Why is it white pain to hurt my granddaughter? It is not a child's "white-eyed wolf", it is related to these four reasons

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Why is it white pain to hurt my granddaughter? It is not a child's "white-eyed wolf", it is related to these four reasons

Zhou Xiao's father is the youngest child of his grandmother, but he is not the child favored by his grandmother. As a result, Zhou Xiao's mother is not liked by his grandmother, and of course Zhou Xiao and Zhou Xiao's younger brother. But in her grandmother's last days, those grandchildren, including her younger brother, were always by her side, and the granddaughter raised by her grandmother appeared twice in total. Is it really a pain in the ass to hurt my grandson and granddaughter? As the old saying goes, "the grandson is a dog, he will leave after eating", "uncle loves nephew, it is better to love beasts", no matter how good you are to him, can't compare to the words grandparents? Now Zhou Xiao's children are also being brought by grandma and grandpa. Every time I hear this statement, I feel very uncomfortable. It is said that there is no such thing as a kindness in life, and Zhou Xiao never believed that there would be such a magical power, which could allow a simple child to take care of himself every day and leave behind the people who accompany him every day, and go close to a name grandparents. Even if there is such a situation, I would rather believe that everything has its inevitability, and it will never be caused by blood as everyone says, or that the child is a "white-eyed wolf".
  • What is the specific reason?
  • Let's analyze it from the following aspects:
In the public perception, grandchildren follow their grandfather's surname. Yes, that's why I get close to my grandparents. This is a sense of belonging of "recognizing one's ancestors and returning to one's ancestors". This view is more in line with the public's cognition and is supported by public opinion. Children who have been influenced by this culture for a long time will naturally tend to be close to their grandparents, even if the grandparents never appeared in his childhood. Both grandmothers and grandmothers are related to their children by blood, so there is no difference in kinship. It is inappropriate to joke that the child lives in the grandmother's house, especially in the rural areas. Usually, most of them have one surname in one village. When the grandmother teases the child, she may say, "You don't even look at your grandma, this is not your home" or "Your grandparents are your home." Whenever the child behaves badly, the grandmother will say that the child follows the roots, making the child feel that he is just an outsider temporarily living in the grandma's house. This will actually be deeply imprinted in the child's heart. Not finished safely. Different ways of raising children lead to different treatment of children. If parents are busy with work, and children are mainly brought up by grandma, it must be a combination of upbringing. If you make mistakes, you must be educated. There are even corresponding punishment measures. Children are afraid at the same time. , psychologically uncomfortable. And grandparents who haven't had a baby for a long time see their grandson they haven't seen for a long time, whether it's a sincere love or a temporary make up, they will definitely obey their children. Comparing the two, the child will naturally like the grandparents, but the child will not recognize the bitterness of "good advice", he will only be willing to stay in a place where he can respond to his needs and be free. When the child was taken by the grandmother, the child was too young, and the grandma was usually taken by the grandmother. There is a high probability that the grandparents were missing, or the grandparents were unwilling to help take care of the child for one reason or another. Therefore, in order to reduce the burden on the daughter, the grandma usually After the maternity leave ends, the child will be brought up. But at that time, the child was too young to have any impression of these. When he went to kindergarten or primary school, either his parents had time, or his grandparents were willing to pick him up. He only remembered his grandparents and his grandfather by his side. grandma. It is said that people are inherently good at the beginning, and a child is a blank piece of paper. His likes and dislikes are also very direct, and there are not so many moral right and wrong in it. He knows who is good to him, and he will naturally get close to him. Of course, even if there are some special circumstances, he should not jump to conclusions. Many habits and cognitions of children need the correct guidance of parents. Whether it is grandparents or grandparents, whoever helps to take care of the children is not a reason to educate children to treat them differently.
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