There is a "sleeping scum" baby at home, come and get the cheats to coax sleep

time:2023-02-07 author:Baby care
There is a "sleeping scum" baby at home, come and get the cheats to coax sleep

The "sleeping scum" baby is almost the most troublesome problem for most novice mothers. After sleeping for a while, I wake up and even cry, especially in the middle of the night. I have seen many mothers who are still coaxing to sleep at two or three in the morning, and I have also seen mothers who have not slept all night because of sleeping scumbags. Then, if the cause of the baby's physical discomfort is excluded, it is very likely that the parents are not very good at bringing the baby, causing the baby to become a "sleeping scum". So, mothers who have sleeping scum at home, you can try the following methods, stick to it for a while, and maybe you can receive an angel baby!

1. Master the baby's sleep signals and establish a sense of sleep ritual

First of all, try to detect the baby's fatigue signals as early as possible, such as rubbing the eyes, Grab your ears and so on, then strive for 0.5 to 1 hour before that, and start the sleep program. It is best to fall asleep at seven or eight o'clock in the evening, and don't delay it until after ten o'clock. Sleep should be ritualized, and the routine includes bathing, touching, changing pajamas, feeding, changing diapers, telling stories, listening to music, and then putting your baby in the crib to tell him it's time for bed. The whole process should be quiet and avoid getting too excited.

2. Try to avoid breastfeeding and cuddling, and cultivate autonomous sleep

Self-soothing and falling asleep is a must for babies to master skills. If you use milk to soothe him to sleep every time, or cuddle, rock, or walk to sleep, then when he wakes up at night, he will look for the same way to sleep, so both the child and the parent will be very tired. When he is drowsy but not fully asleep, put him in a cot and let him fall asleep naturally. After putting the baby down, gently soothe the baby, you can sit on the side of the baby's bed and make a coaxing "shhhhhhh" sound to let him get used to this sound; you can also tap the shoulders but not pick them up until you fall asleep.

3. Baby sleeps lightly, do not interfere

The sleep cycle of infants and young children is very short, basically every 60 to 90 minutes. A cycle of deep and light sleep. When your baby goes into light sleep, he starts to restless, wiggle, and even make noises. At this time, many parents are often afraid that the child will wake up and will start to intervene, even picking up or breastfeeding, which will also cause the child to lose the ability to comfort himself. Develop good sleep habits, it will not happen overnight, I hope mothers can stick to it, usually 2-3 weeks, you will be delighted to find that your baby finally gets rid of the sleeping scum and becomes an angel baby.
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