Who is the most tired after having a second child? Not only is my mother not "top", my father is also in the ranking

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Who is the most tired after having a second child? Not only is my mother not "top", my father is also in the ranking

This article was originally written by Tuanzi Mom Parenting. Personal comments and sharing are welcome. With the opening of the three-child policy, the second-child family is nothing new, and more and more parents choose to add another happiness to the family. However, adding a small life is not a simple matter. Raising a child is a busy family, let alone living with a second child. When it comes to having a second child, who is the most tired in the family? Many people have given different answers. It turns out that every family member is under a lot of pressure.

Who is the most tired after having a second child? This answer is reasonable.

Nowadays, young people's fertility views are indeed polarized. Everyone has different views on the choice of a second-child family. Of course, this also needs to be combined with the actual situation of each family, not only to Considering the economic level, it also depends on whether there is anyone in the family who can help look after the baby. In the question about who is the most tired in the family after giving birth to the second child, I thought that the answer would unanimously choose Bao Ma, but what I didn't expect was that the top answer turned out to be an old man with a baby! You must know that after the mother is breastfeeding, she will basically go back to work. Nowadays, it has become a new parenting trend for the elderly to bring babies. It is very common to bring babies between generations. In order to reduce the burden on the children, the elderly also take the initiative to undertake this task. . You must know that in old age, the energy of the elderly is also limited, but they feel sorry for their children. In order to make them work with peace of mind, the elderly are also willing to help, but it does take a lot of effort in the process of bringing the baby. Almost 24 hours a day around my children, my children can take a break from work, but I don't stop for a while. I didn't expect that the "work" after retirement would be even more tiring. But what makes the elderly feel most tired is that they are complained by their children in the process of bringing the baby, not only physically tired, but also mentally tired.

Not only is the mother not "top", but the father is also in the ranking

To say that the mother's hard work is required to form a second child family Undoubtedly, the hard work from conception to production is very difficult. There are many mothers who choose to experience the second time and have enough courage. What mothers need to pay is not only the labor of childbirth, but also the pressure of feeding and education. Being together is doubly stressful. Many mothers are forced to quit the workplace after giving birth to their second child and become full-time mothers wholeheartedly. After giving birth to the second child, the family members did pay a lot. In the question of who is more difficult, Dad also entered the ranking. Netizens who voted said that after the birth of the second child, the hardest part of the whole family may be Bao Dad. Although it is very tiring for the elderly to take care of the children and the mother to take care of the children, the burden of the whole family rests on the father. As the pillar of the family, he has to support the family's economy. Especially after the birth of the second child, the cost will be more, and the economic pressure will also increase if you have one more child. Although many people complain about widowed parenting, in fact, the treasured fathers are also silently supporting the family behind them. Although they spend less time with their children, their contributions are not small.

What preparations do I need to do to advance to the second child family?

Welcoming a new life is a happy thing. Many couples have also started to plan for a second child. However, if you want to be promoted to a second child family, you still need to make more preparations, which can also reduce some pressure and burden. Economic preparation: Having a second child is not only a matter of feeding, but also involves the education and development of children in the future. In addition to the money for milk powder and diapers, the cost of each child is not small. If you don't have enough economic conditions, don't want a baby hastily, otherwise the quality of life of the whole family will be reduced, but don't blame the second child. Psychological preparation: In fact, for parents, the second child life begins to show fatigue, which is nothing more than physical hardship and psychological exhaustion. When choosing a second child life, the husband and wife should also think carefully. Raising children requires not only financial support, but also various parenting pressures. If material conditions are not sufficient and resource conditions are not complete, then making this choice at will is irresponsible to anyone. If the identity conversion cannot be done well in advance, there is a great chance of stress and conflicts in the future. Personnel allocation: Raising children is indeed a hard task. Both husband and wife must learn to allocate reasonably in the process of parenting, especially the husband must learn to take the initiative to undertake. Many fathers mistakenly think that they are only responsible for making money, and that they are not involved in all childcare activities. Both husband and wife should learn to cooperate, not be the hands-off shopkeeper, and put all the heavy responsibility of childcare on the wife alone. In addition, if the elderly need to take care of the baby, the couple should also communicate with the elderly more, not to quarrel and disagree because of different parenting views, and it will hurt the harmony of the family. Tuanzi's mother has something to say: In short, one more baby does add a burden, but at the same time, it also doubles the happiness and sweetness. I hope that every pair of parents who are planning to have a second child can maintain a positive and optimistic attitude to face life, work hard to run their own small family, set an example for their children, and accompany them to grow up better. [Today's topic] Who do you think is harder in a second-child family?
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