How much does raising a child cost? From the beginning of pregnancy, there are countless baby products

time:2022-12-02 author:Cry
How much does raising a child cost? From the beginning of pregnancy, there are countless baby products

Parents always want to give their children the best first, whether it is a baby product just born, or when they grow up and go to school, they will try their best to give their children the best education, and even the children start a family and start a business. I can't wait to help my children take care of the family. These are the instincts of parents. For the time being, let’s not talk about the life of the child when he grows up. When the child is just born, the parents want to prepare the best baby products on the market for the child. Similar to food supplement machines, rocking carts, all kinds of special baby food, etc., the purchase channels are various, and the types are also confusing for parents. Today, let’s talk about whether these so-called baby products, or postpartum repairs for pregnant women, are worth it. Let’s take a look at the postpartum repair problems as a mother first. Now many first- and second-tier cities will open private postpartum repair clinics, which attract the attention of many pregnant mothers under the professional banner of helping pregnant mothers repair pelvic floor muscles and reduce stretch marks. Many mothers think that their body is seriously out of shape, the skin becomes loose, and considering a series of problems such as life after marriage and whether their children will dislike them in the future, they will try these so-called postpartum when economic conditions permit. repair. Are these useful? In fact, many pregnant mothers don’t know enough about it. Most of them are recommended by others, or they have swiped the evaluation of some Internet celebrity bloggers on the Internet, and then they try it directly. This is definitely more hasty, hasty, and is more likely to be deceived by some unscrupulous merchants than after in-depth understanding and determining that it is necessary to go for postpartum repair. It is useful, it must have a certain effect, but whether the effect is significant, this is unknown. The products used in some clinics are really good, and the doctors there do have methods to improve postpartum problems and even regulate postpartum depression. The money spent like this is worth it, but the cost of this type of clinic must also be a lot. Therefore, if a mother wants an effective postpartum repair, she should not expect the advertisements of some clinics, saying that the fracture price can still have the same effect. In the end, if it is useless, it is only the problem of the pregnant mother, which is an obvious waste. money. Of course, not every mother needs postpartum repair. When you choose to try, you can go to a regular hospital or your own midwife doctor to learn about your physical condition and determine whether you really need it and your physical condition can Whether it supports self-healing is really necessary, and it is not too late to find out. Let's talk about baby products.

Food supplement machine

is now a popular product, and many families will consider the consumption of the postpartum ability of pregnant mothers, and want to let the novice If the mother has a more relaxed life, she will buy a food supplement machine for her child. But in fact, it takes very little time. Generally, babies will wean off breast milk at about 6 months, and can eat small pieces of food at the latest at 9 months. In other words, if some babies are weaned from breast milk late and teething early, they may only use the food supplement machine for a month, so it will cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to buy one that only uses A month's worth of stuff is not worth it. Of course, a set of complementary food utensils for babies still needs to be prepared. After all, babies have small mouths, and their teeth are not fully grown. If they use adult utensils or children's utensils when eating, it will cause great difficulty for them to eat. Therefore, parents can prepare one set in advance, or two sets of utensils to be used separately for going out and at home to help children eat better. When buying, you should also pay attention to the raw materials of the tableware. It is correct to choose complementary food tableware that is healthy enough for babies to put in their mouths.


Many parents will prepare a lot of baby clothes for their children, especially new mothers, who will feel that their children's clothes are too small The pieces are very cute. When I see different colors, different styles, and different colors, I want to prepare them for children who don't have them. However, since children grow very fast when they are very young, the clothes they buy are often too small to wear after a long time, which will cause the clothes at home to pile up like mountains. Mothers also feel that this is a record of their children's growth, and they are reluctant to throw them away, or some of them are basically not worn. However, some relatives are not appreciative and feel that why they don't give us new clothes, do they look down on us because they are all old clothes. Although the starting point is good, in case of encountering a "weird" relative, both sides are not easy to do. Therefore, the child's clothes can be appropriate, not too much. If you want to buy special styles, one or two pieces are enough. Or it is determined that the family is going to have a second child, so it doesn't matter if you keep it, you can use it for the second child, but please remember, mothers, buy too many clothes, if the material of the clothes is not good, or the child keeps changing Uncomfortable clothing can also cause damage to your child's skin.


I believe that many families now have walkers, and we all played with them when we were young, but to a large extent we play I haven't played for a while, so a large baby walker will accumulate dust at home. It's the same as children's clothes. Sometimes they don't want to give them to other people's homes. It's a pity to sell them. Over time, they will feel more and more useless for walkers. Moreover, in order to reduce costs, there are many manufacturers of baby walkers now, and the quality of baby walkers is getting worse and worse, which can easily cause rollover or other situations, causing unnecessary harm to babies. Therefore, when parents decide to buy a walker, they should think twice and shop around before buying. The love parents have for their children is undeniable. Every parent deeply loves their children and wants the best for them, which is also the nature of being a parent. But I still hope that novice parents know that whether these things are really useful, whether they are really suitable for them, and whether they are suitable for their children, they still need to consider clearly. These expenses may seem small. If you calculate carefully, raising a child is still very stressful. Novice parents must buy within the scope of their family's financial capacity, and do not spend ahead of time. Although children are still young and don't understand anything, I think they don't want their parents to reduce their living expenses or even lead to financial constraints because they have to take care of themselves and not let themselves fall behind.
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