Homemade puree or finished puree? This is a question that confuses mothers

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Homemade puree or finished puree? This is a question that confuses mothers

Do you have this experience too? The baby has started to add complementary food. After the mothers learned "How to add the baby's first mouthful of puree? Answers to all new mothers' questions", they are all full of confidence, everything is ready, roll up their sleeves and prepare to show their talents in the kitchen! Washing, cutting, wringing... Nai He was busy for more than an hour. When the baby started eating, the apple puree and banana puree had been completely oxidized and discolored, and the taste seemed to have turned sour. After taking two bites, the baby turned his head and stopped eating. Busy for an hour, but the baby refuses to show respect... The confidence of the old mother fell to the bottom in an instant! It's so troublesome to wash and rinse a bunch of kitchen utensils! In this way, after trying for a few days, mothers may fall into self-doubt about their cooking skills, and even give up homemade fruit puree completely... How to let the baby eat fruit puree happily, and also liberate mother's hands to the greatest extent Woolen cloth? ✔Learn better homemade puree ✔Choose the finished fruit puree to learn better homemade puree The advantage of homemade puree is that mothers can personally participate in the making of puree, although it may be a little troublesome, but the sense of participation is not It is full of love. So how to make a better quality puree? ✔Choose fresh and hygienic fruits If conditions permit, choose organic, pesticide-free fruits; ✔Reduce the oxidative discoloration of fruit purees. The oxidative discoloration of some fruits (such as apples, bananas, etc.) is due to the enzymatic browning reaction ( The polyphenols in the fruit are in contact with oxygen and catalyzed by enzymes, which is the root cause of the browning reaction); the longer the peeling and mudding lasts, the greater the degree of oxidative discoloration. Therefore, the process of making puree should be fast, and the temperature should not be too high, as soon as possible, but it is still impossible to completely avoid the occurrence of browning. In order to reduce this kind of browning, on the premise that the baby is not allergic, try to choose fruits rich in VC to make puree with these fruits that are easy to brown, such as strawberries, blueberries, etc. Some mothers may say, I am usually very busy, can I make more fruit puree at a time, freeze it, and eat it directly after heating it next time? As for the fruit puree, it is still recommended to make it and eat it now. If it is frozen and then thawed, the taste of the fruit may change first. Moreover, after thawing, some mothers may still feel cold and want to heat it before eating it, but if it is steamed hot, Nutrients are destroyed, and the water bath heats more slowly. Then, if you are really busy and want your baby to eat delicious puree, the bagged puree is the best choice!

The advantages of the finished fruit puree

01 are easy to carry and open immediately after eating, eliminating the need for the production process and avoiding the waiting and troublesome washing process. 02The finished fruit puree will not be discolored, and the nutrition will be more completely preserved.
  • In the process of finished fruit puree, pipeline sealing is generally used to prevent the material from contacting with air, and degassing process is used to remove oxygen.
  • In terms of packaging, the multi-layer fresh-locking packaging structure is used, which can effectively block oxygen, maintain the original color of the puree to the greatest extent, avoid browning, and maintain the most authentic flavor of the fruit and retain its nutrition. value.
03The finished fruit puree is safe. The production workshop of the finished fruit puree of the regular brand has strict sanitation standards, as well as strict quality inspection of raw materials and finished products. There is also a sterilization link in the production process to ensure the sterile state of the finished product. This is actually the reason why the regular brand fruit puree can maintain a long period of validity without preservatives. For homemade fruit puree, if you do not pay attention to the production or preservation process, there may be cross-contamination problems, but there are safety risks. 04The finished fruit puree tastes good with it. Before a new fruit puree/fruit and vegetable puree is produced, it must have undergone multiple ratio adjustments and nutritional evaluations, and will undergo multiple rounds of taste research and improvement, and finally presented in a relatively perfect state in all aspects. 05The finished fruit puree perfectly solves the inconvenience of taking the baby out to eat complementary food. On the way out, the finished bagged fruit puree is an indispensable artifact for coaxing babies in the mother's bag!

How to choose the finished fruit puree

01 Look at the ingredients list to see if there is any added juice concentrate or sugar. Significantly enhance the sweetness of the puree, while increasing the sugar content of the puree. Too much sweetness may win your baby's liking, but it may aggravate your baby's preference for sweetness and lead to a picky eater. Excessive sugar intake increases the risk of obesity and dental caries. There are quite a few purees with concentrated juice added on the market. Mothers must be vigilant. Before buying, they need to read the ingredient list carefully, and try to choose purees with no extra additions, lower natural sugar content, and lighter taste! Checking for added dairy is very important for babies with cow's milk allergies. There are a lot of yogurt purees on the market, and families with allergic babies should pay attention to avoid choosing such purees. 02 Look at the type of fruit to see if there is any concentrated fruit juice or white sugar added. It is recommended to start with a single type of fruit puree, for example, choose a single apple puree first; when the family has tried other fruits for the baby one by one and confirmed that they are not allergic, they can choose more A blend of non-allergenic fruits.

Homemade puree? Finished puree? Which one to choose?

  • Customize your baby at home, delicious and fresh!
  • When you go out, you should focus on finished food supplements, which is convenient and hygienic!
  • In my spare time, make homemade fruit puree for the baby to eat, and the sense of participation brings a sense of accomplishment and happiness!
  • When you are busy, choose the finished fruit puree, free your hands, feel at ease and rest assured!
  • Good cooking skills, if you like to go to the kitchen, choose homemade fruit puree!
  • Poor cooking skills, self-proclaimed "hands-on-hands" and "dark cooking kings" can choose the finished fruit puree to save the game!
Summary homemade + finished product to eat with! Whether it is made with heart or selected with heart, it represents the full love of mothers and is worthy of recognition! What kind of puree does your baby like to eat?
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