"Mom is true love"! Mother sterilized her daughter's caesarean section wound, tears on her face

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"Mom is true love"! Mother sterilized her daughter's caesarean section wound, tears on her face

This article was originally created by Tuanzi Mom Parenting. Personal comments and sharing are welcome. Modern women have more choices in delivery methods, among which cesarean section is one of the more popular methods. Caesarean section can perfectly avoid the process of prenatal opening of the cervix, but postpartum incision care and recovery must be experienced by mothers. The wound of caesarean section operation is relatively large, and it takes about 6 weeks to fully recover. Of course, if the wound is properly cared for, the recovery period can also be shortened. When caring for wounds after caesarean section, what is often done is to "sterilize and change dressings", so as to avoid wound infection and promote the rapid recovery of scars.

Mother disinfects her daughter's wound after caesarean section, so distressed that she doesn't know where to start

In the first week after caesarean section, sterilizing the wound is daily must do. As for the disinfection work, you can find a nurse when you are in the hospital, but once you are discharged from the hospital, the disinfection of the wound has to fall on the family members. On the Internet, a video of "mother disinfecting her daughter's caesarean section wound" resonated with many people. In the video, a mother has been holding a cotton swab in her hand for a long time. It turned out that the mother was disinfecting the wound of her daughter who was recovering from the caesarean section. Although giving birth is something every woman has to experience, when the mother lifted the gauze off her daughter's wound, she was still frightened by the scene in front of her. . Seeing her precious daughter, whom she regarded as the jewel in her palm, suffered such a serious crime in order to give birth to a child, her mother felt a little overwhelmed in an instant, and she didn't dare to start easily with a cotton swab, for fear that if she was not careful, she would hurt her daughter.

As women, mothers can better understand the pain of their daughters having children

Although women have to suffer when they have children, this From the mother's point of view, her experience seems to be more distressing, especially when she sees her daughter making herself bruised and bruised in order to give birth to a child, it makes her more distressed. The more my mother looked at the wound, the more distressed she felt, her eyes were full of tears, and even the hand holding the cotton swab began to tremble. When the daughter on the side saw her mother's reaction, she nonchalantly reassured her that she was fine. The mother said while weeping: I am a past person, I know the pain of having a child, I don't feel sorry for you, who loves you? It hurts me to see this. Such a touching scene has resonated with many netizens on the Internet. Many mothers who have given birth to children said: When they gave birth to their children, the people who accompanied the delivery were all laughing, but only their mother was crying. It turned out that she was not unhappy, but that she felt more distressed about her daughter's crimes than the younger children. This kind of feeling must be experienced only after becoming a mother. A mother's love for her child is irrespective of age and scene. In the eyes of parents, we are always the child who has not grown up, and we can't even see the child. Feel a little wronged.

After a woman gives birth, the difference between mother and other relatives is clear at a glance

It is said that women want to know how to marry and have a baby The child is clear. Before and after a woman has a child, the attitude of her family can be a good indicator of the problem. Especially between mother-in-law and mother, no matter how harmonious they are usually, there is a gap in the performance of the two people in matters big and small. I still remember that when the star Bao Beier's wife was giving birth, her mother ran into the delivery room with a smile, while her mother-in-law came in crying, especially when she saw her daughter's weak appearance after childbirth, she was so distressed that she burst into tears. Therefore, when it comes to giving birth to a child, only my mother cares about herself, and everyone else cares more about her child. It is no wonder that everyone says "only a mother is true love".

Don't have to go through the pain of having a child and become a helpless move for contemporary mothers who don't want to have a daughter

Although today's parents have put the past The old idea of ​​"prioritizing sons over women" was abandoned, but many people around Kojima, especially some female friends, hoped that they would have a son in the future. In fact, the reason behind it is not that sons are preferred over women, but that women need to take responsibility for having children. I have experienced this experience myself, and I have tasted the sadness in it. I really do not want children to follow the same path in the future. So in their hearts, they always prayed that they would never give birth to a daughter in the future, just to prevent the child from trying the pain of having a child again. In fact, whether it is a boy or a girl, parents should educate them well. Although boys do not have to experience the pain of having children, they should also be grateful for everything their wives have done for them, instead of an attitude of "it's none of their business"; It is said that giving birth to a child is a process that must be experienced, but you must also know how to protect and care for yourself, because even if you have become a mother, in the eyes of parents, you are still the child who needs to be protected. At any time, learn to love yourself, in order to reassure your parents. Today's topic: How did your mother behave when you gave birth to a child?
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