The 2 types of meniscus injury, the orthopedic doctor will tell you in detail

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The 2 types of meniscus injury, the orthopedic doctor will tell you in detail

The meniscus is a very important cushioning structure in the knee joint. It is between the femur and the tibia. When the joint is active, a cartilaginous structure like a crescent can absorb some external impact to protect our body. knee joint. The meniscus bears some external stress that the body comes into contact with, including its own weight. This is the impact force absorbed by the meniscus. Only under the action of these impact forces, the meniscus is damaged. Only the action of external force causes the meniscus. The board is damaged.

What are the types of meniscal injuries? ‍‍

Meniscal injuries can generally be divided into two types of injuries: 1. Acute meniscus injuries commonly seen in young and middle-aged people, including severe meniscus tear, mainly due to unreasonable external damage to the heel joint. stress. For example, when you take off and land when playing basketball, you do not notice the good posture of the knee joint or are blocked by others. When the knee joint is twisted, the meniscus is subjected to a very large impact force, and meniscus tearing occurs. A cracked condition is called a sports injury of the meniscus. 2. It is called degenerative injury, which is mainly related to the age of the meniscus and is related to degenerative changes. The meniscus is a cartilaginous structure that degenerates over time. After degradation, the internal water content will decrease, the cushioning force will decrease, and it will become more and more brittle and hard. After reaching a certain age, for example, after reaching the age of fifty or sixty, these meniscus are more prone to some related degenerative damage, and the performance of absorbing external impact force is not good. Under certain circumstances, under the accumulation of impact and damage accumulated over time, the degenerative changes are not the same as the acute tear caused by acute trauma. Often, the meniscus has rough edges and brittleness. Changes, similar to chapped changes, and eventually a very severe meniscus tear may also occur. There is still a relatively good gel-like component with good elasticity between the two parts. But for the elderly, this kind of meniscus damage and degenerative damage are some rough changes, which are called degenerative. Therefore, there are actually two causes of meniscus injury, one is acute external force injury, and the other is age-related degenerative, degenerative injury caused by the accumulation of strain.
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