Notes for parents: 40 things your baby can't do in the first year of life, it is recommended to collect

time:2022-12-02 author:Maternal-Child Nursing
Notes for parents: 40 things your baby can't do in the first year of life, it is recommended to collect

In the process of raising children, there are many things that we don't need to be too rigid about. However, there are some things, as parents, we have to take good care of ourselves and keep the bottom line. What we can't do is we can't do it, and we don't listen to the so-called "experience" of the seven aunts and eight great grandmothers. Some "experiences" are not only unhelpful to the baby, but even harmful! Today, Xiaoguo has sorted out 40 things that babies under 1 year must not do, hoping to help everyone.


  • Don’t forget to take vitamin D daily after birth
  • Don’t forget to get vaccinated on time Vaccines
  • Exclusively breastfed babies, do not need extra water
  • Exclusively breastfed babies, do not introduce pacifiers earlier than 4 weeks after birth
  • pacify Pacifiers are easy to use, but don't use ordinary pacifiers as substitutes
  • for babies fed with milk powder. The formula must be formulated according to the requirements, not too thick or too thin
  • Add complementary food no earlier than 4 months
  • The first complementary food added to the baby is not rice soup or rice porridge, but iron-fortified rice cereal or pork liver puree and red meat puree
  • Complementary food for babies under 1 year old should not add sugar, salt and other flavoring agents
  • It is not recommended for babies under 1 year old to drink juice and drainage
  • Children under 1 year old cannot eat Whole grains of nuts, peanuts, cashews, muscadines, hard carrots, candies and other bulky foods to avoid choking due to choking on bulky foods
  • Do not drink milk and yogurt within 1 year of age
  • < li>Unless the doctor advises, do not blindly supplement calcium and zinc
  • baby hair is thin and yellow, just because it is lanugo, it will fall off on its own and be replaced by terminal hair, do not blindly supplement zinc
  • It is a normal physiological phenomenon for babies to sweat while sleeping. Don't blindly supplement calcium
  • The most unlikely reason for babies not sleeping well at night is calcium deficiency, so don't blindly supplement calcium
  • Sleep articles

  • Pillow is not recommended for children under 1 year old
  • The baby's sleeping environment, except mattresses and quilts , do not place pillows, plush toys and other items that are easy to cause suffocation
  • Before the baby learns to roll over, do not sleep on the stomach out of the parent's line of sight
  • The baby sleeps, Pull up the guardrail, or put it inside the bed to prevent falling from heights
  • Play articles

  • Tease Baby, don't lift the baby high, this action is very dangerous
  • Tease the baby, parents should not be the baby's "human swing", grab the baby's wrist and lift the baby up, this action can easily cause joint dislocation
  • You need to take your baby to travel in a car, don’t just let the adults hold it, please equip the baby with a safety seat/safety carrier
  • About 6 months, the baby starts to recognize the birth, don’t laugh at her , it's not good to force him to say hello, people just have developed cognitive ability and know what a "stranger" is
  • Babies under 1 year love to eat their fingers, so don't interfere too much, just wash their hands
  • Nursing articles

  • Do not squeeze breasts
  • Do not pick horse teeth
  • Do not shave the head of the full moon
  • Do not shave the head in summer
  • No leggings
  • No candle packs
  • No shit and pee
  • No mouth-to-mouth kisses
  • Shake when you soothe your baby The baby's movements should not be too large, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the baby's brain tissue
  • Don't wear too much clothes for the baby. When you cry, don't feel hungry, try to breastfeed, but find the reason first
  • Don't use a walker when your baby is learning to walk
  • Safety articles

  • When the baby is scalded, the first thing to do is to rinse with cold water instead of applying various remedies, such as soy sauce, toothpaste, etc.
  • The baby is Falling from a high place, the first thing is not to rush to pick it up immediately, but to observe for a few seconds to see how the baby's reaction is, whether there is any injury to the bones or spine
  • There is a baby at home, family members do not want it Smoking, strictly prevent the baby from being exposed to "first-hand smoke", "second-hand smoke", or even "third-hand smoke"
  • Well, today's sharing is here. You have caught a few of these parenting misunderstandings. After the baby is born, every day is the same. As parents, the process of raising a baby is a process of upgrading and fighting monsters. Many times, if we have some knowledge in advance, we will be less anxious in the process of raising children. So pay attention to Xiaoguo, Xiaoguo is a mother of two treasures, and at the same time has 10+ years of experience in pediatrics in a tertiary hospital, let us raise children scientifically and not worry about raising children.
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