Is wearing knee pads and waist pads a "benefit" or a "disadvantage"? Are you doing the right thing when you love to play basketball?

time:2023-02-03 author:Diet
Is wearing knee pads and waist pads a "benefit" or a "disadvantage"? Are you doing the right thing when you love to play basketball?

Basketball is a favorite sport for many people. As a relatively intense sport, knee pads and waist pads are also "equipment" with a high appearance rate on the basketball court. So, is this an advantage or disadvantage?

What are the pros and cons of playing basketball with knee pads?

The knee pad is a tool used to strengthen the stability of the knee joint. Usually, if there is no problem with the joint, it is generally not necessary to wear a knee pad. Because for our joint itself, its ligaments, muscles, and tendons are stable enough to maintain a certain degree of flexibility and stability, so that we can maintain the best state during exercise. However, if there is no problem with the joint, and wearing a knee pad instead, it will cause the overall stability of the joint to improve, but its flexibility will decrease. In this way, it is possible that when doing certain sports, the reaction and balance will be affected, but it will be more vulnerable to injury and some unexpected situations will occur. So in general, if the knee joint is fine, it is not recommended to wear knee pads. But if the knee has some problems, such as chondromalacia patella, some ligament problems or meniscus problems. Of course, in these cases, we usually have to evaluate whether he can still exercise. If the situation is relatively mild, it is recommended to wear a knee pad if he can exercise. Because the knee pad itself has a certain protective effect, it can carry a certain load and share some external pressure and impact. In this case, the chance of our joints being injured will be much smaller.

What are the pros and cons of playing basketball with a waist guard?

First of all, we don't know whether the person with the waist protector has some diseases of the waist, so we have to divide it into two types of people. 1. This person has some problems in the waist, such as a herniated disc in the waist. It is actually inappropriate to play basketball with a herniated intervertebral disc in the waist, because the vigorous exercise of basketball may cause further damage to the intervertebral disc and cause the recurrence of some symptoms. Therefore, for people with lumbar spine problems, it is generally not recommended to play basketball and use other alternative sports, such as swimming or other non-weight-bearing sports, which may be much better for the maintenance of the entire waist. 2. For normal people, this person has no waist problem. How about wearing a waist support to play basketball at this time? Theoretically speaking, it is certain that the better the protection, the less likely it is to get injured. It is definitely beneficial to play basketball with a waist support. But in general, it is not necessary, because with waist support, sometimes the waist is not flexible enough, but it is more likely to suffer some injuries, fall more easily, or because of insensitive movements and unbalanced movements, so it is more likely to have some accidents. harm. Therefore, under normal circumstances, if the body is strong enough and there is no special problem, there is generally no need to wear a waist support. For some relatively thin people, or those who have not exercised much and are relatively thin, wearing a waist support at this time may still have a certain effect on protecting the waist.
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