"I don't sleep if the moon doesn't sleep", if you don't change the habit of staying up late after pregnancy, it hurts not only yourself

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"I don't sleep if the moon doesn't sleep", if you don't change the habit of staying up late after pregnancy, it hurts not only yourself

We all know the harm of staying up late. Long-term staying up late will not only make people sluggish and memory loss, but also cause great harm to the body. Pregnant women staying up late will harm not only their own body, but also the development of the fetus. In real life, many expectant mothers have the situation of staying up late at night. Part of it is due to their own living habits. Before they became pregnant, they were used to "the moon doesn't sleep and she doesn't sleep", staying up late and working overtime to scan their mobile phones. this habit. Another part is physical discomfort, and at the same time pregnancy causes great psychological pressure. No matter what the cause of insomnia is, it will have a great impact on the unborn baby and the pregnant woman herself.

For pregnant women, the main effects are as follows:

Staying up late can lead to endocrine disorders and accelerate skin aging Often staying up late during pregnancy will not only make pregnant women tired and weak, but also lead to a decline in their own immunity, and even lead to endocrine disorders in severe cases, causing constipation during pregnancy. It will reduce the body's resistance. Staying up late for a long time will reduce the body's resistance. If you get sick, it will be very troublesome. For the consideration of the fetus, many medicines cannot be taken casually. Therefore, it is a very painful thing for pregnant mothers to get sick. Pregnant women often stay up late will cause certain damage to the brain. As the saying goes, one pregnancy is stupid for three years. This is all scientifically based. Research shows that pregnant women often stay up late will cause certain damage to the brain. When the brain should be resting, it has been in a working state. It is easy for brain cells to be damaged, and memory is getting worse and worse.

What are the effects of staying up late on the fetus?

It will lead to underweight newborns. Staying up late at the beginning of pregnancy can easily cause endocrine disorders in pregnant women, which will affect the growth and development of the fetus in the abdomen, resulting in underweight and weak newborns. Cultivating his good sleep habits As the age of the month increases, the activity time of the fetus will also be determined by the pregnant mother. The routine of the fetus in the third trimester is the same as that of the mother. In short, if a pregnant woman often stays up late, the fetus may also stay up late in the mother's belly. After the baby is born, this irregular work and rest time will continue. Staying up late will give birth to a baby with a big temper. If a pregnant woman stays up late for a long time, she will be inexplicably upset and easily lose her temper. This state will also affect the fetus, increase the frequency of fetal movement, lead to abnormal fetal position, and increase the risk of childbirth. It is easy to cry and lose your temper after birth. It will cause anemia in the baby. Staying up late for a long time will lead to insufficient blood supply to the liver. Pregnant women often suffer from blood deficiency. After the child is born, there is a high possibility of anemia.

How should pregnant women develop good sleep habits?

Cultivate good bedtime habits. Poor sleep during pregnancy is a situation that many pregnant women encounter. Pregnant mothers can also take a hot bath, drink a cup of hot milk, and listen to soothing music before going to bed. Helps you fall asleep faster. Lie down before 10 pm, brewing sleepiness! Pregnant mothers usually experience lower extremity edema in the third trimester of pregnancy, which is also one of the reasons that affect sleep during pregnancy. Expectant fathers can help mothers massage, which can help relieve and promote sleep. During pregnancy, you must control your emotions. Excessive excitement will affect the sleep of pregnant women, so keep your mood relaxed and happy to have a good sleep. Proper exercise during pregnancy is not only conducive to fetal production, but also promotes the healthy growth of the fetus in the womb, and most importantly, can effectively improve the quality of sleep of pregnant women. The sleeping position of the expectant mother also affects the baby in the belly. In the early stage of pregnancy, there are not many requirements for the sleeping position. Do not sleep on your stomach, so as not to press on the fetus in the abdomen, which may easily cause the baby to lack oxygen and cause suffocation. In addition, it is comfortable. . Starting from the second trimester, with the development of the fetus in the abdomen, various organs in the abdominal cavity are squeezed to varying degrees. Taking the sleeping position on the left side can not only reduce the pressure caused by the uterus, and make the pregnant woman sleep more comfortably, at the same time. It can also relieve edema of the lower extremities of pregnant women, and can correct the fetal position. Therefore, sleeping on the left side is the most beneficial to the healthy growth of the fetus. After the second trimester, try not to lie down and sleep. As the age increases, the uterus will become larger and larger. Lying on the side can effectively relieve the discomfort of chest tightness and dizziness caused by uterine compression. Pregnant mothers often stay up late, which not only affects the development of the fetus, but also affects their own health. Therefore, during pregnancy, you must maintain a happy mood and try to ensure adequate sleep in order to give birth to a healthy baby!
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