Should you give your baby a pillow? How big is the pillow? After reading this article you will understand

time:2023-02-03 author:Maternal-Child Nursing
Should you give your baby a pillow? How big is the pillow? After reading this article you will understand

Mothers are very concerned about the food and clothing of their babies, but they may turn a blind eye to this small problem. In fact, this thing has an important impact on the health of the baby, and mothers must pay attention to it. This thing is the baby's pillow. First of all, why do we use pillows? The human spine has four physiological curvatures, one of which is cervical lordosis, that is, the spine in our neck is curved forward. Because of cervical lordosis, we need to give the neck a support when we sleep, so that the cervical spine can maintain its curvature, and at the same time, our airway can be kept unobstructed. If the neck is not supported, the neck muscles will not be relaxed, and the cervical spine will be deformed; second, the abnormal bending of the neck will also lead to poor breathing. The pillow is the object that supports the neck, but the pillow is not used from birth. Before the age of 1, there is no need for a pillow, and mothers must remember this. Pillowing your baby during this period is not only bad, but also has many disadvantages and dangers. what about this? Because before the baby is 1 year old, most of the neck is still straight, and there is no need to force a pillow to support it, but it will be uncomfortable because the head is too high. There is also limited mobility of babies under 1 year old, once their face is buried in the pillow, it is easy to cause suffocation. Of course, because individual development is different, when to start using pillows for your baby is not strictly based on age, but on the development of your baby. Some babies will automatically send a signal to tell the mother that "it's time to give me a pillow", such as: shoulder width is wider than head width; sleep better when the head is raised; like to sleep on an adult's pillow; speak by yourself Ask for a pillow, etc. After the baby starts to use the pillow, mothers must also pay attention not to use an inappropriate pillow for the baby, which will not only make the baby sleep uncomfortable, but also cause accidents such as suffocation in severe cases. When choosing a pillow for the baby, mothers can consider these four aspects:
  • Height
The process of adding a pillow to the baby must be gradual from low to high, and the principles to follow That is, whether it is lying down or lying on the side, the baby's head and body are basically kept on the same horizontal line, indicating that the height of the pillow is more appropriate. Therefore, mothers should pay attention to either changing pillows of the right height regularly or choosing pillows that can be adjusted in height.
  • Hardness
The pillow should not be too soft or too hard, too hard pillows will make the baby uncomfortable, and it will also affect the development of the skull, resulting in flat head, partial face, etc. And the pillow is too soft, the baby's head is completely stuck in the pillow, there is a risk of suffocation. The softness and hardness of the pillow should be that the pillow has a partial sag, which can be close to the baby's head without sagging too much.
  • Length and width
The length of the pillow should be larger than the baby's shoulder width. A pillow that is too short will cause the baby to fall off the pillow as soon as he rolls over, and there is a risk of stiff neck. The width of the pillow is longer than the baby's head. A pillow that is too narrow will cause the back of the baby's head to fall off the pillow, making it uncomfortable to sleep.
  • Materials
The fabric of the pillow must be soft and comfortable, clean and hygienic. The pillow core must ensure good air permeability, no allergenic substances, non-toxic and non-irritating. Many elderly people like to make mung bean pillows or millet pillows for their children, but it is not suitable. The mung bean pillow is too hard, and the millet pillow is not hard, but it is easy to mold and damp, and it is not suitable for the hygiene and safety requirements of the baby. A small pillow has so much knowledge, it seems that the process of raising a baby is really no trivial matter. Have you learned about how to choose a pillow for your baby?
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