Is Fluoride Toothpaste Harmful to Your Baby's Health? Wrong, if you want to protect your baby's teeth, you must learn to pick toothpaste

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Is Fluoride Toothpaste Harmful to Your Baby's Health? Wrong, if you want to protect your baby's teeth, you must learn to pick toothpaste

When the baby's first tooth erupts, parents are mostly excited and excited. The baby's "teeth" is indeed memorable, because it represents that the baby's growth has entered a new stage, and it is no longer a "toothless" little month old baby. But in addition to the excitement, parents may start to worry, the baby has teeth, do you need to brush his teeth? New mother Juanjuan also encountered the same confusion. Her baby son Niuniu grew her first cute little baby tooth when she was 6 months old. In the months that followed, Niuniu's little baby teeth sprang up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, one by one. In addition to being happy and excited, Juanjuan began to worry about her son's teeth. She suffered the pain of not protecting her teeth by herself, and just had a painful root canal treatment some time ago. Juanjuan didn't want her son to be "tortured" like her. Therefore, Juanjuan attaches great importance to the protection of her son Niuniu's teeth. After some research, Juanjuan decided to buy a set of brushing tools for her son to cultivate the good habit of brushing his teeth in the morning and evening. But in the choice of toothpaste, Juanjuan is really picky. She didn't know what kind of toothpaste to choose for her son. Some children are reluctant to brush their teeth, so businesses have launched a variety of fruit-flavored toothpastes to capture the hearts of children. And some mothers are worried that their babies will eat toothpaste by mistake, so businesses have introduced safe, fluoride-free toothpastes. And some mothers worry that the baby will have the risk of dental caries, and the merchants have launched toothpaste containing fluoride to protect the teeth. There are all kinds of toothpastes on the shopping website. For a time, Juanjuan didn't know what to choose. Why do some toothpastes contain fluoride and some don't? Which one is safe for children and protects their teeth? Juanjuan's doubts, I believe, are also the doubts of many novice parents when choosing toothpaste for their children. Indeed, if you don't know much about children's toothpaste, it is easy for parents to choose the wrong toothpaste and harm their baby. When it comes to toothpaste, the substance that has to be mentioned is fluoride. Fluorine is actually one of the trace elements in the human body. Excessive intake of fluorine by the human body can lead to fluorosis. In the hearts of parents, the health of the baby always comes first. Many parents will be very concerned about the claim that fluoride in baby toothpaste is harmful to health. After all, babies who have just started to brush their teeth are inevitably at risk of eating toothpaste by mistake.

So, is using fluoride toothpaste really harmful to your baby's health?

There is a saying, "To talk about toxicity without the dose is to be a hooligan." This sentence is also applicable to baby toothpaste. The fluoride contained in baby toothpaste is generally small in dose, which is not enough to cause fluoride in the baby. Poisoning situation. Take a one-year-old baby with a weight of 10 kg as an example. The child needs to ingest 5 mg/kg of fluorine to develop fluorosis. That is to say, a 10 kg baby needs to take in 50 mg of fluorine to develop fluorosis. So what is the fluoride content in ordinary children's fluoride toothpaste? In this regard, the state has expressly stipulated that the fluoride concentration in children's toothpaste is 0.05%-0.11%, which means that in 10 grams of fluoride toothpaste, the fluorine content is only 5-11 mg. For a one-year-old child, he needs to eat 100 grams of toothpaste to get fluorosis. In real life, to brush a one-year-old baby's teeth, parents only need to squeeze out a grain-sized amount of toothpaste. A tooth the size of a grain of rice is not even 1 gram, and it is far from the 100 grams that can cause fluorosis in babies. Therefore, parents who are afraid of fluoride poisoning in their babies and dare not use fluoride toothpaste for their babies can feel at ease. In fact, fluorine is not as "terrifying" as parents imagined, but fluorine is a "great hero" for protecting the baby's teeth. To protect your baby's teeth, parents must learn to choose the right toothpaste for their baby.

What should parents pay attention to when choosing toothpaste for babies?

Choose fluoride toothpaste Some people think that fluoride toothpaste should not be selected for children under the age of three, because children under the age of three have poor control ability and the possibility of swallowing toothpaste. In fact, parents don't have to be too nervous, they can choose fluoride toothpaste for their children with confidence, as long as they pay attention to controlling the amount of fluoride toothpaste for children under the age of three to the size of a grain of rice each time. The reason why parents are advised to use fluoride toothpaste for their children is because fluoride is the "guardian" and "big project" to protect children's teeth. Fluoride can not only play a role in inhibiting the growth of oral bacteria, but also enhance the hardness and acid resistance of children's teeth, which has a great effect on preventing dental caries. To protect teeth, you need to start with your baby. If you want your child to "brush your teeth effectively" every day, parents should choose fluoride toothpaste for him. Do not choose toothpaste with fragrance and sweetness. When choosing toothpaste for babies, in addition to checking whether it contains fluoride, parents also need to pay attention to whether the toothpaste has a certain fragrance and sweetness. In order to make their products more popular, many businesses will add a lot of additives with fragrance and sweetness to the toothpaste, which is harmful to the baby. In addition, it may make the baby over-reliant on the taste of the toothpaste, or misunderstand the toothpaste for a snack. Don't choose a toothpaste with a lot of foam Some parents don't know how to choose a toothpaste, and they will mistakenly think that a toothpaste with a lot of foam is a good toothpaste, which can effectively remove the stains on the baby's teeth. In fact, toothpastes with more foam tend to have higher soap content, which will reduce the friction of the toothbrush on the teeth, thereby reducing the cleaning power of the toothpaste. Therefore, parents should not pay too much attention to the strength of foaming ability when choosing toothpaste.

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Parents and mothers should keep their eyes open when choosing toothpaste for their children, and choose the right ones from the dazzling shelves, which can truly protect the baby Good toothpaste for teeth. Baby's teeth protection should start from the first tooth eruption. (The pictures in this article are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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