"No one brings a baby" affects the willingness to have children! Bring your own VS someone to help, what is the difference between fertility enthusiasm?

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"No one brings a baby" affects the willingness to have children! Bring your own VS someone to help, what is the difference between fertility enthusiasm?

This article was originally written by Tuanzima Parenting. Personal comments and sharing are welcome. From 2015 to the opening of the second child and the third child in 2021, the country has never stopped encouraging the birth of children, but the result is that more and more people do not Willing to be reborn. This also makes many old people in the past do not understand: I wanted to give birth to a child at the time, but now I encourage giving birth instead of giving birth.

Advice from people who have come here: Be careful when no one helps bring a baby to a baby

Last weekend, I saw in the mall that we used to study together Qianqian's classmate, but Qianqian's change surprised me a bit. She used to be able and elegant, but now she is very decadent, and this kind of change started after having children. Although Qianqian's previous job was not high, it was fortunate that she was free. However, she was always encouraged by her mother-in-law after her marriage, and she promised many times that she would help take care of the child. He left soon after, and he had to quit his job in order to take care of the children. In the end, Qianqian said earnestly and earnestly: I am at a disadvantage in this regard, but I still advise those women who have not given birth to children to be prepared physically and mentally. Those families who knew from the beginning that there was no one to help with the baby, Be cautious when it comes to having children.

"No one takes the child with me" has become an important factor hindering the desire to have children at present

In the environment where everyone's desire to have children is so low However, the latest survey shows that in addition to economic pressure, "unattended" is also an important factor hindering the willingness to have children. Relevant people pointed out that people's fertility behavior depends on their love for children, but the problems of unattended care, economic burden and education have become important factors that hinder the willingness to bear children. Therefore, if you want to increase the fertility rate, childcare services Development is imperative. In life, we always regard "can't support" as the reason for not having children. Indeed, such reasons are real. However, many low-income families will have children out of the consideration of "raising children to prevent old age". desire. In fact, as a very important part of raising a baby in the later stage, it really makes a difference whether there is someone to help, especially for contemporary women who are independent-minded. idea.

Women don't need to bring their own babies VS they need to bring their own babies, what is the difference between fertility passion?

The difference between bringing a baby by yourself and someone helping to bring the baby can actually be reflected in the appearance. In fact, many times, it is not the marriage that changes a woman, but the children. Those women who have no children after marriage, or who do not need to take care of their own children, are basically not affected; but those women who have to do everything by themselves after giving birth to children, whether psychologically or physically, will be consistent with them. Women without babies are very different. So who brings the children and how does it affect women's fertility wishes? The main points are as follows: Sleep stability: mothers who take care of their children by themselves are often not free when they sleep, but sleeping with their children, it is almost impossible to sleep soundly. It's really painful to be kicked up by the child's various postures. I don’t sleep well at night, I have to adapt to the baby’s biological clock and get up early in the morning, I have to prepare breakfast for the child, and then I have to do outdoor sports, but at this time, the most my mother thinks is going back to sleep. And those mothers who don't need to take their children by themselves are very leisurely, not only can take a beauty sleep, but also have time to watch dramas, and they are very comfortable. And being able to fall asleep and wake up naturally, this difference will directly affect the state of the whole person. Speed ​​of work: After having a child, there seems to be no clean place in the home. It is obviously the toys that I just cleaned up, but all the toys are thrown out by the child in a short time, and those mothers who do not need to take care of the baby by themselves are doing all the housework. The time spent will be greatly shortened. Leisure time: mothers with children rarely have time to go shopping, because it is a very troublesome thing to take children out. Not only do you have to bring what your children need, but you also need to always pay attention to the safety of your children when you are outside. If you want to try Clothes should be hurry up. Mothers who don’t need to bring children naturally don’t have such troubles. They can go shopping as long as they want, until they buy the items they like. Work efficiency: Women with children usually put most of their energy on their children. In this case, they need more time to complete the work, and mothers without children will be more attentive , and work more efficiently.

It is really important to have an elderly person at home to help take care of the baby

In life, many young parents are repulsive to the elderly, especially On the issue of raising children, I feel that the ideas are outdated and not suitable for the education of modern children. So he was very resistant to letting the old man help with the baby. However, in reality, if there is no elderly person to help, you can only bring it yourself or hire an aunt, which means that you either lose an income, or you need an extra high cost. For families with average conditions, this is indeed unrealistic, but if there is an elderly person to help, the problem will be solved. Parents with children are more at ease: Compared with babysitters and aunts, the elderly and children are related by blood, so their parents are more at ease when they bring children; the elderly are free to bring children: the elderly generally do not ask for money from their children. , Although children also express their gratitude to their parents by giving money, they often do not ask for it. Even if they stay at the time, they will be used for the family's daily daily expenses later. Therefore, having an elderly person to help bring a baby can help young people relieve a lot of pressure, such as economic and mental pressure. Young couples do not feel the hardship of raising a baby, and their willingness to reproduce naturally will be stronger. Today's topic: Do you think whether someone helps to bring the baby has an impact on the willingness to have children?
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