Necrosis of the femoral head from "drinking"? Doctor warns: This deadly habit must be changed

time:2023-02-03 author:Cry
Necrosis of the femoral head from "drinking"? Doctor warns: This deadly habit must be changed

Mr. Liu is 33 years old this year. He was just promoted to the department manager at the end of last year. He is busy on business trips and socializing every day. In order to get projects, he often drinks with customers at the wine table. His legs have been aching since last month, but he always thought it was due to overwork, so he didn't take it to heart. But recently, his condition has gotten worse. Finally, after a doctor's examination, it was found that the pain was caused by necrosis of the femoral head. Drinking has always been a common form of Chinese communication. In business gatherings and friends gatherings, drinking is essential. However, drinking a lot of alcohol for a long time is not good for the body, and drinking alcohol will also increase the risk of disease. For example, drinking alcohol can cause fatty liver, gout, cancer, etc., and may even cause femoral head necrosis. The hip joint is a large joint that connects the human pelvis with the lower limbs, including the femoral head and the acetabulum, which can maintain good weight-bearing and stability during exercise. Among them, the femoral head is located under the pelvis and at the root of the thigh, and has the function of connecting the upper and lower. However, it is also the most prone to injury due to frequent use. In addition, because of its special anatomical characteristics, the femoral head is easily affected and has the highest necrosis rate in the human body. Compared with other bone joints, most of the blood supply to the femoral head comes from the blood vessels near the femoral neck. Therefore, the blood supply to the femoral head is relatively weak, and if there is damage, it may lead to femoral head necrosis.

Excessive drinking, be careful of femoral head "drunk to death"

Investigation shows that alcohol causes avascular necrosis of the femoral head One of the main factors is that most patients have the habit of drinking every day, and the history of drinking is more than ten years. Long-term heavy drinking will cause abnormal fat metabolism in the human body, resulting in blood stagnation, causing problems in the microcirculation of the femoral head, and causing necrosis of bone tissue due to lack of sufficient nutrition. Under normal circumstances, the necrosis of bone tissue is very rapid, and the death of bone tissue can be achieved within a day from no blood. When the area of ​​necrosis grows larger and the remaining bone tissue cannot support the normal function of the femoral head, the femoral head collapses, and over time, the shape of the entire hip joint changes. The early manifestations of femoral head necrosis are not obvious, so it is difficult to find, and patients often miss the best treatment time. However, in the early stage of femoral head necrosis caused by drinking alcohol, pain at the root of the thigh usually occurs. Therefore, patients with long-term alcoholism will find pain in the base of the thigh, deep buttocks, front of the thigh, etc. This pain will be more obvious during activity and lessened after rest. However, in the late stage of femoral head necrosis, there will be difficulty in squatting and limping when walking. Therefore, if people who have been drinking for a long time have the above symptoms, they must go to the hospital in time to find and treat them as soon as possible to reduce the risk of disability.

What should I do about alcoholic necrosis of the femoral head?

First, stop drinking. The biggest cause of alcoholic femoral head necrosis is alcohol, so in order to prevent femoral head necrosis, it is necessary to drink as little or no alcoholic beverages and alcohol as possible. Second, stage treatment. After the occurrence of femoral head necrosis, a comprehensive judgment should be made to determine which stage and stage of femoral head necrosis, and combined with X-ray, MRI and other imaging examinations, a visual image staging should be carried out. The corresponding treatment plans are different, so before deciding the treatment plan for femoral head necrosis, it is necessary to determine its stage and grade. Finally, it should be emphasized that each treatment method has its adaptation stage and stage, which requires the professional judgment of the joint surgeon. Therefore, patients with femoral head necrosis symptoms should seek medical attention in time and standardize treatment.
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