs for newborn babies can only be owned when they grow up A pair of long, straight legs. Fact:
  • Baby is in a curled state when it is in mother's belly. This posture of flexing hands and legs will be maintained until after birth, which is normal , does not require correction.
  • If the baby's legs have been in a relatively straight state after birth, it is "high muscle tension", which is a disease state, and the cause needs to be further examined.
The correct way: wear loose cotton clothes for the baby, one-piece clothes, monk clothes are more recommended. Can be swaddled outside. The final principle of dressing: Always keep your baby's legs and feet free, don't tie them.

Misunderstanding 3, can't cut nails

Misunderstanding: Newborn babies' nails can't be cut, they must be kept for 3 months. Fact:
  • Nails that are too long are easy to hide dirt. When babies find the fun of eating their hands, they are easy to eat bacteria into their stomachs.
  • Nails that are too long can easily scratch the baby's delicate skin, especially on the face, which can cause "disruption" in a short period of time, or secondary infection in severe cases.
  • Nails are too long and break easily.
The correct way:
  • The nails should be cut when they are long.
  • Nail cutting skills: Do not cut too short, not in an arc, but in a square.

Misunderstanding 4, Picking the horse's teeth

Misunderstanding: the horse's teeth must be broken, Otherwise, it will affect the baby's feeding. Fact:
  • It's a normal physiological phenomenon that almost every newborn baby will have horse teeth.
  • The existence of horse teeth has nothing to do with breastfeeding.
  • Pickling a horse's tooth may lead to secondary infection.
The right thing to do: leave it alone and let it "follow its own course".

Misunderstanding 5. Squeeze the breasts

Wrong perception: After the baby girl is born, the breasts should be squeezed out, only in this way, the child will grow in the future When she grows up and has a baby, she is not afraid that her baby will not be breastfed. Fact:
  • Baby breast enlargement after birth is due to the influence of estrogen in the mother's body.
  • After birth, the mother's estrogen no longer works, and the breasts will slowly diminish.
  • Whether the child will have breast milk in the future has nothing to do with anything he does now.
The right way to do it: Don't pay attention, just wait for it to subside on its own.

Misunderstanding: 6. Feeding herbal tea

Misunderstanding: The child is born with fetal poison and needs to drink some herbal tea to get rid of the fire. Fact:
  • Modern medicine does not have the term "fetal poison" at all.
  • Children's liver and kidney functions have not yet fully developed, so drinking herbal tea is not good for the baby.
Correct practice: Except for breast milk, milk powder, boiled water, and medicines approved by the doctor, do not move other thoughts.

Myth 7: Pissing the shit out

Misunderstanding: Many elderly people think that the baby needs to pee and pee from an early age, so that She will know when to pee. Fact:
  • Baby's bladder and urination muscles are not well developed, she has no idea when she needs to pee, when she needs to poop, and she can't control it.
  • Statistically, children who have been trained to urinate from an early age are more likely to have nocturnal enuresis, and these children are more likely to develop hip dysplasia.
The correct way: Babies under 1 year old can use diapers completely, follow the child's nature, and pull them whenever they want. Don't worry about the red ass thing. Well, my dear friends, have you encountered any of these misunderstandings? Have your family's parenting concepts collided with the elderly? You can share them in the comment area. We must believe that the love of the elderly for their children is no less than that of us parents, but they have fewer channels to accept new knowledge, and many concepts have no chance to correct. I believe that if someone tells them these scientific parenting knowledge, they will too very willing to learn. So, if you have such an elderly person around you, you can share my article with her, or let them pay attention to Xiaoguo, and let us raise our children scientifically. Xiaoguo: Mother of Erbao, and also has 10+ years of experience working in the pediatrics department of a tertiary hospital, let us raise children scientifically and not worry about raising children.
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