There are always a few moments when I want to put the baby back in the womb and count the "history of blood and tears" of mothers

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There are always a few moments when I want to put the baby back in the womb and count the "history of blood and tears" of mothers

Some time ago, the country officially issued a document to release the three-child policy. After the news was announced, all my girlfriends who were mothers around me chose to give up. They shook their heads like a rattle. They said that if they raised a child, they would be at least ten years older, and if they wanted to live a few more years, the concubine couldn't do it. Some mothers say that it is a first child, and she uses her life to bring the baby every day, but they dare not think about the second child. The matter of raising a child is no longer a four-legged beast swallowing gold. It is as simple as a mobile shredder, and it is a comprehensive test of the old mother's physical fitness and willpower. Taking the baby on the road is a process of fighting monsters and upgrading, and it is also a bitter and bloody history of mothers. Let's see if you have encountered these things too.

There is a "sleeping scum" baby

When the baby is held, he sleeps without opening his eyes and does not require holding, as long as it is Just hold it, but as soon as you put it on the bed, no matter how light or slow the movement is, she can always detect it immediately and wake up immediately to protest, like telling you, "Don't try to lie to me!" So, start again A new round of coaxing. Some people say that the process of putting a baby on the bed is like "demining", but isn't it, this process requires light movements, slow speed, just the right amount of force, and even good breathing, which should be gentle, slow and even. It also depends on whether God helps, but even so, the failure is still nine out of ten. There is also a situation where you sleep for five minutes and sleep for half an hour. I finally put the baby to sleep, and successfully put her on the bed. Before the excitement subsided, I only heard a "wow" and woke up again. I am afraid that this kind of roller coaster emotion can only be understood by my mother. . After the baby fell asleep, she just stretched her waist or frowned, and the old mother was too scared to move. She had to stay in place to confirm that she fell asleep again before she dared to continue working on tiptoe. Every time you change diapers, breastfeed, or wake up at night, you need to repeat the above operations. After the baby successfully falls asleep, the mother is eligible to sleep. So everyone who is a mother is either a lack of sleep or a serious lack of sleep. Want to get a good night's sleep? Hehe, what are you talking about in your sleep?

Unlock the baby's various sleeping positions

After the baby is a little older, he can finally sleep on his own, and mothers feel that they will see At the dawn before dawn, I suddenly found that I was a little too early to be happy. In the countless sleepy nights, I was always awakened by an inexplicable powerful external force, suddenly like a shadowless foot or a flying scud smashed heavily, turned to look at the baby, and slept beautifully. At this time, I really regret not buying more accident insurance and critical illness insurance for myself to give myself more protection. For this reason, I also thought of countermeasures, such as building a wall with pillows or quilts in the middle of sleeping with the baby, in order to sleep peacefully, but the baby can always nimbly overcome obstacles without being affected at all. There is also a very diligent baby who never sleeps late, wakes up at 5:30 to give a speech, and when he feels that the audience next to him is not interacting in time, he suddenly raises the decibel and makes a "wow", which can always successfully attract the mother. Notice. They also have small naughty moments, such as crawling on the mother's body, pinching their noses and buttoning their mouths, but they can't just open their mouths to find a place to bite twice, in short, they want you to play with her. Some adults always like to sleep in late, and raising a baby can always correct this problem.

"Charge" for three minutes, "Discharge" for one hour

Our imaginary picture, "Well, today's story is That's it, baby, you're going to bed" "Okay, good night mom", pop! Turn off the lights and retreat. What a warm picture, but the difference between imagination and reality is not only 108,000 miles. In addition to solving the must-have items before going to bed, such as food, drink, lasa, and washing, plus storytelling, softly coaxing to sleep, etc., when I thought that the child had successfully fallen asleep and was about to slip away, I suddenly heard a clear call, "Mom... ” At this time, the inner collapse is really unexplainable. Or catch up with the help of the pig teammates, and finally put the baby to sleep, suddenly the door was opened, and a voice came out, "Wife, is the baby asleep?" Many mothers also mentioned an ultimate ultimate trick to accompany their baby to sleep, pretending to be asleep, and letting the wind blow from east to west, I am free to hold the top of Mount Tai and stand still. But sometimes you are abused badly by the baby. In order to test whether you are really asleep, the baby will ravage your mother in various ways, grab a few strands of hair curiously, put her butt on her mother's face and perform a throat lock on her mother. , or directly in the ear and shouted affectionately "Get up!" At this time, the mother's resistance to fighting and physical pain tolerance were tested. Mom must be one of the high-risk occupations in the world. It requires practitioners not only to have a strong sense of responsibility and mission, but also to have decathlon soft power, will, patience, carefulness, excellent physical strength and learning ability. At the same time, salary and work cannot be discussed. Time, let alone resign halfway, pay tribute to every mother!
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