Babies are born with ghost teeth! Why, does it matter, what should I do? one essay

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Babies are born with ghost teeth! Why, does it matter, what should I do? one essay

After being pregnant in October, Ms. Chen was delighted with a big fat boy, and the whole family was very happy. As soon as they came out of the delivery room, the two elderly people rushed to hold the baby. "Wow~wow~" the baby who was being held by grandma cried, this cry instantly made grandma's heart come to her throat, and her face changed greatly! It turned out that the newborn baby had already grown 2 front teeth. The older generation has a saying that the teeth brought out from the mother's womb are called "ghost teeth", which are unlucky and may affect the baby's future fortune. To crack, the "ghost teeth" must be pulled out. After listening to the two old men, Ms. Chen thought it might be a superstitious statement, but the baby was born with teeth already. She had grown so big, and she had never seen or heard of it. It was really strange. I don't know what effect these two teeth have on the baby, do they need to be pulled out, and what effect will it have on the future teeth? Are you also curious, what does this so-called "ghost tooth" mean to the baby? So today's article can help you answer your questions. Contents of today's article:
  • What is a "ghost tooth"
  • When should it be pulled out
  • What rumors are there about the "ghost tooth"

First, what is "Ghost Tooth"

The name "Ghost Tooth" does give people a bad association at first glance . In fact, the teeth that grow from the baby's birth have a serious name in medicine. We call them "birth teeth" or "viviparous teeth". Does this sound much more pleasing to the ear? The incidence of birth teeth is not high, about 1:1400 to 1:3500, that is to say, about 1400-3500 babies are born, and only one baby is born with good teeth. It is uncommon because of its low incidence. Because it is not common, it is not known by everyone. Because everyone does not know it, everyone often brings some mysterious colors when talking about it. In fact, birth teeth are, in essence, just deciduous teeth that erupt in advance. In the womb, every baby has actually grown two sets of teeth, one set of deciduous teeth and one set of permanent teeth, but before they "come on stage", they are all buried deep in the gums and are not seen by everyone. Only found. About 6 months after birth, most babies will have their first teeth. But it doesn't mean that every baby grows teeth before and after 6 months, 6 months is just a statistical data, there are still many babies who have teeth before or after 6 months. It's just that for those babies who have "birth teeth", her first baby teeth grow in early before birth.

Second, should I remove the "ghost tooth"?

In most cases, no! As mentioned above, a birth tooth is a deciduous tooth that grows in advance. If it is pulled out, the deciduous tooth in this position will be gone. When the tooth is replaced, the permanent tooth can grow to fill the vacancy. If it is not a last resort, keep the birth teeth. Otherwise, the front teeth will be missing for several years, which will not only affect the supplementary food, but also affect the appearance of the speech. So what is the last resort? The doctor recommends the extraction of the birth tooth unless the following two situations are encountered: 01: The tooth is loose because the birth tooth is a deciduous tooth that grows in advance, because the tooth grows too early, and many times the root of the tooth has not yet developed well, it is soft and very Easy to loosen. If the teeth are very loose, it will affect the baby's breastfeeding, and the loose teeth are easy to fall off automatically, and there is a danger of falling into the trachea and causing suffocation. At this time, the loose tooth should be extracted in time. 02: Causes ulcers Because the birth teeth usually appear on the lower incisors, when the baby sucks, it will cause friction on the tongue frenulum, which will lead to ulcers. This is the ulcer caused by repeated friction of the teeth. If the ulcer occurs repeatedly due to the existence of the birth tooth, even the birth tooth cannot be relieved by grinding. At this time, the deciduous tooth that grows in advance can only be pulled out.

Third, those rumors about "ghost teeth"

There are many false claims about birth teeth among the people. Today, Xiaoguo will bring you all Let's debunk these rumors one by one. Rumor 1: Ghost teeth are unlucky mothers, if you hear this statement, relax, it's just a superstition, don't take it seriously. Let's take a look at the sayings of the masses who have seen "Ghost Teeth", and you will know: Ghost Teeth are just deciduous teeth that grow in advance, nothing special. Rumor 2: "Ghost teeth" are caused by too good nutrition. About birth teeth, people still circulate these rumors:
  • Because the mother was too well nourished when she was pregnant
  • Because the mother was pregnant Too much calcium at the time
  • because the baby is developing well
these are not true. The reason for the occurrence of birth teeth is not very clear at present. It may be related to genetic, endocrine and environmental factors, or it may be due to the fact that individual tooth germs are very close to the oral mucosa, leading to premature eruption. However, it has absolutely nothing to do with excess nutrition during pregnancy, too much calcium supplementation, and good baby development. If there is excess nutrition during pregnancy, the biggest outcome is: the baby is born with excess weight. If there is too much calcium supplementation during pregnancy, there is a high probability that the mother will get… There is no other harm to the baby, but Mama Fei is real. Thinking that the baby has teeth so early, if she "activates" the chewing function of the teeth again, for breastfeeding mothers, she may "experience" some nightmares during breastfeeding in advance.


Regarding birth teeth, Xiaoguo finally summarizes for you:
  • Birth teeth are deciduous teeth that grow in advance. If they are not loose, or rub the tongue The frenulum causes recurring ulcers that do not need to be removed.
  • You should pay more attention to the unextracted birth teeth to see if there are any signs of loosening.
  • Birth teeth are deciduous teeth, and if they are extracted, the vacancy will not be filled until the permanent teeth grow in.
  • The reason for the appearance of birth teeth is still unclear. It may be related to genetic, endocrine and environmental factors, but it has nothing to do with calcium supplementation during pregnancy and excess nutrition during pregnancy.

  • My name is Xiaoguo, and I have been a pediatrician in a top-three hospital for 10+ years. Welcome to pay attention to learn more about parenting.
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