There are 120 million knee arthritis patients in my country. How much life is left for your knee? 3 ways to self-test

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There are 120 million knee arthritis patients in my country. How much life is left for your knee? 3 ways to self-test

Uncle Li (pseudonym), who just turned 60 this year, likes mountain climbing. After retirement, he often invites three or five friends to go climbing together. Until recently, Uncle Li felt some knee pain after climbing, which could not be relieved after rest. So, Uncle Li came to the hospital for treatment, and the doctor diagnosed knee arthritis. Why Do People Get Knee Arthritis? For example, the human knee joint is likened to the bearing of a machine. Over time, the machine will fail and rust. The human body will also experience slow wear and tear with age, labor, obesity and other reasons. According to data, there are currently as many as 120 million knee arthritis patients in my country. If the patients do not receive timely and scientific treatment, they may even lead to lifelong disability.

Knee arthritis goes through 3 stages from mild to severe

If knee arthritis is medically graded and staged, it is very complicated. But we can simply divide it into three stages: Stage 1: Early knee arthritis. When it comes to early knee arthritis, it might be more common to describe it as "rusting on the joints." During this period, most patients may have these symptoms, such as sitting for a long time or falling asleep every time, the joints will be stiff when they get up in the morning, and they need to move for half a day when they get up. It is comfortable to lubricate the joints, and this is the very early changes in the joints. The second stage: In the middle stage of knee arthritis, in addition to the pain and stiffness after resting activities, there will be active pain, which can be relieved after walking and sitting up for half a day. When some patients just walk, the problem is not big, and they feel comfortable when they move their joints, but after walking for a long time, the joints start to hurt, which means that they have entered the second stage. question. The third stage: more severe osteoarthritis. In this stage of the patient, his cartilage and meniscus cushioning system have problems. What will the patient do at this time? Abbreviated as "three no", sitting for a long time is no good, standing for a long time is no good, and walking for a long time is no good. Feeling uncomfortable in the joints anytime and anywhere, and even turning over from sleep will cause pain to wake up. This is a relatively severe osteoarthritis. In the early and middle stages of knee arthritis, the treatment is relatively simple, and the prognosis is good, but many people like to "endure". It does not feel particularly painful or affects their life. Endure it for a while, but if the disease is delayed for a long time, it may end in the end. Just a joint replacement. The best time to treat joint diseases is now, and I also appeal to all netizens to detect and treat early.

3 methods for self-assessment of knee joint health

They all say that "people get old before their legs get old", don't wait until the knee is not good Thinking about taking good care of it, how do you see if your knee joint is healthy? 1. Squatting. The distance between the legs and the shoulders are the same width as the shoulders. The knee joint should not exceed the toes. Keep doing this for one minute. If you feel uncomfortable in the knee immediately after standing up, there may be a problem with the knee joint. 2. Sit flat on a chair while touching your knees with your hands, then place your hands on your knees and bend and extend your knees. If you feel your knees rattle, be alert for a knee problem. (As shown in the picture below) 3. Go up and down the stairs for three consecutive floors to see if there is any discomfort in the knee joint. If you have been caught by the above tests, it is best to go to the hospital to find an orthopaedic doctor for a diagnosis, and you may need to do further examinations such as X-ray or MRI. #health star program#
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