How much did the elderly who help their children take care of? Please stop complaining and be kind to them

time:2023-02-03 author:Cry
How much did the elderly who help their children take care of? Please stop complaining and be kind to them

People say: No one in this world will treat you well for no reason, if there is, it is your parents! I used to disapprove of this sentence, but after I experienced getting married and having children, I have experienced a lot and felt a lot of emotion. Recalling the past of my parents, I feel guilty. This reminds me of a sentence - only when you become a parent can you understand our parents. It is not easy for them to pull our generation up through hardships. Now, because of our needs, they are helping us bring the next generation with a staggering pace. The gray hair is the trace of the years, but they don't say a word, and they are still happy. In the past, I couldn't feel their aging. This year's physical examination, the doctor said, "Osteoporosis, it doesn't matter, it is related to getting older, usually pay more attention to calcium supplementation, don't fall, it is easy to fracture." Made me stupefied for a long time. It turned out that in the past, I ignored my parents, their emotional needs, physical needs, and the love they gave me. How inappropriate I should be! Elderly people who help their children with their children are not without things to do, but because of their love for their children, they have given up their lives in obscurity, and because of the extension of this love, they will naturally have more children for their children. More pampering.
  • When we think that the elderly are too spoiled with children, please don’t rush to get angry and try to communicate. After all, the two generations have quite a big difference in parenting concepts;
  • When we despise the elderly and children who are not hygienic, please don’t scold them in a hurry, and teach them more. After all, it was difficult to support them in those days, so how could hygiene be at all?
  • When we dislike the bad habits of the elderly with children, please don’t rush to talk about it and try to correct it, because at that time, there was no network or mobile phone, and some were just passed down from generation to generation. down experience.
  • So, what happened to the elderly who helped their children with their children? There are three main situations: Living with children: life is full of noise, but the fireworks are the most abundant. The members of the family are considerate and share with each other, and most of the elderly can enjoy their old age and be happy. Living alone: ​​Relatively speaking, it is relatively free, but living separately from the children, often not seen once for a long time, belongs to the elderly living alone, and has a strong sense of loneliness. Living in a nursing home: There is less communication with children, but there are elderly people of the same age in the nursing home, which is convenient for communication, good environment, and regular work and rest. So, if it were you, which of the above would you want your parents to be in? If it were me, I hope it would be the first one. To paraphrase the popular saying now, "You raise me young, I raise you old." I believe that many young people will still uphold this belief and treat students kindly to us and support us. Elders, be kind to the elderly who help us with our children. Don't start driving them away just because they are old, their bodies are starting to age, some old disease or they can't help. It is our responsibility as children to take good care of our aging parents, and it is also a little bit of feedback for their lifelong dedication. Crows know how to feed back, let alone us? How do we treat our parents, our children see it in the eyes, parents are the best role models for children, children are creatures who learn one thing, just imagine, everyone will grow old one day, how do we want our children to be? what about us? Then treat our parents the way we expect. Cherish those who treat themselves as children. They are the ones who love us all their lives. One day, if they really disappear from this world, then our last layer of protective film will be gone. In the future, when you want to act like a spoiled child, there is no one around you who can act like a spoiled child. Thinking about it, how desolate it would be. The child wants to support, but the parent is not there, it is the most indescribable pain and regret in life. People can't wait for the future, and filial piety needs to be done as soon as possible!
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